Carol Albert – Magic Mirror

Carol Albert Magic Mirror album cover

For many instrumental artists, including some of our favorites in the world of Smooth Jazz, catchy song titles are often afterthoughts, random ideas tacked on that simply flow easy off the tongue when a radio announcer mentions them.

Bucking that trend and thinking more like a traditional songwriter, Carol Albert’s seemingly nonstop array of Top 5 Billboard charting singles these past five years have often been rooted in deeper themes reflecting her personal ever-evolving emotions – from sorrow to strength, longing to awakening, and taking a freewheeling “Femme Flight” to the freedom of“Sun’s Out” and “Perfect Sunday” – the latter accumulating over 6.6 million streams on Spotify, an unheard of sum for smooth jazz.

As the pianist/composer sweeps us up in her infectious whirlwinds of melodic grace, sometimes meditative yet often joyfully soulful grooves and explosive Brazilian-flavored flights of fancy, she also shares a sense of intimacy. As we get to know her through her music, she also invites us to apply her themes and vibes universally to our own lives.

Released in the wake of the pandemic, her engaging, high spirited and constantly sparkling and inspiring new collection Magic Mirror opens emotional and spiritual doors to a many possible interpretations.

On a personal level, and especially speaking woman to woman in a culture which too often holds our females to a certain standard of what constitutes beauty, it’s about self-acceptance, an embrace of that wonderful person seen in that reflection.

Magic Mirror celebrates the collaborative spirit of Carol and two of the genre’s greatest hitmakers, guitarist and producer Paul Brown and – for the first time – bassist Roberto Vally, a longtime essential member of Brown’s first-call studio crew and a rand and groovin’ rhythmic force and equally prolific hit songwriter for countless smooth jazz A-listers. The collection offers an about even split between Brown and Vally co-writes and co-productions, with Brown helming the title track, “Paradigm Shift,” the digital-only single “Crashing,” “Sopporo Dream” and “Sometime,” and Carol and Vally joining forces on “Fire & Water,” “Sol Ipanema,” “The Chase“ and “Angels Watching Over Me.”

Beyond the big hit “Fire & Water” and her #1 Billboard single “Paradigm Shift,” Carol has at least four or five more potential radio hits here – but the stylistic depth and personal emotion Carol infuses into the tracks beyond these infectious gems makes Magic Mirror the one Smooth Jazz-oriented release his year to immerse in as a full album experience.

“Magic Mirror”

Written By Carol Albert, Shane Thierot, Paul Brown

Mixed by Paul Brown, The Funky Joint

Produced by Paul Brown

Engineered by Carmen Grillo

Carol Albert: Piano, Synthesizers

Shane Theriot: Guitars, Drum Programming

Roberto Vally: Bass

Greg Vail: Saxophone

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Nick Stefanacci –  I’m Coming Out

Nick Stefanacci cover art

Following saxophonist Nick Stefanacci‘s debut Smooth Jazz single “Dance Until Dawn” comes his instrumental interpretation of Diana Ross’s smash hit, “I’m Coming Out.”

Stefanacci has always been drawn to creating fresh takes on great tunes; seeing how far he can flex the envelope. “I’m Coming Out” is considered to be Stefanacci’s Coming Out Party in the Smooth Jazz world. With great studio success on his debut single, Stefanacci wanted to give his audience a new vision of a classic track.

Surrounded by Smooth Jazz veterans, Stefanacci lets loose right from the needle drop and doesn’t take his foot off the groove petal until the last note.

Yeah, Stefanacci is coming out!

“I’m Coming Out”

Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Nick Stefanacci

Written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers

Mastered by Steve Hall

Sax, Programming: Nick Stefanacci

Guitars: Gerey Johnson

Keys, Synths: Carnell Harrell

Bass: Mel Brown

Drums: Eric Valentine

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Lars Taylor – Electric Night

Lars Taylor cover art

In a genre where explosive emerging talents have to compete for chart positions and airplay with the veteran we’ve loved for years, it’s inspiring to see that adventurous, multi-faceted – and highly prolific – Swiss-born guitarist/composer Lars Taylor is at last breaking onto the charts.

Now that he’s blazing into 2023 with another perfectly titled gem, the lighthearted, funky and whimsical, then full throttle rockin’ “Electric Night,” it’s clear that Taylor’s trademark is creating fascinating tracks that evolve from one vibe to another – a freewheeling concept that defies traditional wisdom that dictates that artists stick to one vibe, a single instrumental voice and a melodic chorus that repeats over and over. On “Blue Sphere,” he segued from summery energy to world fusion territory (complete with an oriental gypsy guitar and dabuka!)

Now on “Electric Night,” the guitarist achieves this same mind-blowing shift, starting with a breezy, soulful acoustic melody (and infectious killer hook) over trippy electric synth textures, then showcasing the high octane electric fire the title promises, first with an extended, blazing solo and then a more muscular re-iteration of the hook on the electric. Taylor’s electric playing is so intoxicating that you” stay with him even on the lengthy outro before flipping to the next track on your playlist.

While Taylor composed, arranged and produced “Electric Night,” it’s testament to his rising presence in the Smooth Jazz world that genre mega-hitmaker Michael Broening signed on to create the perfect mix for a track that will surely be lighting up and rising higher on the radio charts throughout the coming months.

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Michael Lington – Moon Goddess

Michael Lington Moon Goddess Cover art

Over 25 years into one of Contemporary Jazz’s most storied and exhilarating careers, #1 Billboard charting saxophonist Michael Lington is as passionately expressive and sonically innovative as ever. The Danish-born artist’s upward trajectory now leads him, on his new single, to vibe with a bona fide “Moon Goddess” – a vibrant and explosive, hard-grooving, and emotionally empowering track showcasing the intuitive dynamic he creates co-writing and co-producing for the first time with famed saxophonist, producer and horn arranger David Mann.

With a loose, freewheeling and soulful energy reminiscent of classic Contemporary jazz albums by CTI Records, the high-intensity track marks Lington’s continued collaboration with legendary guitarist Paul Jackson Jr (whose infectious jangly funk intro and later solo are highlights) and first-ever session with veteran jazz/R&B drummer Michael White. “Moon Goddess,” a nod to Ramsey Lewis’ “Sun Goddess,” will appear on Lington’s upcoming EP, Looking Ahead (set for release in May), his first set of new recordings since 2018 Silver Lining.

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Ragan Whiteside – Full Court Press

Ragan Whiteside cover art

“Full Court Press” is a smooth and sexy groove co-written by Ragan Whiteside with Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, and features guitarist Phil Hamilton, percussionist Curtis McCain, and drummer Rich Harrison, also known as the artist RAH. It’s the new single from her most recent full-length project, 2022’s Thrill Ride, which is Ragan’s sixth career album to date and it lives up to its title, demonstrating Whiteside’s breathtaking virtuosity and melodic skills on a thrilling journey through a landscape of dynamic grooves.

Ragan has become one of the genre’s most consistently dynamic and popular artists. Thanks to her incredible skill and creativity on her chosen instrument, as well as her charismatic presence on stage, Whiteside is at the top of her game. That was demonstrated in October 2022, when she became the first artist to win the competitive Best Contemporary Jazz Artist Award at the inaugural Jazz Music Awards. That distinction is well-deserved, as the Atlanta-based musician, songwriter, and vocalist has become one of very few women players to excel in the male-dominated instrumental sphere, garnering eight consecutive Top Ten Billboard airplay singles by 2022. And she’s done it as an independent artist, releasing projects on Randis Music, the label she founded with her husband, producer, and composer Dennis Johnson.

“Full Court Press”

Produced by Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

Flute: Ragan Whiteside

Guitar: Phil Hamilton

Drums: Rich Harrison (aka RAH)

Percussion: Curtis McCain

Keyboards: Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

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Bob Coate – Sascha


There’s a bit of mystery surrounding multi-instrumentalist Bob Coate. You won’t find his picture on his single covers or on his website. When you try to pin him down to name his primary instrumental voice, he declines to name just one. While he presents clear marketing and branding challenges, Coate’s perspective – which he himself admits is naïve as a new artist who emerged on the instrumental pop-jazz scene last year – is free from limitations, restrictions and expectations. He enjoys and exercises his freedom to explore his artistic muse while maintaining an air of mystery on the newly released single, “Sasha,” which he wrote and produced with SONIX (David Bowie, Lauryn Hill, Sean “Diddy” Combs).

On the midtempo R&B groove, Coate plays haunting and lyrical flugelhorn verses before yielding to SONIX’s vibrant melodic keyboards and Fender Rhodes choruses. Johnny “JTwo” Johnson added guitar while bassist Jordan “Jo Peezy” Yussef anchors the rhythm.

“‘Sasha’ is based on a tune that was floating around in my head for many months. Every time I sat down at the keyboard, I would experiment with it some more. You wouldn’t believe how many preliminary versions I recorded and then discarded. Teaming up with SONIX helped push the tune to completion. I think we were able to give the track a dreamy, surreal feel to it,” said Coate.

“Sasha” has instantly been embraced by fans who made it a top ten single on the Smooth Global Listener Countdown. Beyond U.S. airplay, the single is garnering spins internationally, including London Soul Radio and on radio stations in Spain, Australia, Poland and Panama.

On Coate’s previous nine single releases dating back to his 2021 debut, “Super Smooth,” he did everything himself: writing, producing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering and even designing the cover art. “Sasha” is the first of two singles that he recorded with SONIX.

“I am very grateful to have had the privilege of working with world-class producer and musical powerhouse SONIX. This was my first time working with a producer or guest artist,” said Coate, a Boston-area native who is now based just outside of Washington, DC.

“Writing and producing ‘Sasha’ with Bob was a great compromise of who we are as creatives. I enjoyed his input and blunt honesty. We paid great respect to the composition, which blends a color palette of yesterday and today to paint a beautiful picture of ‘Sasha,’ a lady of beauty that lets the listener define her,” said SONIX, who also collaborated with Coate on a high-energy Latin jazz single called “Mamba Rosalita” that is slated to drop in May.

While SONIX infers that the inspiration for “Sasha” is a woman, Coate says not so fast.

“Most people assume ‘Sasha’ is named after my wife, or girlfriend, or daughter – but no,” he said with a Cheshire grin.

“I’ll let the listener come up with their own interpretation. That’s part of the magic of music, especially instrumental jazz. Each listener can hear something and use their imagination to come up with their own imagery. For all anyone knows, it could be a song about a family member’s cat, but I’ll never tell!”

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Source: Great Scott Productions

Aaron Browns Fubop Collective – Satin Sunset

Satin sun cover art

“Satin Sunset”, the new single will be released on March 13 by Aaron Brown and his group FuBop Collective. It was a victory over time and circumstance that brought out the best in him and his collaborators, Dennis Johnson on keyboards and Gene Faffley on drums.

“Music helps create a social and spiritual balance in the world. The frequencies that are generated in music exist in nature,” says Brown. That balance can be heard in his two chart-topping singles “Mr. Jones” and “Hidden Beauty”, both of which reached the Smooth Jazz Top 100 in 2022.

Aaron has been busy achieving more of that balance. “Satin Sunset” is a triumph expressed in music that has turned dark times into light, sad events into happy memories, and each present moment into a look forward. “Satin Sunset” was written and produced with hitmaker, Barry Eastmound. We had a great time formulating this gem. It’s truly destined to be a smooth Jazz classic.

“Satin Sunset”

Written & Produced by Barry Eastmond & Aaron C. Brown

Aaron C. Brown – Guitar

Barry Eastmond – Bass, Keys, Horn, Strings & Percussion

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Dee Lucas – Stay Strong

Dee Lucas cover art

National recording artist & saxophonist Dee Lucas is back with another smash hit titled “Stay Strong”, which features bassist Blair Bryant who is considered one of the freshest & brightest stars in Smooth Jazz.

“Stay Strong” kicks off the brand new album No Boundaries for the saxman which is his 10th solo record, making him one of the most consistent artist in the Contemporary Jazz world.

“Stay Strong”

Written by Orlando (Dee) Lucas & Blair Bryant

Produced by Blair Bryant

Mastered by Steve Hall

Dee Lucas – Soprano Saxophone

Blair Bryant – Bass, Synth Bass, Guitar, Organ, Keyboards, Drums & Drum Programming

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Willie Bradley – Groove With Me

Willie Bradley cover art

Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a graduate of South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career, he has become a go –to musician for many of soul music’s greats over the years. His music reach spans worldwide and can be heard on Smooth Jazz Radio Stations to include Sirius XM, Music Choice, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

In 2014, Willie released his debut Contemporary Jazz CD “Another Day & Time” produced and co-written by keyboardist/Recording Artist Nicholas Cole.

On his sophomore CD project (2018) “Going With The Flow”, Willie showed the music word that he was not just going with the “average” flow of things. Together with multi-award-winning producer Preston Glass, (Kenny G., George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire and many more) they brought together a fantastic group of songs as well as a cast of stellar musicians. This musical adventure was merely an appetizer of sweet things to come.

His third CD (2021), “It’s My Time” contained two #1 Billboard singles – “It’s On Now” featuring Ragan Whiteside and “It’s My Time featuring James Lloyd. The single “It’s My Time” was also featured on the Top 30 Smooth Jazz Network chart for best songs of 2021.

Willie is currently working on his fourth CD (2023) “Raising The Bar” and is working with several new producers (David Dyson, Jacob Webb, Gino Rosaria, James Lloyd, Nathan Mitchell and Jeff Canady) that will definitely “Raise The Bar” on this project.

Throughout his music career, Willie’s musical productions have been considered for two Grammy Awards and he was selected as Beats Magazine 2021 Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year

By The Smooth Jazz Network. He was the Distinguished Alumnus Award winner for 2022 at South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC and currently in his second year serving as full time Music Industry Professor/Artist In Residence at the University.

Willie’s stage presence includes performances with jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter. More recently, his live performances and collaborations placed him with world-class artists including Gerald Alston, Ronnie Laws, Marion Meadows, Walter Beasley, Reagan Whiteside, Selina Albright, George Clinton, Gerald Albright, and James Lloyd and Andre 3000.

Willie has performed at high profile shows around the country including Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival, San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival, Long Beach Smooth Jazz Festival, Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Middle C Jazz, Pre-Super Bowl LVI “Taste of Inglewood” Big Game Festival, Lake Arbor Jazz Festival, Blues Alley, Catalina Jazztrax Festival, Baltimore Orioles, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Hurricanes, and the Los Angeles Clippers. He is also known for being part of the brass section with RJ & The Original James Brown Band touring abroad in France, Osaka and Tokyo Japan’s Billboard Live and Summer Sonic Music Festival.

“Bold, yet simultaneously charming; Edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, but takes smooth jazz to a whole new level.”

Willie’s new single “Groove With Me” features legendary keyboardist, James Lloyd.

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Bill Colletti – Private Party

Bill Colletti Cover Art

Bill Colletti is a professional multi-instrumentalist/recording Aatist and has been performing since 1978. His primary instruments are the Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Piano, Guitar and Vocals. Bill’s horn style is influenced by the likes of Chet Baker, Doc Severinsen, Herb Alpert and Chuck Mangione while his versatility is demonstrated throughout many musical genres such as Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Pop, Orchestral and Broadway musicals.

Bill has performed with Grammy award winning and top Contempory/Smooth Jazz artists including Dave Koz, Peter White, Marc Antoine and Oli Silk. His first all original music CD “Be on the Light” was released in 2019 and can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube as well as streaming radio stations world wide. In addition, Colletti is a composer, producer and recording engineer.

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Erisa Nicole – Fresh


Music lovers around the world, get ready! Erisa Nicole, the up-and-coming Smooth Jazz saxophonist, is releasing her latest single “Fresh”. Award-winning producer Adam Hawley has teamed up with the talented songwriters Erisa Nicole, Caleb Middleton and Sammie B. to release their highly anticipated single.

“Fresh” is an upbeat and energetic song that captures the essence of Erisa Nicole’s soulful sound and promises to get everyone up on their feet and dancing. With Hawley’s signature production style and Erisa’s amazing passion on the saxophone, the song is sure to be a hit with fans of all genres.

Erisa Nicole’s composition style combines a jazzy feel with hints of gospel and soul, creating a sound that is entirely her own. This single is the perfect way to re-introduce herself to the world of smooth jazz. Erisa Nicole’s music is smooth and soulful and will make you feel as though you are in a world of your own.

So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove to Erisa Nicole’s “Fresh”! You don’t want to miss out on her one-of-a-kind sound.


Written by Erisa Nicole, Sammie Blackmon, Adam Hawley & Caleb Middleton

Produced and Mixed by Adam Hawley

Mastered by Steve Hall

Erisa Nicole – Saxes

Adam Hawley – Guitars, Synths

Caleb Middleton – Keys, Synths

Eric Valentine – Drums

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Matt Lee – Hookline

Matt Lee Hookline cover art

Recording artist Matt Lee is releasing his new radio single “Hookline”. Matt Lee features his signature style with a melodic and smooth tenor sax performance bringing a chill vibe to the smooth jazz world. As the song moves through the seductive guitar intro, the catchy hook really grabs your attention. “Hookline” builds through the chorus putting you in the right mood for a special evening. Next, the song moves into a sexy and unforgettable guitar solo by Jordan Love. The song definitely lives up to its name with a powerful hookline. Saxophonist & Producer Matt Lee puts together an amazing arrangement that puts you in the ‘chill zone’. “Hookline” is the perfect song for the 2023 Smooth Jazz season.

“Music soothes the soul and unites our hearts.” -Matt Lee


Written by Matt Lee & Caleb Middleton

Produced by Matt Lee

Mixed and Mastered by Euge Groove

Matt Lee – Saxophone

Darryl Williams – Bass

Eric Valentine – Drums

Jordan Love – Guitar

Caleb Middleton – Keyboard & programming

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Jazz fusion guitarist Ron Bosse fondly remembers Pat Martino on “Aerodynamic”


It’s been over a year since the passing of jazz guitar great Pat Martino, but his influence and impact continue to be felt today in artists like jazz fusion guitarist Ron Bosse. On Bosse’s critically hailed new album, “Burning Room Only,” the Boston-based fretman pays tribute to Martino’s distinctive groove-jazz style as he exhibited on the seminal “El Hombre” collection. Bosse teamed with Grammy-winning keyboardist Jeff Lorber to recreate the unique guitar and organ trio sound that were hallmarks of Martino on “Aerodynamic,” a track from “Burning Room Only” that was produced by Lorber and composed by the duo.

Bosse was mesmerized the first time he heard Martino’s “How Insensitive” during the summer of his freshman year at Berklee College of Music.

“I had never heard a jazz guitarist play like that. I was absolutely floored. It was fluid, it was effortless, and it was melodic in a linear way, similar to the beautiful inventions of J.S. Bach. The technique was staggering, and it was as if he (Martino) were effortlessly dancing throughout the song. Beyond it all, the tone of the guitar was both beautiful and haunting at the same time,” recalled Bosse.

After that first exposure, Bosse diligently delved into Martino’s recordings, learning how to play every solo. There were a pair of tunes on “El Hombre” that stood out to the young student. Although a lot of Martino’s records were straight-ahead jazz swing cuts, “Cisco” and “Blues for “Mickey-O” were different in that they were groove oriented.

“These two songs sat in my subconscious for years and ultimately led me to my album, ‘Burning Room Only.’ I always wanted to record an album similar to those tunes of Pat’s, but in a modern, electric rhythm section setting. I wanted the tracks to swing while retaining the beautiful traditional clean jazz guitar tone,” said Bosse who is accompanied on the hard charging “Aerodynamic” by Lorber, bassist Ben Shepherd, drummer Gary Novak, and horn player and arranger David Mann.

Like Bosse, Lorber is a huge fan of his fellow Philadelphian, Martino. Bosse felt that when writing “Aerodynamic” with Lorber, it was almost as if they were channeling Martino. Lorber wrote the main body of music and Bosse added some melodic figures to the end of each of the sections.

“‘Aerodynamic’ has this modern-day organ trio vibe that I absolutely love, and the way the harmony is laid out is very similar to the style of song that was right in Pat’s wheelhouse. I think my solo on this song is a great example of my approach to improvising, which is very linear in nature, similar to Martino’s approach,” said Bosse before explaining the song title.

“The definition of aerodynamic is the way an object moves through the air. Pat’s playing danced through the air in a way that was both seamless and beautiful with a sense of swing that was incomparable.”

Bosse met and spent the day with Martino after inviting him to teach a masterclass at the Bosse School of Music, a premier pre-college-level program for contemporary music near Boston that Bosse founded in 2004.

“It was surreal. I pulled up to the front of the hotel and there’s Pat standing there with his guitar slung around his shoulder. We weren’t in the car for more than five minutes when he launched into an epic discussion about the nature of the guitar and how it is played and taught. Pat was an extremely deep thinker and a true intellect,” Bosse shared.

After the masterclass, Bosse invited Martino to perform with his band at “A Guitar Tribute to John Coltrane,” a concert salute that he was producing.

I was thrilled when he said yes and to call him personally when I was ready to do it. Unfortunately, by the time I was finally ready to do the show, Pat had become incredibly ill and had to stop playing the final few years of his life. I wish we could have played that concert together, but ‘Aerodynamic’ is my tribute to him. It’s a thank you for the incredible inspiration he bestowed upon me.”

Get a taste of “Aerodynamic” in this video:

“Burning Room Only” is out now on Deep Cat Records. For more information, please visit

Source: Great Scott Productions

Innervision Records celebrates a shiny silver anniversary


Consistent excellence in artistry combined with passion, innovation and imagination have been the hallmarks of Innervision Records during its 25 years. The Southern California-based imprint that specializes in shades of jazz spanning groove, smooth and chill along with neo soul and world music continues to ride high on the Billboard charts after their artists Blake Aaron and Will Donato scored No. 1 singles in 2022 and Kim Scott collected the highest honor: Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Song of the Year.

Aaron was the first artist inked to Innervision Records thus there’s something special about the guitarist continuing to be a part of the label’s storied successes. His “Dreamland” occupied the No. 1 spot on five charts  – Billboard, Groove Jazz Music, Mediabase, Radiowave and Smooth Jazz Network – simultaneously last summer. The cherry on top is that Aaron is the featured soloist on Scott’s year-end chart-topper, “SHINE!”

“As one of the first artists on Innervision Records, I’ve had the honor of watching Innervision Records grow from a very small label into a major player in the industry with dozens of amazingly talented artists and become a powerhouse in the genre. It is exciting to see Innervision Records all over the Billboard charts each and every week, and most of the time, at the top. As one of the most artist-friendly labels out there, Innervision Records is truly a ‘family’ that I’m honored to be a part of,” said Aaron who has captured the No. 1 position on the Billboard singles chart for Innervision Records five times.

With roots in classical and jazz, Scott’s success has come by crafting a groove-laden mélange of urban, jazz, soul and pop music. The flautist has notched Billboard No. 1 singles in the past yet “SHINE!” accomplished the rare feat of becoming the most played song of the year without hitting the peak position. With an MVP performance by labelmate Aaron’s electric jazz guitar, the title cut of Scott’s “SHINE!” album is a shimmering and sophisticated blend of R&B and contemporary jazz.

“I’m so honored that “SHINE!” was the most played smooth jazz song of 2022 and that it was named Billboard’s #1 Song of the Year. It was truly a labor of love to co-write the song and I was instantly inspired to write the melodies for the verses and chorus. They flowed from my spirit almost effortlessly. It was like a bright light was shining on me as I wrote it, bringing me energy, joy, inspiration, and hope. Featuring Blake Aaron on the track made the song shine even more and he did a brilliant job with his guitar solo! I’m so proud to have played a part in this achievement for Innervision Records, my team, and all the artists involved with the song. I plan to continue to let my light shine so listeners can find joy and inspiration in my music,” said the Birmingham, AL-based Scott.

For the fourth consecutive year, Innervision Records placed third on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Label of the Year tally on the strength of Scott’s massive airplay and No. 1 singles by Aaron and saxophonist Donato, the latter who recently vaulted into the top spot with his soul-powered single “Good On You.” Other Innervision Records artists to enjoy Billboard top 20 success in 2022 were JJ Sansaverino, Cal Harris Jr. and Tom Braxton.

Innervision Records will celebrate its silver anniversary at their tenth annual After NAMM JAMM on April 16. Many of the artists on the label’s roster are expected to take the Spaghettini stage in Southern California for the popular post-NAMM show jam session.

“We’re exited to bring everyone together for our Innervision Records After NAMM JAMM once again.  Originally starting out as a get together for our artists and their musician friends to come out and jam during the heavily attended annual music industry convention, the After NAMM JAMM has evolved into an exciting opportunity for many of our Innervision Records family members to get together and celebrate the label, our shared successes, the fans and, most importantly, our friendships face to face,” said Steve Belkin, Innervision Records’ general manager.

Independent labels come and go fast in today’s music industry thus reaching a 25th anniversary is a testament to Innervision Records’ vision and execution. The label eagerly anticipates celebrating the milestone with their artists at the After NAMM JAMM. And while they are enthused by their accomplishments to date, they’re energized about what’s ahead.

“To think Innervision Records has been around for 25 years is pretty crazy.  What started as a very tiny independent one-artist label has developed into an eclectic, creative and artistic boutique label featuring artists from around the country. I’m very proud to be a part of Innervision’s growth and success, building a distinct brand. Watching several of our artists go from emerging to chart-topping artists are like proud parent moments. The artists deserve the credit, but you can’t help but take some pride in their success,” said Belkin.

Innervision Records’ A&R and radio promotions executive Adam Leibovitz concurs, acknowledging the role fans have played in the label’s accomplishments.

“Innervision Records has endured and grown into a major source of talent and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. I’m proud of our artists who create incredible music, and, of course, grateful to all of the fans who have been so loyal and so dedicated to what we have built. I am amazed when thinking about where Innervision Records started, beaming with pride over what it has become, and most of all, filled with excitement over what it will be!”

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Source: Great Scott Productions

Leo P – Black Cat

Leo P Comin' Up Aces

Leo P was born Leo Pellegrino in Pittsburgh, PA. He initially started playing clarinet at a young age, performing polkas with his father, an accordion player. Hearing the music of John Coltrane sparked an interest in saxophone, which he began playing in high school ensembles, though he still played clarinet and took classical lessons. When the baritone saxophone player became unavailable in the school ensemble, Leo took up the instrument and found that it had a unique appeal. He moved to New York in 2010 to attend the Manhattan School of Music on scholarship. At times he found the formalism of the school confining and some professors did not appreciate his unconventional way of playing and performing, not to mention his edgy fashion sense. Playing in the city’s jazz clubs seemed limiting also—especially for very little money. He figured he could do better money-wise playing in the subways with the added bonus that his audience was literally people from all walks of life.

Playing sometimes solo and other times backed by a drummer or a couple horn players,

Leo’s manic energy and spectacular dancing while blowing continuous rhythmic charged riffing captivated people. He presented as an alternative rock musician but he was playing instrumental, jazz-rooted music. Videos of his subway performances hit YouTube, went viral and soon he had millions of viewers worldwide. Those videos led directly to him being invited to perform at both the BBC Proms and the CMA awards show. Meanwhile, he formed two bands, Too Many Zoos, self-described as a “Brass House” band mixing jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, funk EDM and house music. and Lucky Chops. Too Many Zoos began touring widely in America and Europe and had their song “Warriors” featured in an international commercial for the Google Pixel 2; they also scored a Song of the Week on the BBC taken from their several EP and album releases.

The high-energy dancing, theatrics and sound effects of a Leo P performance are irresistible but none of that can be delivered on a studio recording; the music itself must carry the day. On Leo P’s debut solo recording on Shanachie, the aptly titled “Coming Up Aces,” the music—a joyous amalgam of funk and jazz—does exactly that. “Don’t let his over-the-top performances fool you,” says Shanachie’s VP of A & R Danny Weiss. “Leo P plays with the depth and passion of the jazz greats. Oh, and he’s also revolutionized the baritone sax!”

It’s no surprise that Leo wants his music to reach the widest possible audience, something many jazz musicians don’t aspire to. “I want to bring the party back to jazz. I want to make people dance. I want to wear badass suits and look cool as hell and present something special to people that they will always remember!”

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Ryan Montano – Future Smooth

Ryan Montano Future Smooth cover art

“Future Smooth” is a song created in a spirit of musical exploration. From the sound palettes and melodies, to the horn textures and production design, a challenge was put forth to create a song that has lasting musical integrity, well beyond the moment in time in which it was created; a song that sounds fresh and maintains its vitality for years to come.

“Future Smooth” is the manifestation of this pursuit.

“I consider myself a student of this genre. The songs and artists that have directly inspired my music are the Contemporary Jazz pioneers who have blazed this trail of musical intrepidness and evolved this format. I am honored to be able to create music in this same space and aim to respectfully contribute to the growth and evolution of this format in a way that is honest, adventurous, and unique.” -Ryan Montano

“Future Smooth”

Written by Ryan Montano, Robert Muller & Claudio Tolousse

Mixed by Darren Rahn

Mastered by Steve Hall

Ryan Montano – Trumpet, Producer

Thomas Primozic – Drums, Drum Engineer

Robert Muller – Wurlitzer

Ben Cornelius – Bass Guitar

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David Margam – Immune

Cover Inmune -David Margam

“Immune” is the perfectly sparkling new gem from multi-talented guitarist/songwriter David Margam one of the leading pioneers of the Smooth Jazz and Funk genres in Spain! Delivering an exhilarating and refreshing vibe, “Immune” is the new single for 2023 , the title of his debut album, which is in its final mixing phase, scheduled for release in the coming months.

“Immune” is the new composition by David Margam produced by the Cuban pianist and producer Carlos Camilo who provides some stimulating piano arrangements that raise the level of the song to a higher state with a catchy and seductive melody, the collaboration of the Spanish guitarist Andrés García on Spanish guitar brings great sensitivity to this relaxing and uplifting new piece of music. Without a doubt, a great start to the year for guitarist David Margam who finished last year in the TOP20 of the most listened to guitarists of 2022 through the Smooth Jazz Universe platform.

Guitarist David Margam is a Spanish musician from the new generation of Contemporary Jazz, known as much for his affable personality and generous spirit as for his musical taste. Born in Granada, Spain, he attributes his musical career to having worked with some incredible musicians from around the world.

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Dave Koz – Wrapped Up In Your Smile

Dave Koz Wrapped Up In Your Smile cover art

“Wrapped Up In Your Smile” is a classic-styled Dave Koz power ballad co-written with producer and arranger, Philippe Saisse. Their collaborative history goes back to 2010, when Koz was Musical Director and bandleader – and Saisse the keyboardist – for The Emeril Lagasse Show. Saisse was later a major contributor to A New Day, co-writing and playing various instruments on several songs (including the mega-hit “Side By Side”) and contributing additional production and arrangements. Koz knew Saisse was the perfect choice to produce and arrange. “He’s so French and brings a different, worldly approach, sensitivity and beauty to these tunes,” Koz says.

This romantic ballad will melt your heart and transport you to a world of sweet, soulful melodies. “Wrapped Up in Your Smile” is the perfect song for those special moments with your loved one. Listen to the song and let Dave Koz’s soulful sound bring the magic of love into your life. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic night in, taking a leisurely stroll, or just relaxing, this song is guaranteed to make you feel wrapped up in your own smile.

“I feel so grateful for the opportunity to make music for such loyal fans for over three decades. For so many of those years, the focus was on proving myself, making sure that I was doing whatever it takes to be successful. Now, I’m all about doing the things that make my heart happy and excited and that I want to sink my teeth into. This is the time to do that special work, and following the leads of my musical role models, I want to keep making music and performing at as high a level as I can. As an artist, I feel a certain responsibility to continue for the joy it creates. With so much negative energy out there in the world today, it’s more important than ever to realize how vital music is in bringing something positive and nurturing into people’s lives. As long as I’m able to continue making music, I will be out there doing just that!” -Dave Koz

“Wrapped Up In Your Smile” is a moment in my musical journey when all the stars aligned. From our melodies that came down flowing, to the inspired and heartfelt performance by Dave, it will forever be one of the projects closest to my heart”–Philippe Saisse

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Marcia Migét – We Return

Marcia Miget We Return Front Cover

“We Return” is a fresh contemporary Jazz single written by Marcia Migét and produced by two-time Grammy-nominated musician Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis. A recent Jazz Hall of Fame recipient, Migét is a seasonal multi-instrumentalist playing piano and flute on this cut. Davis adds his production brilliance topped off by Jay Williams’s drumming flair. Marcia recalls, “Chris and Jay set fire to the song!”

Featured in 2022 at Berk’s Jazz Festival ‘Women in Jazz’ Marcia received standing ovations for songs from her CD “I Vision” produced by Chris Davis. Her flute work is heard on Nick Colionne’s Billboard Smooth Jazz #4 single “Step To This”. Located in the SF Bay Area, founder/director of Miraflores Music Academié, Marcia recently received the award for Best Music School 2022.

“Marcia’s music reflects a strong, deep and honest commitment to life.” – Carlos Santana

An accomplished performer, composer and educator, a living example of the rich musical heritage, she is ‘la Maestra’, Marcia Migét.

“We Return”

Written by Marcia Migét

Produced, engineered and mixed by Chris Davis

Mastered by David Darlington

Marcia Migét: Flute, Piano & Keyboard Programming

Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis: Bass, Strongs & Keyboard Programming

Jay Williams: Drums

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Kimberley Brewer – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long

Kimberly Brewer cover art

Kimberly Brewer has ascended the ranks as vivacious and indispensable in multiple genres of music as a singer and songwriter. Her resume, first and foremost, includes touring the world and recording on three albums with the inimitable Stevie Wonder, including “If She Breaks Your Heart,” a solo feature for his Motown soundtrack to director Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever.

Kimberly was also honored to perform an original Christmas duet written by Wonder entitled “I Love You More” at the White House during the Clinton Administration. She graced concert tours between 2002-2004 with Earth, Wind & Fire (immortalized on their DVD Live in Montreux), toured for two years singing en Español in support of Spanish superstar Julio Iglesias, recorded with Teena Marie, k.d. lang, Vanessa Williams, Will Downing, June Pointer, and many others. Kimberly also penned a song for Lynne Fiddmont (the sensual reminiscence of a most delicious kiss, titled “Tasting Sunshine”). Kimberly also co-penned a song with Wonder titled “Have Sweet Dreams”.

Now, Kimberly Brewer has saved the best not for last but for a new beginning: Stevie Wonder requested that she do a cover of a song written by him called “Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long”. Stevie suggested that she make it a duet with R&B sensation Joe singing the second verse. When he heard the song he loved it so much that he joined in playing his signature harmonica stylings.

“Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long”

Written By Stevie Wonder

Produced by Byron Miller & Chris “Big Dog” Davis

Co-Produced by Kimberly Brewer

Arranged by Phil Davis, Rick Jordan & Byron Miller

Kimberly Brewer: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Background Arrangement

Stevie Wonder: Harmonica

Byron Miller: Bass

Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis: Keys

Phil Davis: Keys

Joe: Lead Vocal

Rick Jordan: Drums

Munyungo Jackson: Percussion

Paul Jackson Jr: Guitar

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Adam Hawley – Right On, Right On

Adam Hawley cover art

“Right On, Right On” is the dynamic new single from guitarist/producer Adam Hawley. This song hails from Adam’s 4th album “Risin’ Up” and should prove to be a contender to add to Hawley’s 12 Billboard #1 hits as an artist and songwriter. “Right On, Right On” features Julian Vaughn on lead bass, as a follow-up to their smash 2018 hit “Traveling Mood.” It’s the fourth single of this album.

Further stellar contributions to this track include Donald Hayes (Sax), Marcus Anderson (Flute), Carnell Harrell (Keys), Mel Brown (Bass), Eric Valentine (Drums) and Ramon Yslas (Percussion).

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Rob Zinn – When and Where

Rob Zinn Cover art

“I love working with Adam Hawley. This will be the 3rd song collaboration we’ve worked on together. He has great vision and, of course, mad musician and producer skills which he brings to this track. When we were discussing sax players he readily agreed on my suggestion of Jeff Ryan. Jeff has such a great feel and sound, and we blend so well together and compliment each other musically. I just love our call and response and how Jeff plays off of my ideas, yet brings his own artistry to the song.

“When And Where” is a nice ‘in the pocket’ groove song. A slow build type song that keeps the listener engaged and wanting more. Totally funky, especially during the hip breakdown section; dig that Hammond B3! Jeff and I really get into a nice call/response musical conversation in the outro. Such a fun song to play!”

“It is amazing to be able to take these ideas rolling around in my head, commit them to a demo, and then be part of the process of bringing a fresh composition to life with amazing musicians,” he says. “The most gratifying thing, though, is playing my songs live. It’s great being a working musician interpreting other people’s compositions, but there’s nothing like making meaningful connections with my own music. I want people to feel something when I play, feel the emotion in what I’m expressing – whether it’s through the melody, chords or performance – and to create a special moment in time for them. That’s the ultimate for me.”

Rob Zinn

“When And Where” ft. Jeff Ryan

Written by Adam Hawley & Rob Zinn

Produced and engineered by Adam Hawley

Rob Zinn: Trumpet

Jeff Ryan: Saxophone

Adam Hawley: Guitar, keys, programming, percussion

Eric Valentine: Drums

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D. S. Wilson – Nightfall

D.S. Wilson cover art

D.S. Wilson teamed up with Artist/Producer Adam Hawley and an all-star cast to produce Wilson’s third solo Smooth Jazz album entitled “Skyline”. The album features a contemporary sound with catchy melodies, along with solid grooves and influences from Wilson’s background in Rock, Pop, and Blues. Wilson set out to capture the vibe of life in the bustling city of Chicago, but also draws on themes from his life experiences over the past few years. Advance singles from the album propelled Wilson consistently into the Smooth Jazz and RadioWave Top 100 charts, as well as a feature on the Dave Koz Lounge radio show on Sirius XM.

D.S. Wilson is a Chicago-based multi-instrumental jazz musician specializing in saxophones and piano/keyboards. Wilson’s musical roots began in jazz, but he has played and released multiple albums in various genres including rock, pop, and blues. He started playing in rock bands in the ’80s and continued well into the new millennium, logging hundreds of performances. In between then and now he won the North Carolina Battle of the Bands, was awarded a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music in Boston and worked with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer on his band, Dolo’s, self-titled album in the late ’90s. In 2017, Wilson decided to focus on his jazz roots and pursue his solo career and lifelong dream.


Produced by Adam Hawley

Mastered by Steve Hall

D.S. Wilson: Saxophones, Piano, Keys

Adam Hawley: Guitars, Keyboards

Eric Valentine: Drums

Mel Brown: Bass

Carnell Harrell: Keyboards

T.J.Morris: Drums & Percussion

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Paul Brown – 7 And 7

Paul Brown cover art

Two-time Grammy winner, Paul Brown, both as an artist and producer, is responsible for more than 60 #1 jazz radio hits. Paul has produced and shared the stage with a who’s-who of jazz greats such as George Benson, Patti Austin, Boney James, Norman Brown, and Peter White, just to name a few.

With Promised Land, Paul Brown reaches the peak of his prodigious creativity. The album kicks off with the spirited “Secret Sauce,” a surefire contemporary jazz radio #1, and delivers with “Don’t Stop,” Paul’s sexy collaboration with Marion Meadows, and the in-the-pocket new single “7 And 7,” featuring saxman Euge Groove.

“Paul Brown… a top-to-bottom smooth jazz stunner brimming with bright melodies and enough hits to fill a Christmas stocking.” -All About Jazz

“The greatest producer in the history of Smooth Jazz.”

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Greg Manning – The One

Greg Manning cover art

On the uptempo new single “The One,” keyboardist/producer Greg Manning teamed up with bass player extraordinaire, Julian Vaughn. The composition also features Greg’s signature piano playing and production style.

“The One” is a great start to get into 2023 while dancing and tapping your feet.

“The second I composed the tune I knew I wanted Julian featured on the track. The melody seemed tailor-made for the sonority of the lead bass. I knew that Julian would make the melody sing.” – Greg Manning

“The One” ft. Julian Vaughn

Written, produced, and mixed by Greg Manning

Mastered by Steve Hall

Greg Manning: Piano, keyboards, vocals, programming

Julian Vaughn: Bass

Freddie Fox: Guitar

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Shawn Raiford – Forever


Making an ambitious approach to recording his second album, urban-jazz saxophonist Shawn Raiford is already thinking about legacy early in his recording career. With Valentine’s Day approaching, one could make the case that Raiford’s sultry new single, “Forever,” is all about love and romance, and it is in part, but the musician also has a deeper meaning in mind. The track written by Raiford, Ashley Jemison and Grammy winner Derek “DOA” Allen (Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson, Tyrese) is crafted with the intention of being timeless and standing the test of time.

Produced by Allen, “Forever” is powered by a tight and prominent midtempo drum groove while nuanced atmospherics add to the amorous ambiance. Raiford’s alto sax coos impassioned come-ons, soloing ardently in the company of fellow saxophonist Andre Delano who adds backing harmonies. Vocalist Quintina Paris emotes lustfully on the breathy chorus.

“It’s definitely a steamy track. I’m a huge fan of Sade, and I wanted a track on the new album that reflected that type of seductive groove. When we were working on it in the studio, it felt like a timeless piece that would last and stand the test of time, which is my real goal. So, we titled it ‘Forever,’” said Raiford about the first single to be issued from the forthcoming “The Next Step” album slated to release this summer.

Raiford has been performing contemporary jazz, R&B, gospel, rock and pop music with his band throughout Northern California since 1999. He’s a dynamic entertainer, an award-winning performer who snagged the Best Live Performance title from the Sounds of Soul a decade ago, collected Hope Awards in the jazz and jazz performance categories, won Best R&B band at the Northern California Entertainers Music Awards, and is a Sammie nominated jazz artist.

On record, Raiford’s debut album, “Man with A Horn,” was released in September of 2020 spawning four charting singles – “All Systems Go,” “In The Moment,” “Good Vibrations” and the title track. The soul-jazz set finished on the year end chart at No. 22. Last November, Raiford released the holiday single, “Santa Baby,” to help whet appetites for “The Next Step.” “Forever” is destined to feed that desire.

Although presently focused on finishing the new album, Raiford is stepping out of the studio to perform with his Shawn Raiford Experience band. Catch them live on the following dates:

February 6                    Mack Powell Event Center                                            Sacramento, CA

February 10                  Dante Club                                                                   Sacramento, CA

February 18                  Jade and Jora                                                                Duncanville, TX

March 3                        Rock & Brews                                                              Sacramento, CA

March 11                      Black American Political Association of California             Sacramento, CA

March 13                      Mulvaney’s B&L                                                         Sacramento, CA

April 15                        The Miracle                                                                  Los Angeles, CA

April 16                        The Grand Ritz                                                             San Diego, CA

For more information, please visit

Source: Great Scott Productions

Bryan Thompson – Cuban Dreams

B. Thompson cover art

Bryan Thompson (also known as B. Thompson) is a 25-year-old saxophonist and internet icon with social media views totaling over 100 million. Bryan has been recognized on social media by superstars such as Chris Brown, Mario, Cardi B, Chloe & Halle, Mariah Carey, and many more. He has also performed with legendary musicians and singers such as Najee, Kirk Whalum, Kenny Lattimore, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, and H.E.R.

Thompson is originally from Indianapolis, IN and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. We think you will dig his new tropical flavored radio single, “Cuban Dreams”!

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Andrew Neu – Lean Into It

Andrew Neu - Lean Into It - Cover FINAL

“I have great respect for Greg Manning both as a person and musician. Our paths crossed many times over the years as sidemen for other artists but we’ve both stepped out as solo artists. We developed into a great team creating the music together over the past year. Starting with the release of “Take It Home” in the summer of 2022 we’re kicking off 2023 with a seriously funky new track called “Lean Into It.” Combining my love for tight horn sections and Greg’s awesome grooves, I think you’ll really dig what we came up with. “Lean Into It” pulls you in right away with a vibe that makes you bop your head and keeps you smiling!” – Andrew Neu

“Lean Into It”

Written by Greg Manning and Andrew Neu

Produced by Greg Manning

Mixed by Greg Manning

Mastered by Steve Hall

Sax: Andrew Neu

Keys, programming: Greg Manning

Guitar: Carlyle Barriteau

Bass: Mel Brown

Drums: Eric Valentine

Trumpet: Mike Stever

Trombone: Nick Lane

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Ragan Whiteside – Full Court Press

Ragan Whiteside cover art

“Full Court Press” is a smooth and sexy groove co-written by Ragan Whiteside with Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, and features guitarist Phil Hamilton, percussionist Curtis McCain, and drummer Rich Harrison, also known as the artist RAH. It’s the new single from her most recent full-length project, 2022’s Thrill Ride, which is Ragan’s sixth career album to date and it lives up to its title, demonstrating Whiteside’s breathtaking virtuosity and melodic skills on a thrilling journey through a landscape of dynamic grooves.

Ragan has become one of the genre’s most consistently dynamic and popular artists. Thanks to her incredible skill and creativity on her chosen instrument, as well as her charismatic presence on stage, Whiteside is at the top of her game. That was demonstrated in October 2022, when she became the first artist to win the competitive Best Contemporary Jazz Artist Award at the inaugural Jazz Music Awards. That distinction is well-deserved, as the Atlanta-based musician, songwriter, and vocalist has become one of very few women players to excel in the male-dominated instrumental sphere, garnering eight consecutive Top Ten Billboard airplay singles by 2022. And she’s done it as an independent artist, releasing projects on Randis Music, the label she founded with her husband, producer, and composer Dennis Johnson.

“Full Court Press”

Produced by Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

Flute: Ragan Whiteside

Guitar: Phil Hamilton

Drums: Rich Harrison (aka RAH)

Percussion: Curtis McCain

Keyboards: Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

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Eric Essix – STRiDE


Over a period of more than 34 years and 28 full-length album releases, Eric Essix has maintained a steady flow of new music that continues to push the boundaries of contemporary jazz. Following the success of his “Songs From The Deep” project, Eric recently released his 28th album entitled STRiDE on his Essential Recordings label, again distributed by Lightyear Entertainment/Virgin Music/UMG.

The album features nine original compositions written by Eric and a lush arrangement of the Bill Withers’ classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” featuring fellow Birmingham, AL native and American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard. Released as a single, the song has done well on smooth jazz radio maintaining a solid presence on several charts and syndicated programs.

STRiDE showcases a diverse mix of songs ranging from danceable, funk instrumentals, sultry ballads, hints of blues and traditional jazz textures and, as always, a very intentional nod to Eric’s gospel roots. “This album is an extension of the Songs From The Deep record in a sense. I made a conscious effort to build on what I did with that project compositionally and maintain the same kind of vibe. Musically, it just felt like a good place to explore a while longer.”

Even though STRiDE does not directly have Eric’s southern upbringing in the forefront conceptually for this record, the influences and the sound are still essential ingredients in the mix. “Some things will always be buried in every note I play and those down home elements that are inherent in my playing, are never going away. I gave up trying be someone other than myself 22 years ago and learned to embrace who I am as a guitarist and an artist. I haven’t looked back.”

STRiDE has several uptempo standout’s with “Steady”, “Coming Home To You”, “The Light” and the title track leading the pack. However, the ballads “Until We All Are Free”, “Slow And Easy” and the beautiful 6/8 time, “Inside Out” (featuring flutist Claudia Hayden and a brilliant synth solo by Grammy winner, Phil Davis), are compelling vehicles for some of Eric’s best guitar work on the session.

“I’m not done yet,” Eric says. “In fact, when the last record was so well received, I felt I was starting to hit my ‘stride’ again with my audience and my music. It really inspired me to keep going and I am excited to see how this new album will resonate with listeners.”

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Chris Godber – Dreamin

Chris Godber cover art

Unless you’ve been living off the grid the last several years, it’d be hard not to have heard the addictive melodies of soulful saxophonist, Chris Godber.

Since his emerging record, Starting Over in 2015, he’s brought us several chart-topping hits such as “Rain”, “Chill”, “Momentum”, “Vibin’” and “West Coast Soul”. His latest release “Dreamin’” stems from his latest highly acclaimed West Coast Soul EP. This slow jam will take you on a tranquil journey with its lush pads, dreamy guitar and sultry tenor sax. You will find yourself in that happy place we all go to from time to time; that daydream to escape the chaos of the daily grind. Don’t sleep on Godber’s new track though, this is one you don’t want to miss!


Written by Christopher Joel Godber (BMI) & Caleb Middleton (BMI)

Publishing: Chris Godber Music (BMI)

Produced by Caleb Middleton

Chris Godber – Tenor Sax

Caleb Middleton – Keys, pads, drums & bass

Jordan Love – Guitar

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Bob Baldwin – Rejuvenate

Bob Baldwin cover art

Bob Baldwin is an American pianist/composer/arranger/radio host/inventor. The Mt. Vernon, NY native has recorded on six of the seven inhabitable continents, and while Antarctica is not on his recording bucket list, his short international list, including Dubai, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, UK, Canada, is quite impressive. “Whether it’s a massive festival crowd of 30,000 or an intimate restaurant audience of less than 60, I refuse to rob my audience of great music, top-notch effort and a good personal experience”, says Baldwin.

He’s been coined by industry peers as the “Ray Charles of Contemporary Jazz”, having owned all but seven of his 34 solo recordings. He claims that ownership has helped to sustain him throughout the pandemic era. His ‘theme’ projects of Stevie Wonder (MelloWonder/Songs in the Key of Stevie), Thom Bell (Betcha By Golly Wow), and Michael Jackson (Never Can Say Goodbye) have all charted mightily on the Billboard Jazz charts, all hitting in the top 15.

Wedding his many talents to a fierce streak of conscious independence, Bob Baldwin sees himself as more than just an artist but a human being in control of his destiny and with a legacy of artistic benevolence to pass on.


Produced by Bob Baldwin

Mastering: Steve Hall

Bob Baldwin – Piano, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals

Dennis Johnson – Drum programming

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Rodney Greene – No Stoppin’

Rodney Greene No Stoppin' Album Cover

Although Rodney Greene has been around for awhile, he is finally coming into his own and getting some well deserved recognition in the music industry. Rodney has produced and released two Smooth Jazz album projects to date, “Nice n Slow”, and “Meditation of My Heart”.

Rodney is currently working on his third album which is scheduled for release in June 2023. Rodney has released a single off the album “Real Close” which features Billboard’s Smooth Jazz chart topping Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner who is a musical icon in his own right. The song made the Smooth Jazz charts for 16 consecutive weeks. Rodney has now scheduled his second single off the album titled “No Stoppin’”, which is sassy with an uptempo rhythmic groove and is sure to get you moving!

Rodney joined several rock, Latin, and R&B cover bands as a bass player and fill-in keyboardist playing the local club scene. “Playing other people’s music was great and all but I wanted to express my own artistic creativity and began writing and recording my own music”. As child of the “Old School” music era, “I grew up listening to a variety of R&B artists including EWF Earth, Wind, & Fire”, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Maze, Anita Baker, and so many others”.

“As the years progressed, I really began to gravitate to more contemporary gospel and smooth jazz music. These two types of musical genres always provided with me a sense of love, inner peace, and always gave me a positive outlook on life”. – Rodney Greene

Listen to No Stoppin’ on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 7/6).

Roman Street & Bryan Morris – Key To Paradise

Roman Street cover art

Internationally trained brothers Noah and Josh Thompson put their guitars together to form Roman Street, Alabama Gulf Coast’s own nationally touring contemporary jazz artists. This brotherly jam session developed into a Billboard/iTunes charting band with several top 25 Billboard hits and five albums. Many have dubbed them ‘the next generation’ of Jazz Fusion. Whether performing as a guitar duo, or with a backing band, Roman Street astounds with music that appeals to fans of many genres.

Roman Street, named for an old roman street in the Alps, is an internationally trained instrumental band specializing in improvisational fusion of Classical, Gypsy and Contemporary Jazz, Latin, and Nuevo Flamenco. A departure from the over-produced music that is out there today, they keep it simple—the beautifully organic sound of acoustic instruments played by talented people who love what they are doing. Whether performing as a guitar duo, or with a backing band, Roman Street astounds with music that appeals to fans of many genres.

The new single “Key To Paradise” marks the first songwriting collaboration of the Thompson brothers and their long-time drummer, Bryan Morris.

Listen to Key To Paradise on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 8/6).

WaKaNa – A Sunny Day

Wakana - A Sunny Day Cover art

Japanese saxophonist WaKaNa debuted in the United States with her first solo album Saxcess Story, produced by Greg Manning in 2018.

She released “Go for the Sound feat. Darren Rahn & Koh Mr. Saxman, produced by Darren Rahn in 2020 and “SilK”, produced by Greg Manning in 2021. “Go for the Sound” got airplay throughout the United States, and reached the Smooth Jazz airplay charts. She also actively performs in various countries around the world, including a performance at a festival hosted by Los Angeles saxman Michael Paulo, and performed at her own live show in San Diego.

WaKaNa is one of the top Smooth Jazz sax players in Japan. Her new single “A Sunny Day” is co-written and produced by Greg Manning.

“A Sunny Day”

Written By Greg Manning and WaKaNa

Saxophone – WaKaNa

Keys, programming, mix – Greg Manning

Guitar: Kay-Ta Matsuno

Listen to A Sunny Day on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 7/6).

Gino Rosaria – Take It Uptown

Gino Rosaria cover art

Gino Rosaria, born and raised in Curaçao and now residing in Florida, has made his debut into the contemporary jazz scene with a billboard charting album “Still Waters Run Deep”. His CD release was a sold out show which left the crowd asking for more! Gino has performed for years as a sideman for artists such as Adam Hawley, Althea Rene, Karen Briggs, Kim Scott, Julian Vaughn, Blake Aaron, Cindy Bradley, and many more. Gino has won several competitions and awards such as the Akademia Music Award for best Funk/Fusion with his Groove Symphony project. Gino has also performed numerous times on national television and on major jazz festivals. Gino recently toured Europe performing his show and has already been asked to return for festivals next year.

Gino’s music can be heard on jazz stations all over the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and many more. Gino’s last single Ride Along featuring Judah Sealy topped at #12 on the Billboard top 30 chart. Gino’s next album “Don’t Stop Now” will be released on February 13, 2023. That album will feature artists such as Marcus Anderson, Jeff Ryan, Judah Sealy, Wakana, Jazmin Ghent, and Jason Jackson.

“I knew it was time for me to step out as a solo artist. I’ve been putting it off for a long time and playing with other artists. I have some good material to release to the world. Because of my Caribbean and Latin roots, I think I have something special to offer musically. I don’t know how to explain it except by showing it through my music. My time has come to step out onto that stage, not as a sideman, but as Gino Rosaria, The Pianist.” ~ Gino Rosaria

“Take It Uptown”

Written by Gino Rosaria & Adam Hawley

Piano – Gino Rosaria

Sax – Jason Jackson (Featured)

Guitar and Sequencing – Adam Hawley

Drums – Eric Valentine

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Brandon Marceal – Waay Up

Brandon Marceal cover art

When Brandon Marceal plays the flute, he creates a connection to the soul. Not your typical symphonic flute, but jazz flute, improvised flute and flute that fuses jazz with hip-hop, or jazz with R&B. Marceal has been a flutist for more than 25 years.

After moving to Atlanta in 2001 and playing open-mic nights at coffee shops, his music began to take off. He started playing professionally working with director Bryan Barber (Idlewild 2006) and artists like Patti LaBelle and Andre 3000 of OutKast. He’s graced the stage with violinist Ken Ford, saxophonist Mike Phillips, and Stellar Award winner, Dorinda Clark-Cole to name a few. Rapper Nicki Minaj has even taken notice of Marceal’s awesome improvisational/freestyle skillz, having named him winner of the “Best of the Bass” competition after singling him out of thousands of submitted videos. Recently, casting producers from NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent” reached out to Marceal after viewing YouTube videos of him on the web.

“People ‘feel’ my music. … My peers or people who listen to popular music from Kanye West to Wynton Marsalis,” Marceal said. “I like to cover radio hits. Introducing my skill set with these more recognizable songs helps to draw in my listeners.”

When Brandon Marceal plays flute, he creates a connection to the soul. Reminiscent of flutist, Bobbi Humphrey, the tone heard with every fluttering breath is enchanting and mesmerizing. Whether playing a cover tune or an original composition, each song is infused with a spirit and passion all its own. This freelance flautist is a force to be reckoned with on his flute.

His business, Soul Rockin’ Ent., distributes promotional CDs, books shows and offers performance, ear theory and improvisation lessons.

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Darren Rahn – Everlasting

Darren Rahn Everlasting Cover

Rahn’s tireless commitment to musical authenticity over the past 18 years has resulted in multiple Grammy nominations and 26 #1 Billboard singles as a solo artist/saxophonist, producer and mix engineer. The multi-talented, Canadian born, Denver based artist’s multi-faceted journey reaches yet another key milestone with the release of Rock The World, a hallmark album that taps perfectly into the Zeitgeist of these anxious times while revealing an ever-evolving artist at the pinnacle of his creative, melodic, spiritual and sonic expressions.

While many artists in his genre have created inspiring recordings during the pandemic era, none have so intuitively and artfully used instrumental music to reflect not only just how the world has been rocked, but offer a meaningful path forward on how we can rock back, get through the dark, daunting obstacles and move ahead with hope. True to the empowering and provocative album title, Rahn embraces the stark reality of the moment with optimism, forging and illuminating the road ahead by rocking the world with the gifts he, his core band (including bassist Mel Brown, drummer Tarell Martin and twin brother Jason Rahn on trumpet), guitarists Randy Jacobs, Allen Hinds, Adam Hawley and Paul Jackson, Jr., vocalist Biff Gore, his flutist wife Priscilla Rahn and dynamic all-star guests (Brian Bromberg, Dave Koz, Najee, Everette Harp, Brian Culbertson) have been blessed with.

Rahn sees “Everlasting” as whimsical, uplifting and eminently danceable. “It’s not just about the light at the end of the tunnel, but the reality that God’s love is true love, and it endures forever,” he says. “It’s the ultimate dot dot dot, the promise of love everlasting.”


Written, Produced, and Mixed by Darren Rahn (Odipantz Music/ASCAP)

Mastered by Joe Yannece at Park Street Mastering

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Mattias Roos – Fast Lane

MattiasRoos-FastLane-Single-ArtworkCoverFlourishing in the smooth jazz friendly confines of Skytown Records, Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos will release his latest project, “Cali Dreaming” on September 12, 2022. Indeed with nine original compositions plus one carefully crafted cover “Cali Dreaming” is everything one would expect from an artist who without a shadow of doubt is riding the tsunami of a burgeoning solo career.

Arranged, produced and for the most part written by Roos, “Cali Dreaming”
Is quickly up and running with the vastly radio friendly title cut. It is the fourth single to be issued for airplay and bears testimony to the incredible quality in depth that this collection enjoys. The song features Jeff Ryan on sax and provides an outstanding platform from which Roos dazzles on keys. When sax duties switch to Gregor Hillman the result is the easy grooving “Can You Feel The Love”, which is one of three tracks to include bass player Dwayne “Smitty” Smith. Another is the recording’s only cover, a moody rendition of the Randy Crawford classic “You Might Need Somebody” that can be found on her 1981 masterpiece “Secret Combination”.

Talking of easy grooving it doesn’t come much better than the spine tingling “My Love” whereas “Fast Lane” (with U-Nam on rhythm and lead guitars) is the sort of feel good smooth jazz tune that is sure to attract follows. Much the same can be said of the relaxed yet enthralling “Feels So Right” that proves to be a wonderful showcase for Roos’ abundant talents and that same relaxed vibe is very much the order of the day as he cleverly links the image of Cali Dreaming with the sort of weather that routinely defines this little piece of west coast heaven. Take for example the hugely evocative “Chillin’ on the Beach”, the equally so “Sunny Days” and then, just as night follows day, the magical “Sunset Breeze” which is anchored by Johan Björklund and Ingemar Åberg on guitars plus Wictor Persson on drums.

Back in March 2021 Roos released the single “Commercial Free”, a cool collaboration with hit maker, guitarist and double Grammy winner Paul Brown. Here Roos uses this joyous mellifluous and uplifting number to close out the album and in so doing pulls off a production masterstroke.

Indeed there is little doubt that if his legion of fans were not “Cali Dreaming” before it is a fair bet they will be now.

Taken from the album the first single is Fast Lane. Listen to Fast Lane on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 7/6).

Hil St. Soul – Christmas With You


When a singer covers a song already definitively recorded by the likes of The Isley Brothers and Whitney Houston, there is skepticism; surely it could only fail to match the heights of hit renditions by two legendary artists. But UK-based singer Hil St. Soul’s rendition of “For The Love of You” became a Top 20 urban ac radio hit on the strength of tonal beauty and evocative phrasing—the mark of a great singer. That hit and follow-up original singles won Hil St. Soul a devoted cult following with her deft melding of classic soul and contemporary production. With a luminous single, “A Feeling So Beautiful,” leading the way, Hil St. Soul is back better than ever with “Back In Love,” her first album in a decade, available everywhere now.

The new album may be Hil St. Soul’s best yet and resonates at a time when neo-soul is resurgent with a new generation of artists ranging from H.E.R. and SZA to Lucky Daye, Anderson .Paak and SIR. All in all, with Back In Love, the high expectations of Hil St. Soul’s fans who have been spoiled by the consistent high quality of her work will not be disappointed. “This album represents a turning point in my life, “Hillary confesses. “It represents LOVE. My love of life and music. It’s a love letter to my listeners that have been with me on my musical journey. I’ve been making music for 20-odd years and to have taken time out, come back and pick up where I left off is just amazing…to still have an audience and the support of radio is incredible. I’m just thankful that I’m still in a position where I can share my artistry.”

“After completing my current album ‘Back In Love,’ myself and my producer Lorenzo Johnson started a conversation about doing a Christmas song. It’s my first time ever recording a Christmas song, so I was up for it! Essentially this song is about a long distance relationship and the longing to spend Christmas with that special person or people in your life. Christmas for me is a time of celebration, a time where family members get a chance to get together. It’s a time for gathering and spending quality time with loved ones, and in some cases a time for breaking bread. A lot of couples are away for work prior to the holidays but come back home for Christmas and it’s time for them to reunite.”

Source: Shanachie Entertainment

Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis – White Christmas in Connecticut

Chris Big Dog Davis cover art

Grab your winter coats and make your way to Connecticut and join Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis‘ rendition of “White Christmas”. Smooth, Jazzy, Funky Collaboration with some great artists from CT.

The song features Marty Q on sax and vocals and the lovely voice of Barbara Fowler and Singer Timmy Maia also on vocals.

‘Big Dog’ takes this classic “I’m  Dreaming Of A White Christmas” to another musical level. Sit back and enjoy “White Christmas” – Big Dog Style

Happy Holidays! All Love.

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Olivia Rox – Jingle Bells

Olivia Rox Jingle Bells cover art

You may have seen her name on Times Square billboards, or heard her songs on the radio, You’ve probably seen her becoming a household name on TV with her pink hair, fashion-forward look and dynamic performances and lovable persona which caused a stir. To break it down, Olivia Rox is on the precipice of being the next big thing. She will not be the one to tell you that, because she is down to earth, humble and kind. But, her talent says otherwise. She can belt out a song that rivals the divas, yes – whistle tone included. She writes all of her own music, even being asked constantly to write for other artists, and has been likened to Carole King in her writing sensibilities.

She plays multiple instruments and has traveled all over the world doing music since she was a child. At 23 years old, she’s an old soul, with a lot to say. No, this is not a typical bio that you would normally read, but Olivia is not a typical girl. This is a girl who, when she heard that her peers were not voting in the last presidential election, stood up to this cause in a non-partisan way. She began this plight by writing a rocking bad-ass song called “Go Vote” which made her peers actually listen, resulting in one of the highest youth voter turnouts in 30 years – which incidentally, helped to sign up over 400,000 young voters to get to the polls and use their voices. Making huge waves in the 2020 presidential election, Olivia was also an ambassador for HeadCount / Global Citizen, and worked alongside Spread The Vote, and The Grammy Foundation. She’s definitely a role model with her positive spin on life, in the times when it’s not always hip to be one. She also defy’s the current state of music by using real players. Remember the days of real live musicians? Well, Olivia embraces the pure musicality that is often lost in today’s programmed, auto-tuned world. Olivia was obviously honing her “ears” while growing up in the discerning world of jazz, and then for all the world to see by landing as a finalist on Season 15 of American Idol, which garnered her much attention and earned her fans internationally.

Her wildly popular, original Christmas single “It’s Christmastime” has topped the pop charts the past two years and is becoming a holiday staple song. With so many requests to make a full-length album, voila she delivers “An Olivia Rox Christmas” which melds her original songs with a very unique twist on some of the classics – A must have for every Christmas household this year.

And, be sure not to miss “An Olivia Rox Christmas Special” airing on Comcast/ XFinity watch in the comfort of your own home On Demand, a true taste of Christmas, with many special guests for the family, this holiday season 2022.

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Jonathan Fritzén – Deck The Halls

Jonathan Fritzen Deck The Halls cover art

It was in 2008 that Billboard chart-topping pianist Jonathan Fritzén burst onto the scene with his debut recording ‘Love Birds’ which at the time was described as reaching the very core of what great smooth jazz is all about. Now, six hit albums later Fritzén is back with the highly anticipated ‘Piano Tales’. Released on his own label, Nordic Night Records, it is a collection that is very much all his own work.

​Indeed, as well as producing, recording and mixing throughout he also writes all ten choice tunes. The title of each track is linked in some way to the piano, a fact born out by the first single to be serviced to radio, ‘Keys To Paradise’, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart and the second single, ‘Hammers Of Love’ that also found its way into the top ten.

​The entire collection bears testimony to Fritzén’s renowned musical innovation and this is a quality that was also on show in 2020 when, under the name of the Jonathan Fritzén Jazz Trio, he released the album ‘Bach and Jazz’. Arranged by the trio for piano bass and drums the compositions on it were all written by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Known for his high-octane live performances, Fritzén has toured coast to coast across the USA on numerous occasions. He has appeared at some of the biggest jazz festivals in both the USA and around the world while along the way has collaborated with contemporary jazz heavy hitters such as Dave Koz, Gerald Albright, Boney James and Nils Landgren to name just a few.

​Jonathan grew up in Stockholm Sweden to a Swedish mother, and an American father. After majoring in drums in high school he studied piano for six years at the Royal College Of Music in Stockholm where he became one of the first students to take a masters degrees in jazz. As well as giving him an outstanding musical education this experience proved to be pivotal in that he completed ‘Love Birds’ shortly before his graduation.

​Quite simply Fritzén remains one of the hottest composers, producers and pianists around and, in what is already a storied career, it seems likely that there are still many tales to tell.

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Jessy J – What Child Is This?

Jessy J cover art

In 2016, top contemporary jazz and Latin saxophonist Jessy J released her first ever holiday collection– California Christmas. In 2022, due to popular demand and her love for everything about the holidays, especially the classic songs of the season, Jessy has recorded her second album of holiday favorites – with a twist – California Christmas Volume 2.

For California Christmas Volume 2, Jessy, who serves again as executive producer for the Changi Records release enlisted some longtime collaborators (Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber and Euge Groove) and some exciting new additions. Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy) adds his guitar chops to “Angels We Have Heard On High” and Jason Goldman (best known for his work with Michael Bublé) provides two of the arrangements with “Jolly Old St. Nicolas” and “Up on the Housetop.” Long time band members joining in the holiday cheer are: Jay Rowe on piano, Dave Anderson on bass, Trevor Somerville on drums, Andy Abel on guitar and Richie Gajate Garcia on percussion. Other members include Norman Jackson on keyboards, Frank Abraham on bass, Iajhi Hampden on drums, Kayta Matsuno and Ash Jenga on guitars. Guest vocalists include Mississippi soul singer Maurice Smith and the smooth vocals of Brandon Wattz.

To quote Jessy from her first California Christmas album release: “For me, California Christmas (now Volume 2) is a special album for many reasons. It gives listeners the feeling of being in a warmer, sunnier climate during the holiday season. But most importantly, as an artist I get to share the holidays musically with all my fans. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I am so grateful for all of my blessings. Feliz Navidad!”

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Herb Alpert – All I Want For Christmas

Herb Alpert All I Want For Christmas cover art-min

Creator and innovator, musician and producer, artist, and philanthropist, Herb Alpert is a man with a profound passion.

A legendary trumpet player, Alpert’s extraordinary musicianship has earned him five #1 hits, nine GRAMMY® Awards, the latest from his 2014 album, “Steppin’ Out,” fifteen Gold albums, fourteen Platinum albums and has sold over 72 million records. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass propelled his sound into the pop music limelight, at one point outselling the Beatles two to one. In 1966, they achieved the since-unmatched feat of simultaneously having four albums in the Top 10– and five in the Top 20. Herb Alpert also has the distinction of being the only artist who has had a #1 instrumental and a #1 vocal single.

In 2006, Alpert and Moss were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in recognition of their accomplishments and are a part of the Grammy Museum’s ”Icons of the Music Industry” series. In 2013 Herb Alpert was awarded The National Medal of Arts Award by President Barack Obama for his musical, philanthropic and artistic contributions.

In addition to his on-going creative outlets in music, philanthropy and the arts, Alpert owns the noted Vibrato restaurant/jazz club in Bel-Air, California. He also continues to perform and tour across the country with his wife, Grammy-winning vocalist, Lani Hall and their band.

Herb’s priorities derive from the same sense of generosity and humility that has guided him through a long, illustrious career. In all of these ventures, there is a harmony not unlike Alpert’s music. A flowing of energy and sound, a dedication to quality, which sustains everything Alpert does. With more than 40 years of continuous philanthropic, musical and artistic activity, Alpert has established a legacy that reflects his firm belief that the arts can make a difference in the world and in the lives of each of us.

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Dave Koz & Friends – Happy Xmas (The War Is Over) /Imagine

Dave Koz Christmas Ballads cover art

Dave Koz & Friends released Christmas Ballads (25th Anniversary Collection) on September 23. The chart-topping, GRAMMY®-nominated saxophonist is joined on the album by pianist David Benoit, trumpeter Rick Braun and guitarist Peter White – the friends who accompanied him on the road in the earliest years of the Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022 and holds the record as the longest-running, jazz-based Christmas tour. Rebecca Jade is the featured vocalist on the album’s gorgeous medley of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Imagine.”

In creating a beautiful companion piece for the 25th anniversary, Koz’s vision was very different than any of his previous seven holiday sets. Unlike his earlier, rhythmically eclectic mixes of buoyant funk and soulful slow-jams, Christmas Ballads is designed as an exploration

of the romantic side of the season, setting a gentle, laid back mood for a quiet night by the fireside with a glass of wine.

“As much fun as I have creating a party atmosphere live, if you ask me my favorite part of the holidays, it’s taking the time to relax and enjoy the quiet moments, reflecting and feeling gratitude,” explains Dave Koz. “These ballads are the kind of music I want to be listening to after the big festivities are over and the sleigh bells fade into the night.”

To keep a flow of fresh magic, Koz’s main criteria for Christmas Ballads was putting new spins on songs he had never recorded before. There’s also one original – “Wrapped Up In Your Smile,” a classic-styled Koz power ballad co-written with the album’s producer and arranger, Philippe Saisse.

“He’s so French and brings a different, worldly approach, sensitivity and beauty to these tunes,” says Koz, who recently topped Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Airplay chart with “Summertime in NYC” – the fourth consecutive No. 1 single from his 2020 album, A New Day.

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Von Stupart – It Feels So Good

Von Stupart cover art

“I am a Contemporary Jazz saxophonist and an independent artist. When the world shut down due to the pandemic, I was able to start working on my solo project which is something I have always wanted to do. I was able to connect with some awesome musicians and with the use of modern technology things really came together.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My father played trumpet and I started formal music lessons at an early age. I have been developing and honing my craft ever since.

I am a very proud husband, father and grandfather. After 40 years of working and prioritizing providing for my family, I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor in this new season of my life. I am thrilled to be able to pour all of my passion and experience into creating music to share with the world! My primary instrument is the tenor saxophone but I also play alto, soprano and EWI.

I hope you can feel the joy, passion, and love! Spread joy! Spread love! Spread hope!” – Von Stupart

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Paul Taylor – And Now This

Paul Taylor cover art

Over 25 years into a stellar, multi-faceted career that’s found him continually pushing the sonic boundaries of what’s possible in contemporary urban jazz, saxophonist Paul Taylor brings us his highly-anticipated new recording AND NOW THIS on Peak Records.

AND NOW THIS, fully created via the exchange of digital files between the Las Vegas based Taylor and his longtime musical compadre, collaborator, co-writer and producer Dino Esposito, features the saxman’s ongoing exploration of an expansive range of dynamic danceable grooves and intricate pop/electronica vibes. The ten tracks fully reflect the way Taylor began moving forward in his personal and creative life, as if to say, in his words, “we’re coming out of the pandemic, this is what I’ve been creating, we’re kicking it back into high gear and we are more open-minded in our approach to music than ever.”

From the atmospheric soul and fast paced funk of the title track (featuring the guitar of Brian Monroney) through the sultry flow of the closing track “Good Night,” AND NOW THIS also celebrates the decades long friendship and intuitive, forward thinking musical chemistry between Taylor and Esposito. Their dynamic history dates back to when they played in the same band as students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas – and includes Taylor touring in Esposito’s band when he was a pop star in the late 80s touring with New Kids on the Block.

Esposito has been Taylor’s chief sonic co-architect since the saxophonist’s 1995 debut On The Horn and subsequently collaborated on Pleasure Seeker (1997), Undercover (2000), his Peak Records debut Hypnotic (2001), Nightlife (2005), Prime Time (2011), Tenacity (2014) and Countdown (2016).

Among Taylor’s chief musical influences in recent years have been globally popular, cutting edge DJ/producer/artists like the late Avicii, Tiesto and Regard. Complementing the new album’s nine inspiring originals, Taylor and Esposito have a blast bringing a vibrant, freewheeling new energy to a re-imagining of “Ride It,” Regard’s global 2019 hit remix of Jay Sean’s 2008 #1 UK R&B hit that started as a viral sensation on TikTok. Taylor’s infectious twist features the smooth, soulful vocals and fast paced phrasing of Jamie Jones of the GRAMMY winning group All-4-One.

The remarkable thing about those Taylor-Esposito collabs is that even the earliest albums they did together in the late 90s and early 2000s sound as sonically and rhythmically innovative as they did a few decades ago. A popular presence in contemporary urban jazz since the early 90s when he toured and later recorded with Keiko Matsui, Taylor scored #1 Billboard hits in the 2010s with “Burnin’,” “Push To Start” and “Supernova” and had his first #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Albums chart with Ladies’ Choice (2007), which was produced by Barry J. Eastmond and Rex Rideout.

During the course of his storied career, the Denver native has headlined hundreds of shows and has been part of numerous all-star tours – including dates with Peter White and Euge Groove in a lineup affectionately dubbed “Peter, Paul and Euge;” Gentleman of the Night (with Marion Meadows and Warren Hill). He has also performed with The Rippingtons and the acclaimed “Groovin’ For Grover” tour. Some of his first post-pandemic lockdown shows have been with labelmate Michael Lington and Sax to the Max with Michael and Vincent Ingala.

Officially entering his second quarter century of recording, with AND NOW THIS, Taylor is as excited as ever to continue casting his creative aim higher and grateful for every opportunity to bring his best to his loyal legion of longtime and newer fans. “What I like most about the new album is its freshness, and the fact that after 25 years, Dino and I still have so many unique avenues to explore,” he says. “It’s a special album created in unusual, highly stressful times. There’s something to be said for all of us artists persevering through the shutdown of 2020 and finding a way to get it done. And we did — AND NOW THIS!”

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Wayne Gutshall – Spanish Love

Wayne Gutshall - Spanish Love cover art

After playing on the Grammy award winning album “Mamblue” Wayne Gutshall released his debut album “Spicy”, which produced five number one singles on’s world listener chart, appeared twice on Billboard’s most added chart, and placed him on many of the top 100 contemporary jazz charts.

After much success with the release of the first single “Going Up” from his upcoming second album, Wayne is poised to release his next single “Spanish Love” which features Billboard #1 hit guitarist Steve Oliver. “Spanish Love is a stunningly beautiful ballad written by Wayne for his wife who is of Spanish descent.

In addition to performing with Oliver, Wayne has performed with such artists as Paul Brown, Nathan East, Nestor Torres, Arturo Sandoval, Dave Valentin, and Brendan Rothwell and has appeared in jazz festivals in California and Florida.

Allen Kepler of The Smooth Jazz Network says, “Wayne Gutshall is one of the rising stars in smooth jazz” and Sandy Shore, founder and CEO of, calls Wayne “A modern master of saxophone”.

“Spanish Love”

Wayne Gutshall – Alto Saxophone & Keyboard

Steve Oliver – Guitar

Ray Lyon – Piano & Keyboard

Julio Hernandez – Bass

Orlando Hernandez – Drums

Hector Gomez – Bongos

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Dee Lucas – Sir Dee

Dee Lucas Cover Art

National recording artist & saxophonist Dee Lucas is back with another stunning hit! This time, he musically says ‘Thank You’ to the legendary Stevie Wonder with the feel-good original tune ‘Sir Dee’.

“Sir Dee”

Produced by David P. Stevens

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems

Dee Lucas – Soprano Saxophone

Carl Cox – Tenor Saxophone

Frank McComb – Rhodes

Eric Valentine – Drums

David P. Stevens – Guitar, Bass, & Keys

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Bryan Anderson – Smokin

Bryan Anderson cover art

Bryan Anderson is a bassist, songwriter, and producer with 11 solo projects to his credit. His unique sound of what he calls “groove music” blends smooth jazz, old school funk, Latin rhythms and a taste of island vibes. A natural entertainer, Bryan pulls you into his live performances. He takes you on a musical journey from high energy funk to laidback grooves and soothing ballads. Bryan surrounds himself with first rate, established musicians. His shows leave you wanting more. Bryan performs at various music venues, private event, local benefits, and festivals. If you gravitate towards the music of Grover Washington, Jr., Spyro Gyra, Boney James, and Jeff Lorber, you are sure to appreciate Bryan Anderson.


Bryan Anderson – Bass, synth pads

Allan Phillips – Piano, keys, synth, pads

Nicholas Mead – trumpet

Jacob Shaw – sax

Patric Hays – trombone

Martin Verdonk – percussion

Derico Watson – drums

Written, arranged and produced by Bryan Anderson

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Kenny Nightingale – King David Dance

Kenny Nightingale cover art

A smooth jazz and R&B recording artist based in the US, Kenny Nightingale was originally born on the west side of the Motherland in Lagos, Nigeria. His musical prowess draws back to earlier times when he was only eight years. Growing up in a musically inclined family, the prodigy grew up watching his father perform to the sound of different instruments. His father usually took him along for a couple of shows when he noticed his interest in the craft. He later taught him how to play the saxophone and percussion. While growing up, Nightingale had affluent interests in artists such as; Grover Washington Jr., Jonathan Butler, Slash, John Coltrane, Kenny G, Jimmy Hendricks, Sadao Watanabe and Dave Koz just to name a few among others. Ever since he made his debut in the art of the saxophone, he has carried on with intention and a longing to do music with some of his influences. This has influenced his creativity greatly, creating music that has elevated him to a position where he is now admired by many for his agility.

Nightingale has cemented his brilliance and originality with his sound that includes a fusion of gospel and contemporary beats. As a songwriter, he makes music that originates from deep within and bears the taste of a star. His production is unique in such a way that he tries to make his music a replication of his own self and how he feels. Much of his musical ideas stem across continents as far as the motherland (Africa) to the western world just to create a groove with a sound so different from many performers in the same niche. This originality has helped Nightingale to create a vast discography comprising music in the genres of jazz, smooth jazz, world beats, rhythm, and blues.

“King David Dance drew an influence from jazz greats such as Jonathan Butler, Dave Grusin, Hugh Masekela, Richard Bona, Sadao Watanabe. I just can’t help but keep on dancing to my groove.” – Kenny Nightingale

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Merlon Devine – Stirred


Gifts. Talents. Blessings. All to serve a specific purpose that serves others. And they are to be utilized fully to fulfill that function. That’s how soul-jazz saxophonist Merlon Devine sees it, using his to write and record contemporary jazz that is church derived. His new upbeat instrumental R&B single “Stirred” goes for playlist adds on October 24.

“I believe everyone has a gift. Every person on earth has something they were given – from God – to help them fulfill their purpose while on earth. There’s a scripture in the Bible that talks about each person ‘stirring’ their gift. In other words, your gift should not collect dust, but each person should make sure they keep their gift sharp and in use. I feel we are most effective and happy when we use the gift we’ve been given,” said Devine about the feel-good song he wrote with producer Matt Godina (Darren Rahn, Julian Vaughn, Nicholas Cole, Lin Rountree).

“Stirred” is the ne single from Devine’s eighth album, Soul Jazz which dropped last year. Emoting passion, inspiration and grace, Devine plays saxes and flute on the track. Godina adds keyboards, guitar and programming to the ebullient harmonies. The midtempo groove is anchored by bassist Kevin “Mr. Kevin Jerome” Stancil and drummer Lester Estelle, Jr.

It’s natural for Devine to turn to his faith when it comes to composing music. Born in Little Rock, AR to parents who pastored a church, the household was always filled with music, primarily gospel. While Devine’s nine siblings could all sing, he found his voice via saxophone. Church informed his spirituality, but discovering contemporary jazz informed his music. From Jesus and the Apostles to Groover Washington, Jr., Najee, George Howard, Kirk Whalum and other saxophone greats, Devine found a creative path for his artistic expression to incorporate both pillars in his life.

“My love for contemporary jazz grew as I grew as a player. Listening to these saxophonists, mixed with the soulful and heartfelt riffs I was hearing at church, shaped me into what I am today. When I started writing songs, it was contemporary jazz. It evolved into a wonderful opportunity for me to provide churches with instrumental music in the style of contemporary jazz during sacred worship gatherings. I consider myself a contemporary jazz ambassador to the church,” said Devine who lives with his family just outside of Washington, DC.

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Michael Fields Jr. – I Like That

Michael Fields Jr cover art

National/International Recording Artist/Bassist/Producer Michael Fields Jr. is impacting the world with his musical gift.

Michael burst on the scene in 2016 with his debut album Mr. Fields then in 2018 with “On The Move” with his two hit songs “Lovette Road” & “Let’s Ride”. His music can be heard on smooth jazz stations worldwide with significant recognition on SiriusXM Watercolors, The Smooth Jazz Network & America’s Music Charts (Mediabase).

Michael’s last single “Get Up On It” peaked at #28 on the Smooth Jazz Top 100 charts. Michael is the founder of Water From Rock Productions and Jazz On Green. In 2021 he started a nonprofit “Keep Music Alive Foundation” which is doing extensive work in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Michael’s greatest joy is being a father to his three beautiful children Zion, Michael & Madison.

Michael Fields Jr. will definitely be a name you won’t forget!

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Leon P – Comin’ Up Aces

Leo P Comin' Up Aces

The high-energy dancing, theatrics and sound effects of a Leo P performance are irresistible but none of that can be delivered on a studio recording; the music itself must carry the day. On Leo P’s debut solo recording on Shanachie, the aptly titled “Coming Up Aces,” the music—a joyous amalgam of funk and jazz—does exactly that. “Don’t let his over-the-top performances fool you,” says Shanachie’s VP of A & R Danny Weiss. “Leo P plays with the depth and passion of the jazz greats. Oh, and he’s also revolutionized the baritone sax!”

Comin’ Up Aces is a compelling showcase for Leo P’s exceptional blowing as well as a fulfillment of his goal to deliver high-quality musicianship in an earthy, accessible package that is very different from his work with his band Too Many Zooz. “Too Many Zooz is very aggressive and high energy,” Leo notes. “As I got older I wanted to play a little more melodically and build my solos more deliberately and not play everything I know in a solo but take my time and be more emotional. For this album I wanted a few different types of grooves: funky, bluesy, salsa…different feels.”

Produced by Leo’s good friend, Brooklyn-based producer Tom Wilson, Comin’ Up Aces makes good on Leo’s intention with seven tasty originals and compelling versions of such classics as Charles Mingus’ “Goodbye Porkpie Hat,” Les McCann and Eddie Harris’ “Cold Duck Time” and Earth Wind & Fire’s “Serpentine Fire.” Galactic drummer Stanton Moore delivers the New Orleans funk on “Issa’s Blues,” hit-making saxophonist Richard Elliot, formerly of Tower of Power and The Yellowjackets, graces “Cold Duck Time,” along with trumpeter Eric “Benny” Bloom of jamband faves Lettuce. The title track is inspired by Maceo Parker, another inspiration.

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Eric Valentine – Let’s Move

Eric Valentine Let's Move Cover Art

Hit producer and drummer, Eric Valentine continues his quest to provide music you can feel with his latest single, Let’s Move featuring Richard Elliot. Eric Valentine is Richard Elliot’s long-time drummer. They’ve collaborated and performed together on hit recordings, including Eric’s 2018 single “Velvet Groove” that was Billboard’s #2 Song of the Year.

Eric went on to produce songs that leave music-lovers grooving to his singable melodies, rich harmonies, and impeccable grooves. His most recent single, “Q’s Vibe” ft. Everette Harp & Greg Manning peaked at #1 on Billboard, Mediabase, and The Smooth Jazz Network charts.

“Let’s Move” features a memorable soulful melody over pulsing, four-on-the-floor grooves. Crisp horn-lines dance with the rhythmic percussion, revisiting the sounds native to Eric’s hometown of Washington, D.C.

Eric calls “Let’s Move” a ‘musical gumbo’ where ‘all the flavorings of soul, gospel, and jazz work together to create a rich listening experience.’ “Let’s Move” will be served to listeners via radio airwaves on October 24 and digital media stores on October 28.


“Let’s Move” ft. Richard Elliot

Written & produced by Eric Valentine

Co-written by Carnell Harrell

Executive Producers – Eric Valentine & LaTisha B. Valentine

Mixed by Ken Freeman and Eric Valentine

Mastered by Euge Groove, House of Groove Mastering

Eric Valentine – Drums, Keyboards, Programming

Richard Elliot – Saxophone

Keith McKelley – Horn Section

Carnell Harrell – Rhodes, Piano

David Dyson – Bass

Jairus “JMO” Mozee – Guitar

Tim Carmon – Organ

Arthur Thompson – Percussion

Ramon Yslas – Percussion

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Merlon Devine – Stirred


Gifts. Talents. Blessings. All to serve a specific purpose that serves others. And they are to be utilized fully to fulfill that function. That’s how soul-jazz saxophonist Merlon Devine sees it, using his to write and record contemporary jazz that is church derived. His new upbeat instrumental R&B single “Stirred” goes for playlist adds on October 24.

“I believe everyone has a gift. Every person on earth has something they were given – from God – to help them fulfill their purpose while on earth. There’s a scripture in the Bible that talks about each person ‘stirring’ their gift. In other words, your gift should not collect dust, but each person should make sure they keep their gift sharp and in use. I feel we are most effective and happy when we use the gift we’ve been given,” said Devine about the feel-good song he wrote with producer Matt Godina (Darren Rahn, Julian Vaughn, Nicholas Cole, Lin Rountree).

“Stirred” is the third single from Devine’s eighth album, “Soul Jazz,” which dropped last year. Emoting passion, inspiration and grace, Devine plays saxes and flute on the track. Godina adds keyboards, guitar and programming to the ebullient harmonies. The midtempo groove is anchored by bassist Kevin “Mr. Kevin Jerome” Stancil and drummer Lester Estelle, Jr.

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Mariea Antoinette – So Amazing


It was a million-dollar wedding and the bride-to-be commissioned urban-jazz harpist Mariea Antoinette to play her down the aisle. As she pondered what to perform, Antoinette came upon the Luther Vandross classic “So Amazing” and the bride loved it. Antoinette teamed with longtime producer Allan Phillips to craft a beautiful and soulful arrangement for the occasion. When the bride arrived at the altar, spontaneous applause broke out. Encouraged by the reaction, Antoinette decided to record the rendition as a single. Her sublime “So Amazing” just dropped and is presently receiving more than one hundred spins per week from dozens of radio outlets, including SiriusXM’s Watercolors.

“So Amazing” continues Antoinette’s mission of placing the harp in unexpected settings, proving that the ancient stringed instrument has soul and can groove. With Antoinette dexterously playing delicate notes and strumming mellifluous harmonies, the single is illumined by lush orchestration provided by string and horn sections, including violins, violas, cello, trumpet, saxophone, flute, trombone and celestial background vocals. Phillips’s keyboards and percussion anchors the track flanked by guitarist Evan Marks, bassist Nathan Brown and drummer Tiki Pasillas.

“This wedding was for a bride who has everything. In speaking with her about song selection for the ceremony, she wanted an R&B song that was powerful. She indicated that she loved Luther Vandross, Kem and a host of other R&B singers so I started looking through their catalogs. When I heard Luther’s ‘So Amazing,’ I knew that was the one. The song lends itself to the harp,” said Antoinette who remains a fan of Vandross and was inspired after seeing him perform.

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Jason Jackson – Workin It Out


Saxophonist and Billboard top 20 artist Jason Jackson is All In with the release of his newest project. This 8 track album is packed with ear catching melodies, grooves that won’t quit, and collaborations with veteran contemporary jazz greats as well as the genre’s newest rising stars. All In, produced by 14 time #1 artist/producer Adam Hawley is the follow up to Jason’s debut offering, hit EP Movin’ On (also produced by Hawley) and features appearances by Jason’sold friend, teacher, and mentor Eric Merienthal as well. assome new friends: Gino Roasria, Jonathan Fritzen, Chieli Minucci, and Mr. Talkbox. After just one listen, you’ll agree that All In is the person combination of “Groove and Smooth”.

The first radio single from the record is “Workin It Out”: a feel good, high energy anthem that’s sure to lift your spirits every time you hear it. This track is elevated even further by the addition of Gino Rosaria’s piano, which when paired with the sax, creates unforgettable melodies and a groove impossible not to nod your head to.

Jason, a native. of Wilmington, NC proudly served 10 years in the U.S. navy as musician where he was able to not only perform for audiences all around the world, but meet and make friends with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It was from these experiences that he truly realized that music was the universal language and where he adopted his musical mantra of “Groove Supersedes All”.

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Mel Holder – Wake Up

Mel Holder cover art

“Wake Up” is the new single from the Mel Holder album, Phenomenal – Music Book Volume IV. Mel Holder’s last album Magnificent – Music Book Volume III was a top entry for both Billboard Gospel and Contemporary Jazz 2020 charts.

The illustrious multi-talented Grammy, Stellar, and Dove Award-nominated artist, composer, arranger, saxophonist, author and pastor Mel Holder has recorded 6 albums thus far in a meritorious 25-year musical career. His unparalleled perseverance and dedication to his craft are attributed to his Christ-centered lifestyle.

Even in the mist of the current pandemic, there has been no slow down, Mel has authored a new book The New Normal which is a must read as it chronicles the current Covid-19 era with positive and informative life lessons to navigate in the new normal. The studio has never been a stranger to Mel as he used his time of social distancing to pen his upcoming album “PHENOMENAL”

Melodies of Christmas and Melodies of Resurrection are Mel Holder’s recent television productions which were aired on several major networks internationally such as Word Network and The Now Network.

MAGNIFICENT, Mel’s trailblazing album release hit number one on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Chart twice in 2019 and closed out the Billboard’s Year End Chart at number 2. While simultaneously closing out the year at 54 on the Top Gospel Album Chart while maintaining spots in the top twenty throughout the


Born in Brooklyn NY of Panamanian decent, Mel’s life became a testimony in the making from an early age. At the tender age of eight years old, Mel was hindered from being able to fully participate in all of life’s youthful activities due to asthma. To many, this impediment might have been a stumbling block; however, Mel used this as a stepping stone to ignite his interest in music. Beyond all odds to utilize his respiratory system to play a wind instrument, Mel became a focused, relentless warrior through that challenge and used his newfound musical ability to defeat any notions of limitation.

Mel’s commitment to answering this call on his life gave birth to his ministry.

“Wake Up”

Written Mel Holder (Mel Holder Music, SESAC)

Produced by Mel Holder

Mixed by John Palmer

Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, Keyboards: Mel Holder

Guitar: JJ Sanservino

Keyboards: Joel Deroches

Trumpet: & Trombone: Kirk Brown

Trumpet: Vitaly Golovenev

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Candy Dulfer – We Never Stop

Candy Dulfer cover art

Give the people an invigorating beat, some swanky sax uplift, and watch the pain melt away. That’s the funky stuff Prince’s former top-choice sax player Candy Dulfer and her band specialize in. The groovin’ Dutch singer-songwriter and saxophonist’s latest album, the aptly titled We Never Stop, is a party platter of stanky jams, silken R&B, jazz, and pop-funk. The good times kick off with the single “Jammin’ Tonight” and the very radio friendly “Convergency,” both featuring special guest, Chic guitarist, producer, songwriter, and three-time Grammy Award-winner Nile Rodgers. We Never Stop is a triumph in the wake of the global pandemic and worldwide racial unrest.

“This is a personal album—it’s personal for everyone because we are struggling with many of the same things,” Candy shares. “The main spirit of this music is to elevate. It feels like it’s never been more important to not wallow in the hurt and the pain in the world, and let that defeat us. That’s why I called this album, We Never Stop.”

Candy is a solo artist, a songwriter, an in-demand instrumentalist, and a co-writer and collaborator who has worked with some of the biggest names in modern music, including Van Morrison, Maceo Parker, Sheila E., Mavis Staples, Lionel Richie, Beyoncé, Pink Floyd, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and Prince, among many others. She first rose to fame with her high-profile collaboration with Dave Stewart on the worldwide number 1 smash “Lily Was Here.”

Her tenure with Prince may be best remembered by his tongue-in-cheek recommendation in the “Partyman” video: “When I want sax, I call Candy.” Their collaboration continued over the years with many studio sessions, TV show appearances, award show performances, including the Grammy Awards, and concert tours around the globe, including Candy joining Prince’s NPG band as a permanent member for his record-shattering Musicology tour and album.

In addition to her superstar collaborations, Candy is a serious lifelong musician with a robust history as a solo artist releasing albums and touring the world for over 35 years. Since her Grammy-nominated debut, 1990’s Saxuality, Candy has issued 12 studio albums. The combined world-wide sales of her solo albums top 2.5 million copies, and she has had several number 1 hits in the USA. In between her solo albums and her high-profile collaborations, Candy still manages to join Dutch female supergroup the Ladies of Soul for their annual sold-out concerts at the massive Amsterdam Ziggo Dome; she is a headline performer on Smooth Jazz Cruises in the USA and Europe; she is an ambassador for the Dutch ALS Foundation; and Candy was a judge on the Dutch version of X Factor.

Candy soaked up music and life lessons from her father, and the iconic musicians he worked with, but Candy also boldly discovered her own voice as a songwriter and an instrumentalist, finding a home in contemporary jazz and pop-funk. She has worked hard to become an artist on her own terms, inspired by the likes of David Sanborn, Steps Ahead, Marcus Miller, Michael Brecker, Maceo Parker, Cannonball Adderley, writer, producer and percussionist Sheila E., and Janet Jackson. “I want to be Janet Jackson with a saxophone entertaining and musically giving,” Candy says.

Legendary Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers (Madonna, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga) appears on the singles “Jammin’ Tonight” and “Convergency.” “Jammin’ Tonight,” is a bold injection of party pop-funk with a slick jazz overlay that recalls Niles’ 1970s “Good Times” finery. Here, Candy blows some euphoric jazz-tinged solos, and you can hear pain and struggle melt away in her lyrical virtuosity. The album’s title track funks in the face of adversity. It’s Candy’s salute to all the musicians who have had their livelihoods leveled in the wake of the pandemic—this is a funky as hell anthem of resilience. “Convergency” is a dizzyingly romantic R&B instrumental ballad with jeweled melodic sax work.

After three decades of superstar collaborations and world tours, and chart-topping and high-selling solo career releases, Candy is living proof of the title of her latest album, We Never Stop. Nothing gets in the way of her making funky stuff. Today, her determination and passion remain, but her motivations are different. “These days, I play music to, hopefully, inspire younger people. When I was 12, I didn’t have many female saxophonists to look up to, and I want to be that person for the next generation of musicians,” she says.

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Justin Klunk – Thunder

Justin Klunk THUNDER Cover Art

Saxophone recording artist Justin Klunk is one of the newer, rising faces of Smooth Jazz in Los Angeles, CA. Justin is both a recording and performing artist that has toured with many acts including Ariana Grande, The Midnight, Saint Motel, and Lindsey Stirling. Justin has also released two solo EP’s and two singles of his own; “Justin Klunk – EP”, “Clarity – EP”, “Dive”, and “Make It Real” which received charting positions at Smooth Jazz radio since his first EP’s debut in 2013.

With many of the artists he tours with, Justin has performed on various TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live (Ariana Grande), The Today Show (Saint Motel), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Leon Bridges), and the American Music Awards. His saxophone and flute work can be heard on various TV shows like “WandaVision”, “Uncoupled”, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, “iCarly” (reboot), “Modern Family”, “Dr. Ken”, and many others. He’s also recorded on albums for David Benoit, Saint Motel, Mastodon, and many others. As a musical director, Justin has programmed and arranged performances for LA-based RAINNE at iconic venues like the Hollywood Bowl, opening for Taylor Swift, Lizzo, the Jonas Brothers, and Billie Eilish at We Can Survive, 2019.

Additionally, Justin has also performed with an array of artists including David Foster, Leon Bridges, David Benoit, Earth Wind and Fire, Shelea, Pia Toscano, Rozzi, Melissa Manchester, David Pack, and The Steve Miller Band.

Justin strives to take the saxophone in new directions by experimenting with electronics in his compositions including “Dive”, “Make It Real”, and his new single “Thunder” featuring Smooth Jazz icon, David Benoit.

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Mo Louis – Georgy Porgy

Mo Louis cover art

“Music has played a monumental role in my life. I can remember my earliest years when the sounds of David Sanborn and Grover Washington Jr. filled the air of my childhood home. My parents were, and continue to be very avid fans of smooth jazz. It was from them, where my love for r&b & smooth jazz firmly took shape in my heart. It was a voice that I could relate to and that’s how I developed my unique, soulful sound.

At the age of 10 I began playing the saxophone. Initially, I was enamored by its beauty but that was only the beginning of the lifelong love affair that I have for this instrument. At the age of 14, after my first year of high school marching band, I knew that playing the sax was more than a hobby and it would be my lifelong aspiration. Here’s a funny story from high school. I almost got expelled from my high school marching band because I started playing a sax solo over a trombone solo while we were performing Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”. It was then I realized that I had a voice that needed to be heard as a solo artist!

After high school, I attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma, where I majored in performance and music business. As life sometimes alters our paths, Mine was no different. I returned to California, began to raise a family, and put my dreams on hold. I’ve been playing professionally since my early 20’s and come from humble beginnings. No illustrious tours or side acts, just a local player from Southern California where I’ve worked steadfastly at my craft. I like to say that I’ve played with about everyone who’s played with “The” guy. Over the last 15 years I’ve played, recorded and toured throughout the western states with bands including The Chris Thayer Band & the TCB and The Brandon Ummel Band “Bub”. I’ve been able to establish a reputation as an artist and soloist amongst the finest Los Angeles Blues musicians. I’ve reached a place in my life where it’s time to share with the world the music that’s been in my heart for so long!

A little over a year ago I met Euge Groove while buying one of his saxophones and we became good friends. I’ll never forget standing in his studio and him putting on one of his own tracks for me to play along with. Talk about a humbling moment! I expressed my interest to release my own music and after some consideration, he decided to help me make my dreams a reality. I owe a lot to him… this wouldn’t be happening without him! Soon after I began working with the amazing smooth jazz producer, Jeff Carruthers and here we are today!

My debut single, TURN IT UP, was released on April 11th, 2022. My soulful and melodic voice gives me a unique identity that will hopefully find a place in the hearts of jazz lovers for years to come. This is just the beginning and I’m honored to share my heart and music with my amazing fans! Enjoy!” – Mo Louis

“Georgy Porgy”

Produced by Euge Groove

Arranged by Jeff Carruthers

Mixed and Mastered by Euge Groove

Saxophone: Mo Louis

Drums: Dan Needham

Bass: Cornelius Mims

Percussion: Lenny Castro

Rhodes: Carnell Harrel

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Herb Alpert – Tickle Time

Herb Alpert cover art

Few artists in the history of American music have been able to stay relevant decade after decade like Tijuana Brass titan Herb Alpert. The music icon, philanthropist and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee returns with the release of his latest studio effort, Sunny Side Of The Street.

Alpert, the prolific Tijuana Brass titan, returns with the new single “Tickle Time”, a new original composition from Herb Alpert and keyboardist Jeff Lorber.

The prolific musician’s new set of 11 songs features six original compositions and was recorded with longtime collaborators Lani Hall, Jeff Lorber, Bill Cantos and more. Prior to the full album, Alpert released his cover of Miriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata” and the single “Here She Comes.” In addition to those tracks, the album contains gentle ballads like “Childhood” and “Time After Time,” covers of classic songs like “I’ll Remember You” (of Kui Lee/Don Ho/Andy Williams/Elvis Presley fame), and his version of Louis Armstrong’s “On the Sunny Side Of The Street.”

“I don’t try to make music for other people,” says Alpert. “If I can record something that makes me feel good and in the moment, then that’s a sign I’m doing something right. This recording gives me that feeling.”

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The Allen Carman Project – Baby Maybe

Allen Carman Project Baby Maybe cover art

The Allen Carman Project is back in the studio putting the final touches on their second CD to be released in the next few months. Much like their successful debut CD titled Carmanology which produced several Top 30 Billboard hits, their second CD also features some of the best musicians from the “Smooth Jazz” arena. On October 3rd, the Allen Carman Project is releasing a new single from the upcoming CD titled “Baby Maybe” with original band members Philippe Saisse on keyboards, Gumbi Ortiz on percussion, and Allen Carman on guitar. It features Freddie Fox on guitar, Rick Braun on trumpet, Brandon Fields on sax and flute, Wayne Bergeron on trumpet, Nick Lane on trombone, and Jay Williams on drums. “Baby Maybe” continues with the same jazz funk/smooth jazz flavors of Carmanology. The single, “Baby Maybe”, (and the CD) are being produced by Gumbi Ortiz and Philippe Saisse.

Last month, Gumbi Ortiz and Allen Carman (East Coasters) flew out to Los Angeles to join Philippe Saisse and the other “West Coasters” listed above to join in the comradery of all playing together to produce a live feel for “Baby Maybe”. While it did produce a bit of friendly competition between the East Coasters and West Coasters (like which coast has the best players), the result was fantastic. We hope you enjoy “Baby Maybe” and the CD to follow shortly thereafter.

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Robin Bramlett – Inside My Love

Robin Bramlett Inside My Love cover art

Robin Bramlett, born and raised in Bakersfield, CA, is a bassist, recording artist, producer, musical director, arranger, and songwriter who is primarily self-taught; however, she took music theory classes at Bakersfield College to further hone her musicianship skills. Her early musical experiences included the piano that was a staple in the family home to taking up the electric bass guitar and then eventually keyboard and upright bass. For 10 years she served as musical director for the all female jazz ensemble, Jazz In Pink, under founder and keyboardist Gail honson which led to performing with notable artists such as Althea Rene, Karen Briggs, Jeanette Harris, Kim Scott, Mariea Antoinette, and many others.

She has also performed with ther notable artists such as Nona Hendryx, Kandice Springs, Miki Howard, Chrystal Rucker, JJ Airston, and many others as well. In 2013 she released her debut project, This Is My Life, and he is currently working on a new project which is due to be released on all platforms mid to late 2023. “Inside My Love”, a Minnie Riperton cover, is the first single from that project.

“Inside My Love”

Produced and Arranged by Robin Bramlett

Written by Minnie Riperton, Richard Rudolph, and Leon Ware (Dickiebird Music and Jobete Music Co. Inc.)

Mixed by Lew Laing

Lead Bass, Electric Bass, Vocoder, Synths, Guitar, and Drum Programming: Robin Bramlett

Strings and String Arrangement: Karen Briggs

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Richard Smith – Groove Assets

Richard Smith cover art

Contemporary jazz guitarist Richard Smith continues the legacy of groove with the new single, “Groove Assets,” produced by his former student, hitmaker Adam Hawley.

Whether he’s teaching at USC’s Thornton School of Music or abroad in such diverse locations as Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Palermo, Rome or Bueno Aires, contemporary jazz guitarist Richard Smith gets asked about playing in the groove. So much so that the globetrotter thinks that playing in the pocket may be America’s greatest cultural export musically. Recorded in London, Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Smith’s new single, “Groove Assets,” captures that soulful sound with the aid of one of his former students, multi-time Billboard chart-topping guitarist Adam Hawley, who produced and cowrote the song with his former professor.

“I’ve found that no matter where I go in the world, I hear American popular music – R&B, hip hop, soul and jazz – coming out of restaurants, bars, cars and classrooms as much or more as the indigenous music. The minute I come back to the States and fire up my Los Angeles band, it hits me: the groove, lock, pocket, and soulfulness that is embedded so deeply in our American music culture. When I teach or give masterclasses abroad, they want to know about what ‘playing in the pocket’ is, as if it is a mysterious, elusive phenomenon. And it IS a cultural phenomenon that comes out of our deep and diverse musical heritage. So, I have developed a lot of classes around that, sort of a how to lock-it-up and groove. I say that one of the best musical ‘assets’ that they can have is groove assets,” said Smith about his inspiration for the single.

“Groove Assets” has a certain laid back, chill quality to the midtempo groove fronted by Smith’s cool electric jazz guitar licks, which are embellished by Hawley’s rhythm guitar harmonies. Bolted to a taut rhythmic pocket crafted by drummer Eric Valentine and bassist Mel Brown, the song’s cowriter Tico Pierhagen adds keyboard melodies. Trumpeter Michael Stever architects the lush horn arrangements that form a proscenium around the R&B groove.

Smith has been traveling internationally since he was seven and for most of the last twenty years, he’s taught and performed each year in Europe. The guitarist has served as a visiting professor of contemporary jazz and popular music at major music conservatories and academies all over the world, which he’s been doing since he was in his twenties. He was one of the youngest tenured professors at USC’s Thornton School of Music where he created the world’s first doctorate program in contemporary guitar. That’s where he first connected with Hawley, whom he calls a “success story.”

Shortly after the pandemic hit in 2020, Smith was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer. To divert his mind, he reached out to Hawley to help him write and produce a few singles. “Groove Asset” is their third collaboration. “The first two songs (“Let’s Roll” and “Soul Share”) we did together were hits, and it feels like we are onto another one with ‘Groove Assets’. There is no greater pleasure or prouder moment in a jazz professor’s life than the act of hiring a former student for the incredibly important job of producing a single. I am a very lucky, proud soul indeed,” beamed Smith, whose cancer is in complete remission.

“We train jazz and rock stars. I am super proud of all our students who have gone on to play with Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Marc Anthony, Thundercat, Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Jason Mraz, Elton John, Madonna, Bono, Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, and on hit television programs ‘American Idol’ and ‘Glee’ to name a few.”

Smith was a student at USC when he attended the last masterclass given by Spanish classical guitar great Andre Segovia, which had a lasting impact. “The Maestro said many profound things, but the one that really stuck with me and guided my life was ‘When you teach, you learn twice.’ That, and the fact that my mother, father, cousins, aunts and uncles were all professors at schools like Oxford, MIT, Oberlin, Tufts, Hong Kong, UCLA, Michigan and Liverpool guided me toward university life as my recording and performing career grew. It has all been something of a mission,” said Smith who plans to perform next summer in England, Holland, Greece and Italy.“Our (America’s) jazz and popular music are our greatest cultural export, and I am proud to be an ambassador for that.”

Closer to home, Smith will be a featured performer alongside Greg Adams and East Bay Soul at the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival on October 22.

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Johnny Britt – After We Play

Johnny Britt cover art

J-Jams Records is releasing the new single “After We Play” featuring Peter White from the forthcoming 5th studio album by trumpeter/singer Johnny Britt. Britt is thrilled to be joined by smooth jazz icon Peter White on guitar.

“After We Play” was written, arranged and produced by Johnny Britt mixed by Nils, and mastered by Ron Boustead at Resolution Mastering. This smooth groove with the lush flugelhorn tone and melodies of Johnny Britt combined the acoustic guitar genius of Peter White makes this an incredible collaboration that will make the listener hit rewind over and over again.

Britt will perform “After We Play” at music festivals nationwide including THE OXNARD JAZZ FESTIVAL 2022, LOMPAC JAZZ FESTIVAL 2022 and the CAPITAL JAZZ SUPER CRUISE 2023 amongst other upcoming scheduled events.

“After We Play” ft. Peter White

Johnny Britt – Flugelhorn, trumpet and keyboards

Peter White – Acoustic Guitar

Marcus Williams – Drums

Dean Mark – Bass

Sean J Lawson – Percussion

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Byron Miller – Say it Ain’t Good to Ya

Byron Miller cover art

“And, lo, in times of incessant challenge, and strife, there is always a groove to soothe in a drop top `neath the Motor City moonlight.” Thus, arrives electric bass master Byron Miller, a.k.a. PsychoBass, with his fully test-driven first single, “Say it Ain’t Good to Ya,” from the forthcoming fourth CD in his PsychoBass series: Motor City Love. The song is going for adds at radio on September 19.

Cruise groove at its most funkadiciously relaxed, “Say it Ain’t Good to Ya” creeps up on the listener like the Batmobile in stealth mode with zip zero aural waste – just great taste. The jam was sent expressly to Byron by longtime collaborator Chris “Big Dog’ Davis with only him in mind. “Big Dog Facetimed me talkin’ `bout how hard he had studied my work with George Duke,” Byron shares. “Then he sent me this track. And as soon as I started playing on it…I knew. I played it for a few of my inside crew then for some trusted folks at radio. They all strongly suggested that it should be the first single from my new album.”

What makes this highly unusual and praiseworthy by PsychoBass standards is that Byron Miller usually produces and at least co-writes all of his music. But he’s also been around long enough to know that when its right, its right. Davis’ judicious use of piano, guitars, keyboards and rhythm set the table for Miller to grace with bass in layers of wonder in conversation with himself as well as the listener. Why tamper with perfection? The song embodies the feeling of piling into the whip with the homies as the night breeze cools your head and the sounds of WJZZ blow cool in your ears.

“Say it Ain’t Good to Ya” is the perfect lead-in to PsychoBass 4: Motor City Love, an album that celebrates Byron Miller’s roots in and love for Detroit, Michigan – its power, its soul and its resilience. The album will feature cats such as keyboardist Herman Jackson, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. and saxophonist Walter Beasley for whom Miller recently produced his album, Meet Me at My Place.

So lay back deep and get all the way into “Say it Ain’ Good to Ya” – a song so coldblooded, you won’t even be able to say the song title while the record is on.

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Kim Waters – Joy Dance

Kim Waters cover art

Smooth Urban Jazz superstar Kim Waters has sold over two million albums in his more than 20 years of touring and recording. Loved by R&B and Jazz fans alike, his crossover appeal, Smooth Jazz #1 radio hits, and dynamic performances have placed him among the elite in his field. His new album That Special Touch has special significance to the artist because the album features the young smooth jazz hit maker, Kim’s daughter Kayla! The energy and joy of this occasion have inspired and elevated Kim’s writing and playing to new heights! Highlights include Kim and Kayla’s dream-like remake of Adele’s smash hit “Go Easy On Me,” the ebullient first radio single “Joy Dance,” the intensely pulsating “House Call,” and more Kim Waters originals!

Heralded as “Simply one of the planet’s best saxophonists” by JazzTimes Magazine and the “Pied piper of Smooth Jazz” by Upscale Magazine, the prolific chart-topping saxophonist, composer and producer has enjoyed a career longevity that is rare in the music business. For three decades, Waters has reigned as one of the premier architects of Urban Smooth Jazz and a beacon of light in Contemporary Jazz. He‘s garnered praise from critics and fans alike, ranking among the top five best-selling instrumentalists in jazz.

Waters has sold over two million albums in his more than 20 years of touring and recording. Loved by R&B and Jazz fans alike, his crossover appeal, Smooth Jazz #1 radio hits, and dynamic performances have placed him among the elite in his field.

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Richard Smith – Groove Assets


Whether he’s teaching at USC’s Thornton School of Music or abroad in such diverse locations as Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Palermo, Rome or Bueno Aires, contemporary jazz guitarist Richard Smith gets asked about playing in the groove. So much so that the globetrotter thinks that playing in the pocket may be America’s greatest cultural export musically. Recorded in London, Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Smith’s new single, “Groove Assets,” captures that soulful sound with the aid of one of his former students, multi-time Billboard chart-topping guitarist Adam Hawley, who produced and cowrote the song with his former professor.

“I’ve found that no matter where I go in the world, I hear American popular music – R&B, hip hop, soul and jazz – coming out of restaurants, bars, cars and classrooms as much or more as the indigenous music. The minute I come back to the States and fire up my Los Angeles band, it hits me: the groove, lock, pocket, and soulfulness that is embedded so deeply in our American music culture. When I teach or give masterclasses abroad, they want to know about what ‘playing in the pocket’ is, as if it is a mysterious, elusive phenomenon. And it IS a cultural phenomenon that comes out of our deep and diverse musical heritage. So, I have developed a lot of classes around that, sort of a how to lock-it-up and groove. I say that one of the best musical ‘assets’ that they can have is groove assets,” said Smith about his inspiration for the single.

“Groove Assets” has a certain laid back, chill quality to the midtempo groove fronted by Smith’s cool electric jazz guitar licks, which are embellished by Hawley’s rhythm guitar harmonies. Bolted to a taut rhythmic pocket crafted by drummer Eric Valentine and bassist Mel Brown, the song’s cowriter Tico Pierhagen adds keyboard melodies. Trumpeter Michael Stever architects the lush horn arrangements that form a proscenium around the R&B groove.

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D’Sal – Late At Night

D'Sal Late at Nite Front Cover

Just over a decade ago… Damon and Sally Bartlett, two musicians from the west coast, met each other in a show they both landed in Las Vegas, the PRINCE tribute show, Purple Reign. From there, a true love story for Damon and Sally was created from a common musical ground for their duo recording project, titled D’Sal.

Son of legendary singer-songwriter Wayne Bartlett, Damon Bartlett was brought up in the world of music since birth. He’s co-produced many talented artists throughout his musical career and in recent years, he and his wife, Sally have composed and produced their own Smooth Jazz music out of their recording studio in Las Vegas, nomaD studiO vegaS.

In addition to having extensive professional knowledge for the technical side of music, Damon has an ear at an orchestral level, melding instruments together whether by tracking, mixing or mastering, and bringing in accompanists to give the live “feel” and performance a given song needs. With decades of experience recording and mixing, he has an ear for detail, and quality. Damon plays bass guitar, keyboards, and some drums, although he says he can program drums better. He’s been involved around music with midi and computers since digital audio was introduced into the music scene.

Bass guitar is her forte, but Sally Bartlett didn’t start there. With a musical mother playing the organ for her, she developed a love for music at a very young age. She played the clarinet for over a decade in her early childhood, tinkered with sax and switched to the bass, starting with R&B and then set herself free to learn many other genres. Like Damon, she too had developed an ear for components in an orchestra growing up. Creating and producing music fell into the picture after she and Damon decided to fully focus on their own album. Dreaming up a song, laying down its foundation, and assisting Damon with the bells and whistles is now a part of her musical creativeness.

Sally comments “We compliment each other and seem to read each others minds. We feed off each other.”

“Late At Nite” is the debut radio single from their new album, Seaside.

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Bill Colletti – Count Me In

Bill Colletti Count Me In Cover Art

Bill Colletti is a professional multi-instrumentalist/recording artist and has been performing since 1978. His primary instruments are the flugelhorn, trumpet, valve trombone, piano, guitar and vocals. Bill’s horn style is influenced by the likes of Chet Baker, Doc Severinsen, Herb Alpert and Chuck Mangione while his versatility is demonstrated throughout many musical genres such as Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Pop, Orchestral and Broadway musicals.

Bill has performed with Grammy-Award winning and top Contemporary/Smooth Jazz artists including Dave Koz, Peter White, Marc Antoine and Oli Silk. His first all original music CD Be On The Light was released in January 2019 and can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube as well as streaming radio stations world wide. In addition, Bill was awarded 1st place in the So You Think You Can Jam contest aboard the Dave Koz 2013 Mediterranean Jazz Cruise.

Bill is a full time Musician with a BS Degree in Computer Science, owns and operates Kay L. A. Recording Studio in Naples, FL where he performs at local venues, restaurants & Jazz clubs.

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Eric Darius – Rollin’ Out

Eric Darius Rollin' Out Single Cover

For Eric Darius there are no limitations when it comes to breaking new ground. Internationally known as an elite R&B/Pop/Jazz Saxophonist, Songwriter, Producer, and Performer, Darius has cemented his status as one of the most exciting and entertaining instrumentalists to enter the Contemporary Jazz world with the release of his highly anticipated album, Unleashed, his second album release on his SagiDarius Music label.

Darius’ signature saxophone tones can be heard loud, cool, and clear throughout Unleashed, alongside a smorgasbord of traditional and unconventional jazz instruments. Produced by GRAMMY-award winning musician,Philip Lassiter (Prince, Kirk Franklin,Ariana Grande), this album features collaborations withEric Roberson, Paul Jackson,Jr.,Justin Lee Schultz, Mononeon, Metropole Orkest and many others as the album seamlessly blurs the lines between Jazz, R&B,Hip-Hop, Afro, Funk & Pop.

For the first time in his career, Darius recorded the album live in studio with a full band, simultaneously capturing an organic, authentic sound while bottling up the magic and synergy the musicians shared recording Unleashed in real time.

“I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone on this project and truly unleash my full musical potential. This album is an honest reflection of myself and my growth both musically and personally over the past several years, and it really takes the listeners on a musical journey from start to finish!” Darius shares.

Raised in a musical household in Tampa, Florida, Eric Darius has been making music for as long as he can remember. His Haitian father (a bass player) and Jamaican mother (a singer and piano player) instilled Caribbean influences and a passion for music on Eric and his siblings.

“At the end of the day I just want to uplift people with my music, and I want people to feel where I come from–feel my heart and soul from my music. My story is simple−hard work, passion, persistence, patience, perseverance and prayer,” Darius says.

In every aspect of this album, Eric Darius is breaking the mold. Unleashed is authentic, fresh, and energetic, and Darius invites the world to join in his unbridled, unfiltered musical celebration.

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Keith Eatmon – My Love Is On Fire

Keith Eatmon cover art

Jazz/R&B vocalist Keith Eatmon gets down to business putting pop, soul, funk, and romantic sensibilities into “MyLove Is On Fire.”

This long awaited, instantly infectious debut single dynamically re-imagines one of Stevie Wonder’s lesser -known tunes (from the 2006 album A Time For Love) as a spirited, soaring contemporary urban jazz rhapsody. Eatmon’s version of “My Love Is On Fire” was produced and features keyboards by Trammell Starks, who has performed with the likes of Peabo Bryson, Roberta Flack, Patti Labelle and Jennifer Holliday, among others. Starks has mixed the new track in both stereo and the cutting edge Dolby Atmos immersive technology, which allows the music to be experienced in a stunning three dimensional soundfield.

“My Love Is On Fire” features a stellar cast of musicians including saxophonist Sam Skelton (Elton John, Match-box 20, The Gap Band, and The Ohio Players); bassist Sam Sims (Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston and many others); drummer Louis “Styx” Newsome who has performed with virtually every Smooth Jazz star active today; guitar virtuoso Chris Blackwell; and legendary vocalist/producer Cheryl Rogers, who performs the captivating backing vocals.

Eatmon was delighted to hear that Stevie Wonder had Luther Vandross in mind as the singer when he wrote “My Love Is On Fire.” For Eatmon, recording it was a dream come true that find him walking in the footsteps of two legends and laying the foundation for what promises to be a successful and impactful solo career.

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Elan Trotman – Passport To Paradise

Yellow Hello Summer T-Shirt

Barbadian-Born sax-man Elan Trotman returns to the airwaves with yet another tropical treat to listeners with “Passport To Paradise”, the new single from the upcoming album Brighter Days Ahead.

“Passport to Paradise” is a reggae-infused groove with a taste of steel-drum and flute, which all help to take the listener on a Caribbean escape to warm island breezes and frozen cocktails on white sands. The single is just one of 10 tracks composed by Elan, and features the smooth lead guitars of JJ Sanseverino (Maxi Priest Band), and the steel drums of Kareem Thompson (Trinidadian pannist & Berklee College of Music faculty member).

This late-summer hit also features the groovy bass playing of Mr. Alex Bailey (Marcus Miller band), and was mixed by legendary Grammy-Winning producer Paul Brown. The upcoming album is set for a September worldwide release with CPI Distribution/The Orchard and features guest performances by Adam Hawley (“Brighter Days Ahead”), Marcus Anderson (“Twice as Nice”) and Julian Vaughn (“Tatianna Nale”) amongst many others.

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LaShawn D. Gary – Transitions

LaShawn Gary cover art

Emmy-Award Winning producer, composer, Smooth Jazz artist, arranger, and pianist LaShawn D. Gary is the Executive Director for the Michigan Fine Arts Institute. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Instrumental Music Education from Southern University A&M College, where he also served as Band Captain for the world-renowned “Human Jukebox” Marching Band. LaShawn also earned a Master’s of Music Education Degree from the University of Louisville.

LaShawn has previously released five Smooth Jazz singles: “Now is the Time (2019) ”, “Love, Peace & Praise (2020)”, “Inception, featuring Mark Whitfield (2021)”, “Line Brothers (2021)” and “On The Yard” (2022). The newest single ”Transitions” is scheduled for release on September 5, 2022. He is also the featured artist on “For Your Love” with Smooth Jazz Recording Artist, Willie Bradley (album, “It’s My Time”). He is a sought-after studio musician and has performed on several recordings.

LaShawn worked with Grammy Award-winning singer Patti Austin, Greg Phillinganes, and Sanchez Harley as the Assistant Choir Director for the Charles H. Wright Museum 50th Anniversary Celebration “Oh Freedom.” He was the Choir Director for the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards directing the Southern University Gospel Choir with Erica Campbell and the Louisiana Leadership Institute drumline performance with American Idol winner, singer, and actress Jordin Sparks. He has toured professionally as a pianist with jazz guitarist, Mark Whitfield and the late jazz clarinetist, Alvin Batiste.

LaShawn has also worked as a composer/arranger in commercial advertisement with Burrell Communications, Global Hue, and Yessian Music. His musical talents were displayed on television in the production of the Toyota Avalon “Son-in-Law” commercial, the introductory advertisement of the Ford Fiesta, Xfinity “Unplug” Commercial, and the Happy’s Pizza Jingle featuring the Four Tops. The decade ended as the Emmy Award-winning producer and fellow producing partners, Bill Bowen and Mike Ellison released “Detroit: One Nation Under A Groove”, a YouTube video featuring the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir which received over a million views in the first month. The team was also awarded two Detroit Music Awards for “Outstanding Music Video” and “Outstanding Urban Recording”. He most recently was the film score composer for the Detroit Public Schools documentary ”We Went To Work.” He is currently on staff as a composer for the new television mini-series “Terror Lake Drive.”

LaShawn is a music educator with Southfield Public Schools and serves as the Director of Music at Oak Grove AME Church. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity, The American Federation of Musicians (AFM), and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).

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Matt Lee – Panama City Groove

Matt Lee Panama City Groove cover art

Saxman Matt Lee uncovered his passion for music when his grandmother bought his 1st alto saxophone in 1997. From that point, he knew he found his calling and followed his dream from California to Nevada. Lee is a a self taught saxophonist and have developed his ear by listening to some of the greatest musicians of all time. In the early 2000’s, Matt opened up for Starship and played a cool show for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

From 2000 until now, he’s played corporate events, weddings, wineries, fine dining restaurants, hotels etc. He’s always been around music since he was a young kid. What’s strange is, Matt had no idea what jazz was and actually listened to heavy metal bands in high school. In 1996 or so, Matt heard Kenny G. and Grover Washington for the 1st time on a pop radio station and really enjoyed the music. From that point, he became mesmerized by Traditional Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Motown, Contemporary Jazz, and the rest was history.

Matt would consider his style of play melodic and soulful. He really loves melodies that bring out emotion while he’s playing in front of an audience. Lee writes most of his own music and produce from his home studio. Music unites our hearts and is healing. He finds inspiration all around him. His musical influences stem from Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, The Isley Brothers, Al Jarreau, Gato Barbieri, Grover Washington Jr and Kenny G.

Matt recently relocated from Las Vegas to Panama City, FL, which inspired the title of his new single, “Panama City Groove”. It’s the follow up to the first single “One More Kiss”, which spent 8 weeks at #1 on the Groove Jazz Music chart.

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Julian Vaughn – Busta Move

Julian Vaughn cover art

Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, Julian Vaughn was primarily a drummer when he picked up the bass guitar. Vaughn developed his playing style while growing up in the church where his grandfather pastored until turning over the reins to Vaughn’s father. A few years later, he became good enough to start playing at concerts and live gospel recordings.

Vaughn launched his solo career in 2010 with his album The Purpose Project, which spring boarded him into his jazz career. In 2012 he put out the album Breakthrough (2012), featuring the single “On Your Feet,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard chart. He later would release albums Limitless (2015), Bona Fide (2017), Supreme (2019), and Chapters of Love (2021). Vaughn racked up four Billboard #1 hits between his albums and 8 #1s overall as a feature on various artists’ songs. Vaughn has toured across the U.S., playing at some of the largest jazz festivals. In addition, he has performed abroad in places like Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria, Nairobi, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Vaughn takes pride in writing and producing almost all his music, saying, “I want to be known as a great writer and producer just as much as an artist.”

In 2020 Vaughn was the #2 Artist of the year and had the #2 and #17 Billboard songs of the year, “Afro Calypso” and “Afternoon Delight.” His latest independent release, titled SOLO is slated to be his best work to date. As Vaughn’s recording catalog continues to grow, he hopes to continue to redefine the lead bassist role in the Smooth Jazz genre.

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Brien Andrews – In The Moment

Brien Andrews cover art

Brien Andrews is a billboard-charting drummer, artist, producer and composer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from St Louis, Missouri, his mother, a choir director and music major, from an early age, nurtured Brien’s love for music. After moving to Atlanta in the early 90s, Brien began pursuing a career in music that would take him to South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Gotland, Visby, Japan and Germany. Brien has performed with acclaimed artists such as Mandisa, Kim Waters, Willie Bradley, Carol Albert, Ragan Whiteside, Marqueal Jordan, Phil Denny, Marcus Anderson, Jennifer Holliday, Kelly Price, Monica, Donnie McClurkin, LaShun Pace, Ted & Sherie and PJ Morton to name a few.

Brien has also performed live on Good Morning America as well as several other national televised shows. He has enjoyed success as a solo artist with his most recent release, ‘Don’t Dance Just Groove’, charting on Billboard for eight weeks and reaching #40 on the Smooth Jazz Network chart.

As well as his career as a musician, Brien is also a skilled producer and entrepreneur, working on a variety of releases for other artists and founding his own company, Bri’Entertainment LLC, that offers production, studio and live band services.

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Peet Project – Donut Jam

Peet Project cover art

Budapest, Hungary’s Peet Project‘s new single “Donut Jam” is an irresistibly pleasant, groovy track with a sweet chorus, an even sweeter bridge and fun musical interactions between bass, violin and sax all the way through.

The track’s main composer is Martin, the band’s bass player. He recalled how the song was born: “Once the harmonies of the chorus popped up in my head, I got goosebumps. From that moment on, I virtually could not sleep until we recorded the demo in the studio. Donut Jam is one of my favorite songs from the upcoming Peet Project album. I have listened to it over a hundred times already, and it has not even been released yet. I am totally thrilled!”

Now. the finished track is presented to you for airplay consideration.

“…The Peet Project…it’s pure fun, pure musical genius” -Dave Koz

“Donut Jam”

Written by Martin Gudics, Peter Ferencz, Attila Zavodi, Oliver Magan and Marcell Gudics

Produced, mixed and mastered by Péter “Peet” Ferencz

Violin: Peter Ferencz

Alto Sax: Attila Zavodi

Keys: Oliver Magan

Bass: Martin Gudics

Drums: Marcell Gudics

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Althea René – Pastel Leather

Althea Rene Pastel Leather cover art

Althea René is releasing her new project titled Pastel Leather in the third quarter (“Pastel Leather” is the title track). The theme of the project is a particular duality of human behavior. Sometimes we are forced to exhibit a soft, polite, and forgiving demeanor while quietly maintaining a hard mentality and physical toughness. The project features a powerful lineup of guest artists like vibe master Warren Wolf, trumpeter Lin Rountree, producer/writer Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors, and jazz fusion icon Jeff Lorber.

“Pastel Leather”

Produced by Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors (DKN) for Kolorful Ent LLC

Written by Althea Rene for Althea Rene Productions LLC and Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors (DKN) for Kolorful Ent LLC

Mixed & Mastered by Greg Manning

Executive Producer Althea René

Flute: Althea René

Keyboard & Programming: Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors

Bass: Robert “Rob Bass” Skinner

Guitar: Gary Johnson

Drums: Nate Winn

Horns & Horn Arrangement: Vinnie Ciesielski

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Willie Bradley – Rejuvenation

Willie Bradley cover art

Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a graduate of South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career he has become a go –to musician for many of soul music’s greats over the years. Willie’s stage presence includes performances with jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Gerald Albright, Walter Beasley, Alex Bugnon, Ronnie Laws, Hiroshima and Marion Meadows.

Bold, yet simultaneously charming; Edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, but takes smooth jazz to a whole new level. On his new CD project “Going With The Flow”, Willie is definitely not just going with the average flow of things. Together with multi-award winning producer Preston Glass, (Kenny G., George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire and many more) they have brought together a fantastic group of songs as well as a cast of stellar musicians with varied styles (Greg Manning, Gerald Alston from The Manhattans, Bob Baldwin, Club Nouveau, and Jerry Martini of Sly & The Family Stone).

This musical adventure promises to be an appetizer of sweet things to come for Willie; savor it with open ears; and heart!


Written By Jacob Webb (ASCAP)

Willie Bradley – Flugel Horn

Jacob Webb – Bass, Keys, Production, Mixing,

Sonny Dumarsais – Guitar

Kevin Bowden – Drums

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David Margham – The Last Time

Cover Single - The Last Time

David Margam producer, composer and international guitarist returns with “The Last Time” , a new single preview of his imminent album that will be presented in the coming months. After his successful and recent releases, David Margam is positioned among the best and most sought-after Guitarists in the recording studio of Smooth Jazz and R&B in the World.

Internationally recognized artist has reached important positions in the ‘Top International’ lists with his recent singles in the most important radio stations, among which ‘Hunch’ stands out with his Spanish project MARHID and ‘I’ll Treat you Right’ with the New York producer J. Michaels among other compositions Along with international producers Jimmy Østbygaard, Lee Jones and Sergio Hidalgo.

Composed, produced and mixed by David Margam, a new single with a special flavor full of nuances and sonorities in which the masterful Spanish Jazz singer Rosa Lazar has collaborated together with the great Brazilian teacher and trumpeter Fernando De Araujo, one of the most recognized artists in Brazil, a perfect combination with David Margam’s soft guitars that has raised the production to a higher state. Rosa Lazar’s voice has transformed this new single into a magical composition, providing an elegant voice and truly hopeful lyrics, a melody that will leave no one unmoved.

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Kevin Crockett – Cruisin’ In The Wind

Kevin Crockett Cruisin' In The Wind Cover Art

Hailing from Washington D.C. and currently residing in Franklinton, North Carolina,
Kevin Crockett has performed/recorded with the following smooth jazz artists: Marcel Anderson, Marcus Anderson, Collective Groove Band, Willie Bradley, Reggie Codrington, Eric Darius, George Freeman, Jazmin Ghent, amd Marqueal Jordan.

“Cruisin’ In The Wind”

Composed by Kevin Crockett & Jeff Canady
Produced by Jeff Canady

Recording Engineer: Carlos Gunn
Mixing Engineer: Derrick Holmes
Mastering Engineer: Steve Hall

Listen to Cruisin’ In The Wind on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 4/6).

Antoine Knight – Infatuation

Antoine Knight Infatuation cover art

Saxman Antoine Knight is back with another hot new single, following the success of his first single “Something About You,” which was picked up by 9 Billboard stations.

His newest sophomore campaign “Infatuation” is composed by Detroit’s two-time #1 Smooth Jazz Producer and drummer, Jeff Canady.

“Infatuation” is a highly anticipated release filled with passion & admiration for that special someone in your life.

Listen to Infatuation on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 4/6).

Brooke Alford – On The Move

Brooke Alford cover art

Violinist Brooke Alford is releasing her new single “On the Move”, which will be included on her highly anticipated 5th CD release.

Brooke’s inspiration behind the creation of On the Move is simple: focused and determined forward motion to achieve ultimate goals at hand! When a mission is set out to be accomplished, there can be no negativity, distraction, procrastination, or doubt. There are exciting places to experience, amazing people to meet, and greatness ahead. Trust the process and have some fun along the way!

“The daily moves we make in our lives dictate our outcome. Strategy is definitely needed (much like playing a game of chess) in order to win! In this season of my life, I literally stay ‘On the Move’ and in motion because it’s time to make the dream a full reality.” says the Atlanta-based artist.

Featuring and produced by Fayetteville, NC’s finest, George Freeman (pianist), Brooke and George came together once again to create an upbeat, “make you want to dance” track full of high energy, pocket, and groove. The all-star musicians that brought this track to life are Sean Michael Ray (bass), Kevin Crockett (guitar), and Anthony Roberts (drums).

Listen to On The Move on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 4/6).

2unes – Still Hanging

2unes cover art

Primarily a self-taught musician, it was at the age of eleven that his mom introduced him to the guitar and a love affair with music that has stood the test of time. In his teens, North “2unes” Woodall studied the playing styles of Ernie Isley, Santana, and Joe Walsh, among other R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles. Hard work, determination, and a natural gift paid off and as a result of his exceptional proficiency with the guitar, he was quickly established with popular groups in and around Dayton, Ohio, such as The Delvones and Round Trip Ticket. North has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and was sought to share the stage with funk masters Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy Aires, Millie Jackson, Tom Brown and Will Downing.

He regularly sells out venues as the audiences know that they will be highly entertained and satisfied by tight arrangements and banging guitar solos with great licks. And the blessings continued to flow. 2unes has become a staple on the Atlanta music scene appearing in venues from the Ritz Carlton to Wind-Down Wednesdays at Centennial Park, bridging the generation gap with his unique music blend of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

“I work for the listener and my music is designed for them. It is important to me that I give them what they want.” Woodall went on to say that he defines his musical style as being like a gumbo. “I can’t be put into a box musically. I’m not one thing, but many things bringing people together from all sides of the music spectrum.”

Listen to Still Hanging on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 3/6).

Bob Baldwin feat. Kathy Kosins – Let’s Rewind

Bob Baldwin cover art

Bob Baldwin features Detroit native, vocalist Kathy Kosins on his latest single with “Let’s Rewind”, a ballad that reflects on the stay at home era.

Baldwin comments “We wanted to come up with a cool track that musically reflects on the soulful sounds of Phily and Motown, with a Smooth Jazz spin. It’s a pleasure to work with her!”

Bob’s new 34th album, B Positive! is set for release August 19, 2022.

Catch Bob on tour at City Winery (8/11), and Middle C Note in Charlotte (8/19-20), Atlanta (9/9) and Toledo (9/10).

Listen to Let’s Rewind on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 3/6).

Adam Hawley – Let’s Get Down Tonight

Adam Hawley cover art

Nine #1 hits. 50+ dates per year. Adam Hawley has burst on to the scene as a celebrated and innovative artist, composer and band leader. Originally signed to Maurice White’s (founder of Earth, Wind, & Fire) label Kalimba Music, Adam’s first two albums “Double Vision” and “Just the Beginning” spawned an incredible Six #1 Hits, an unprecedented feat for a new artist. He followed that up with “Escape” which included the 2020 Billboard Song Of The Year “To The Top.” Now totaling 9 # 1’s, Adam sets out with this exciting fourth album “Risin’ Up” which features Steve Cole, Vincent Ingala, Julian Vaughn, Riley Richard & Kat Hawley anchored by the thrilling first single “Risin’ Up.”

Tour Highlights Include: Seabreeze Jazz Fest, Catalina Jazz Fest, Berks Jazz Fest, Rehoboth Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest West, Java Jazz, Cancun Jazz Fest, Newport Beach Jazz Fest, Dave Koz Cruise, Mallorca Jazz Fest, Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, Jazz on the Vine & Many More…

Adam has also been a guitarist to the stars, appearing with a who’s who list of artists in a wide variety of genres. Credits include Dave Koz, Jennifer Lopez, Brian Culbertson, Natalie Cole, Brian McKnight, and American Idol to name just a few.

Hawley’s new single “Let’s Get Down Tonight” features Vincent Ingala on saxophone.

Listen to Let’s Get Down Tonight on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 3/6).

Carol Albert – Paradigm Shift

Carol Albert Cover PARADIGM SHIFT

While many smooth jazz artists create their music as a means of pure escapism, Carol Albert has scored numerous Billboard chart hits over the past five years with songs that powerfully chronicle her evolving personal emotions and thoughtfully reflect upon the world around her. The multi-talented pianist and composer’s latest single, the infectious, deeply soulful mid-tempo ballad “Paradigm Shift,” artfully captures the profound shift of consciousness that’s taken hold of all of us in the wake of the darkest days of the pandemic.

Co-written by Carol, Paul Brown and Shane Theriot and produced by and featuring Brown on guitar, “Paradigm Shift” is one of the lead singles from Carol’s upcoming full length album, whose title Magic Mirror literally reflects the theme of self-reflection in this era of new awakenings. The collection will also include the artist’s most recent singles “Fire & Water” (which reached #4 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs chart) and “Crashing,” intended as a digital release for fans only.

While representing a dynamic new phase of Carol’s recording career, “Paradigm Shift” and Magic Mirror follow on the high charting heels of four hit radio singles from Carol’s 2020 album Stronger Now, including three Top 5’s – “Stronger Now,” “Perfect Sunday” and “Femme Flight,” the latter of which featured flutist Ragan Whiteside and saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and earned Carol a new legion of fans via extensive airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors. In addition to their success at radio, “Perfect Sunday” and “Stronger Now” have achieved unprecedented streaming numbers for the Smooth Jazz genre, with “Perfect Sunday” currently at over 6.4M streams on Spotify and “Stronger Now” at over 2.1M.

Reflecting on the connected themes of “Paradigm Shift” and Magic Mirror, Carol says, “To me, there has been a profound shift of consciousness as we emerge from the pandemic. It’s like we’re stepping through a mirror, looking more closely at ourselves and experiencing a journey where so many of us are taking stock of our lives like never before. We’re asking ourselves, ‘What’s it all about? Who have I become? And do I like where I am?’ These are the questions that have come naturally to me, and the melody, rhythm and overall flow of the song is a musical expression of the fresh perspective I have on the direction of my life and career.”

With the release of “Paradigm Shift,” the Atlanta based artist continues to build on the career momentum she’s experienced since breaking through on the smooth jazz charts in 2016 with “Mas Que Nada” and her first Billboard charting single “One Way.” Carol’s other recent radio hits include the Top 10 “Sun’s Out,” the Top 5 “Fly Away Butterfly”, “Chasing Waterfalls” and “One Way.”

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Cloud Nyyne – Livin It Up

Cloud Nyyne Livin It Up

Rocky Padilla has been in the music business for over 45 years, has been around The U.S. touring, making people happy and making them dance. CEO Rocky Padilla is a veteran in the Music Department. Selling over 500,000 C.D’s with On The Spot, then Thump Records. RP has built a steady fan base all over the United States. While playing 6 different instruments and taking over any size show, RP has a one of a kind stage presence, along with mesmerizing vocal talents, RP is a professional from start to finish.

Since 2003, Billy Mondragon of DW3 & Steve Carias have set the high energy mood on cruises (Smooth Jazz Cruise, Dave Koz Cruise, Soul Train Cruise & 80’s), at jazz festivals, showrooms and clubs, including hundreds of performances at their longtime home base of Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA. They also played a key role on Dave Koz and Friends’ Grammy nominated Summer Horns project.

Cloud Nyyne – “Livin’ It Up” (4:16) – featuring Billy Mondragon of DW3
Written by F. Padilla & S. Carias

RP (Fidel Padilla) – Song Production, Horn Arrangements, Mix & Mastering
Steve Carias – Music Production, Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Synths
Billy Mondragon of DW3 – Creative Production
Walle Larsson – Sax, Flute
Michael Bautista – Guitar, Trumpet

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Joe Rozum – Overdrive

Joe Rozum cover art

Joe Rozum originates from Wyomissing, PA….located 15 minutes outside of Reading, PA. Rozum is a graduate of Boston’s world renowned Berklee College of Music. The thrill of going to Berklee and living in Boston was certainly a fantastic four-year journey. At Berklee, Rozum was surrounded by music day and night in one of the most beautiful & historical cities in the country, not to mention all of the great Colleges, Universities and professional sports teams located there too.

Seamless fusion of smooth jazz and pop — this is what best reveals Joe Rozum as an artist and composer. His signature sound may be soothing piano ballads, but Rozum is well known for violin duets and performances with a full band. His music has inflections of cool blues, soundtrack themes, gospel, and a hint of classical, which come from many musical influences ranging all over the map … Billy Joel, Elton John, David Foster, Diane Warren, Yanni, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jim Brickman, Quincy Jones, Phil Vassar, Yolanda Adams, Oleta Adams Andre Crouch, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Carole King, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gino Vanelli, Jamie Cullum, Lionel Ritchie, John Williams, Hans Zimmer & David Arnold. The list can probably go on and on with such great musicians… and of course the great music of Elvis and the Beatles.

Rozum’s extensive background of songwriting in all genres includes composing for commercials and film. One current commercial that repeats in southern California throughout the year is for the Valley View Casino in San Diego, which uses a :30 spot from his song “Boogie Cookin”. Other songwriting projects include the Bruce Lee Jeet June Do video, the Hanna-Barbera cartoon titled Phish and Chip, a commercial for the local based Los Angeles / Santa Barbara Gift Store Jay’s Luggage, and music for the short film winner in the 1999 NY International Film Festival entitled Have A Perwinkle Day.

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Boney James – Bring It Back


Chart-topping jazz/R&B sax player Boney James released his new single “Bring It Back” featuring critically acclaimed composer, conductor, orchestrator, arranger, and trumpeter, Dontae Winslow. The track is now available via all streaming services and marks the first release from James’ forthcoming 18th studio album, Detour, out September 23rd on Concord Records. The new 10-song collection is a subtle stylistic turn that builds on the commercial success of 2020’s Solid, James’ highest charting release ever on the pop charts, peaking in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

Also featuring vocals from 5-time Grammy winner Lalah Hathway, Detour was recorded largely at Boney’s L.A. home studio (live drums and percussion were tracked at venerable Sunset Sound). The album was produced by Boney with co-production from in-demand writer/producer, Jairus “J-Mo” Mozee (Anderson.Paak, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Hamilton) among others. Additional musicians on the album are keyboardist Tim Carmon (Eric Clapton), longtime drummer Omari Williams and bassist Alex Al, renowned percussionist Lenny Castro and guitarists Big Mike Hart and Paul Jackson Jr.

“We’ve all been on a detour these last few years,” says Boney. “This album reflects how my music and I have been affected by the times we’re in.”

James is currently on the road for select dates across the U.S. which will take him well into 2023. Promising to bring James’ iconic 30-year career to the live stage, including selections from Detour, the multi-city trek will hit a number of major markets including Detroit, Hartford, Dallas, Nashville, and Los Angeles, where he is scheduled to headline the legendary Hollywood Bowl on August 28th. For further information on the tour, dates, and on-sale info please visit

During his 30-year career, Boney James has released a staggering 18 studio albums – including a pair of Christmas records -with 1995’s Seduction, 1997’s Sweet Thing and 1999’s Body Language all RIAA certified gold. In 2015, Boney’s futuresoul spent 11 weeks atop the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart and was the best-selling Contemporary Jazz Record of 2015. Boney has earned four Grammy nominations (“I’m not gonna lie… I’d still love a statue,” he says), two NAACP Image Award nominations and a Soul Train Award, while a dozen of his albums have landed at #1 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Album chart. His collaborators in the past include a Who’s Who of R&B and soul: Raheem DeVaughn, Faith Evans, George Benson, George Duke, Dwele, Al Jarreau, Philip Bailey, Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim, Eric Benét, Dave Hollister, Stokley Williams, Kenny Lattimore and Angie Stone.

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Terrell Edwards – 100%

Terrell Edwards 100% cover art

Referred to as “the perfect blend between Sinatra and Motown”, crooning sensation Terrell Edwards style of music is that organic blend which becomes the soundtrack to moments in your life that evokes the fondest of memories.

Terrell took to the stage as an adult contemporary artist. The smooth, but explosive tunes is what got the attention of legendary Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Within days of being introduced to Jay Leno, Edwards was invited to Las Vegas to work alongside the legend. Terrell and the Tri City Rat Pack spent the next few years opening for the icon at the Mirage Hotel.

Terrell’s long-awaited solo project “Unchained” was released in 2018, showing his resurgence as a soul singer and in the same year he was nominated for the “Live Entertainer of the Year”.
Beyond music, Terrell is a true philanthropist in many charitable organizations. One of his passions lie with The Reach Mission Foundation, which was founded by Edwards and brings aid and awareness to International poverty relief, and also provides financial support to local youth initiatives.

The other organization that receives a lot of attention and financial support from Terrell is the Alzheimer’s Society. Terrell hopes to inspire people in everything that he is blessed to be a part of. He’s having the time of his life! Everybody deserves that opportunity!

Jessy J – Dance Beat

Jessy J cover art

What do you do after celebrating over a decade as one of contemporary jazz’s top saxophonists, known for your trademark blend of sensual Latin tinged powerful horn playing which garnered 12 top singles and 6 chart topping albums? You tap into your longtime love for the vibrant soul and blues energies of the 60s and 70’s to release your first studio album in six years BLUE, an album of original songs totally stylistically different from your previous recordings as evidenced by the cover art reminiscent of some of the great albums of that era.

Born in Oregon and raised in southern California of Hispanic heritage, Jessy J is grateful that her Hispanic fans have been inspired by her love of these musical roots. A jazz studies graduate from USC, Jessy paved the way for her success recording with Michael Bublé and touring with Jessica Simpson, The Temptations and Michael Bolton.

Starting with the immediate #1 Billboard chart success with the title track from her debut album Tequila Moon, the powerhouse saxophonist cemented her rising stardom touring with contemporary jazz greats like Lorber, Gerald Albright, Euge Groove and Peter White. She is seen regularly performing on the hit television competition shows “American Idol,’ “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars,’ and in more recent years has toured with Anita Baker, recorded with Robin Thicke and contributed as composer/performer to the albums of two members of Chance the Rapper’s band – the GRAMMY® nominated Intellexual album and The Juju Exchange’s Exchange.

In conjunction with the release of BLUE Jessy embarks on a U.S. tour throughout the spring and summer. She will also be releasing California Christmas Vol. 2 for the 2022 holiday season.

“Writing and recording BLUE was an extraordinary experience,” says Jessy. “I have missed the connection with my fans so much these past two years. On every level–physical, emotional, spiritual – music plays such an important role in healing us. It’s like therapy, making everything in life so much better and healthier.”

Multi-instrumentalist Thiago Pinheiro contributed his keyboards, strings, drums and percussion programming on the new single “Dance Beat” from Brazil.

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U-Nam – Make A Wish


Going for adds on August 1st, 2022 and out on the 3rd, “Make a Wish” is the latest single from Billboard chart-topping artist and multi-platinum producer U-Nam.

Reminiscent of the stellar work U-Nam was doing back in the nineties with some of the biggest R&B acts around, but with the addition of silky strings to bestow a veneer that is both sophisticated and soulful, this exuberant slice of up-tempo smooth jazz is the perfect accompaniment to the long hot summer days to come.

Indeed it is just the sort of infectious cut that U-Nam seems able to effortlessly deliver and deliver he certainly does where from his CFM Lab in Laguna Hills, California.

He is front back and center with lead & rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, horns, programming and editing. Not only that, he writes, produces, mixes and masters throughout while in the company of Raymond Gimenes, he concocts a sublime string arrangement that in the capable hands of Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva on cello and Maria Grig on violin and viola is a joy to behold.

Truth to tell U-Nam’s production touches are everywhere and when the picture is completed by Larry Salzmann’s tight percussion.

There is only one thing left to do, close your eyes, Make A Wish and let U-Nam transport you to that special place where a luscious, Motown style vibe meets instrumental smooth jazz in the most sensational of ways.

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Reggie C. – Journey Back Home

Reggie C Journey Back Home cover art

While Reggie C, the Fayetteville, NC native may be new on some people’s radars, he is actually no stranger to music. Reggie has been performing and recording for over a decade, with nine previous albums to his credit. The towering company he keeps powerfully confirms Reggie’s emergence in smooth jazz circles. His latest album titled, Always in Motion, features #1 recording artist NILS’ (who produced the project, composed some of these wildly infectious pieces, and lends his slick guitar, bass, keyboards and drum programming), to keyboard master Jeff Lorber, and the late, great R&B/jazz drummer icon, Ricky Lawson. Even more impressive is the glorious father/son horns of Reggie and his trumpeter dad Ray, whose tandem magic drives the emotion of most of the tracks.

Throughout his career, the soprano saxophone player has also opened for numerous music legends, including Ramsey Lewis, keyboardist Kevin Toney, and Frankie Beverly & Maze and Charlie Wilson. Perhaps the most notable of these for the North Carolina native was receiving an invitation to perform at the Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC, January 2012. Codrington also played at the star studded Black Caucus Ball in Washington, DC, and was later invited to perform jazz, gospel, and Christian rock music at eight concerts in villages in Guatemala, followed by another performance in Antigua. Always on the go and in demand, Reggie has since performed at various jazz concerts, festivals, and venues. Like many veteran recording artists who have taken many recordings to break through, Reggie has survived his share of disappointments in the music industry, even as he has made a living performing for many years. That commitment to overcoming obstacles stems from the difficulties in his childhood of dealing with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (ACP), a chronic condition that affects muscle coordination and depth perception. Receiving a curved soprano sax on his 18th birthday led to a major transformation, offering Reggie a comfortable way to play that he had not previously experienced. “Something magical happened, and I knew I had found my niche,” he says. “I fell in love.”

Throughout the journey of writing and recording Always in Motion, NILS’ – whose crackling lead and rhythm guitar lines complement Codrington’s trademark soprano and occasional alto/soprano lead melodic lines – was able to grant Codrington’s “wish list” of collaborators. The groove-packed 10 track set includes keyboardist Jeff Lorber, some of the last sessions ever by the late drum legend Ricky Lawson, trumpeter Johnny Britt, bassist Reggie McBride and drummer Joey Heredia. “I always loved NILS’ music and thought this would be the perfect time to do something different from the past,” says Reggie. He goes on to say, “NILS’ really pushed me beyond what I thought I could do emotionally. In the past, I might run through a solo once and be satisfied, but NILS’ would say, I think you have another one in you! Along with his sonic expertise, this kind of work ethic gave this album something fresh, a new vibe that is helping me evolve as an artist in ways I never expected.”

Reggie Codrington’s masterful blend of smooth jazz, old school soul, and elements of contemporary funk is nothing short of brilliant. To experience his musical flavor is to understand his popularity, and know why he is one of the most requested jazz artists on the scene today.

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Mark Etheredge – Love Planet

Mark Etheredge cover art

With its swanky, sassy four-on-the-floor groove, “Love Planet” was composed by Etheredge and features the artist on piano and synthesizers, supported by guitarists Paul Brown and Jay Gore, bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Joel Taylor, and percussionist Lenny Castro. The horn section is comprised of Ron King (trumpet, flugelhorn, horn arrangement) and saxophonist Greg Vail.

“‘Love Planet’ is about love for each other, as well as self-love. I was taught growing up that everyone is born with a sense of goodness, and I still believe it’s true. And that goodness is totally inclusive. With all the craziness on this planet, it’s easy to lose sight of that. These days, I wake up asking, ‘What can I do to be more loving today?’” said Etheredge.

Etheredge’s most notable radio single, “Connected,” ranked No. 6 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart. Subsequent singles include “Roger That,” “Resonance,” and “You&Me&We.”

“Love Planet”

Produced by Paul Brown
Session engineer: Carmen Grillo

Mark Etheredge – piano, synthesizers
Paul Brown – electric guitar
Jay Gore – electric guitar
Roberto Vally – electric bass
Joel Taylor – drums
Lenny Castro – percussion
Ron King – trumpet, flugel horn, horn arrangements
Greg Vail – tenor & baritone saxophones

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Blake Aaron – Promised Land


Guitarist Blake Aaron is living the dream. Writing, producing, recording and performing music all over the world at the highest level, he just notched his fifth Billboard number one single as a solo artist. The scintillating summer smash that he wrote with chart-topper Adam Hawley, “Dreamland” went number one on five national charts simultaneously: Billboard, Groove Jazz Music, Mediabase, Radiowave and Smooth Jazz Network. The Innervision Records single is the second consecutive release to go number one from Aaron’s forthcoming seventh album, “Love and Rhythm.”

“I set out to create a song that captures the imagination, excitement, fun and unbridled curiosity of a dream come true,” said Aaron whose dexterous electric jazz guitar was accompanied on the energizing track by Hawley (rhythm guitar and keyboards), drummer Eric Valentine (who recently topped the Billboard chart with his own single), bassist Mel Brown, saxophonist and horn arranger David Mann, and trumpeter Trevor Neumann.

Together, Aaron and Hawley scored a number one last year with Aaron’s single “Sunday Strut,” which topped four charts, including Billboard. Although Aaron has produced number one singles for himself as well as for other artists, he realizes the benefits of teaming with Hawley, a consistent chart-topper both as a solo artist and as a producer.

“Working with another Billboard number one producer inspired ideas and concepts that I may not have thought of on my own. Having a writing and production partner whom I respect but has a different style than mine opens up new musical and creative doors through different approaches and compromises. Utilizing a producer to challenge an artist to go to another level with an idea they may have thought was already ‘making the cut’ or conversely, encouraging the artist to run with an idea they were ready to throw out, can take the song in a whole new direction,” said Aaron.

Aaron hopes to continue the success that he and Hawley share by collaborating. In May, they locked themselves away in Hawley’s studio and didn’t emerge until they recorded rough mixes for two more singles.

“In the internet age when most artists are collaborating online, Adam and I have found a certain magic of writing ‘old school’ by actually meeting in the studio, locking the door and not leaving until we have a fully recorded rough mix of a hit single,” said Aaron who plans to drop the next single crafted during their recent session on September 19.

Aaron has a proven track record of recording more than a handful of hit singles before bundling them as an album. Initially, it was an approach that came out of necessity for the time crunched artist – he’s also a first-call studio musician who has composed and produced music for television and film – but as the music industry has changed and evolved, now it’s a chosen path that helps him reach more listeners via Spotify. The coronavirus quarantine allowed him time to finish and release his last album, “Color and Passion,” in 2020, which spawned three Billboard number one singles.

“We’ll probably have enough music ready to release ‘Love and Rhythm’ next year.”

Catch Blake Aaron on tour in the following cities (additional dates may be added):

August 20         Tyron, NC                                Mountain Brook Vineyards Wine & Jazz Fest

August 21         San Diego, CA                         Humphrey’s Backstage Live

August 27         Melbourne, FL                         The Maxwell C. King Center

August 28         Largo, FL                                 Central Park Performing Arts Center

September 5     Atlanta, GA                              City Winery Atlanta

September 10   Oxnard, CA                              Oxnard Jazz Festival

September 11   Temecula, CA                          Rhythm on the Vine Concert Series

October 20       Avalon, CA                              Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival

October 23       Galveston, TX                          BillyRay Sheppard’s Smooth Jazz Cruise

October 31       Sa Coma, Spain                        Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival

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Source: Great Scott Productions