Greg Adams and East Bay Soul III


The journey continues with EBS. We want to take you along for the ride as we go into the studio to record our third album

Hi… Greg here! Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to watch my video. This gives me the opportunity to invite you to join East Bay Soul and me in making a new studio album and taking you along on our newest musical Journey.

As an independent artist I have seen the business of making music reinvent itself and I know than crowd funding is much more than just raising funds. One of the greatest things that happens is that we are building a community and connecting with people who love music enough to support its creation.

We are launching this Kickstarter Campaign to generate funding to record our next album. But it is not just about raising money… although that is a REALLY BIG deal. It is about staying creative and vital while continuing to embrace the new way music is made.

We have come up with some cool ways to reward you for being part of East Bay Soul III and I will keep you involved and informed as we continue on this new journey of making great music for all of us!

As a band we have grown into a family and we think of you as our family too. Come along with us for East Bay Soul III

Why am I doing this?

It’s about staying connected with our audience and recording a new album. I realize the way music is made and shared has essentially changed. I believe the spirit of making an artist’s dream come alive is to keep the music organic and by giving a voice directly to our fans. With crowd funding we can do just that and create music that reflects our vision. I need you! We can’t do this alone.

Where the money will go?

Since I am my own record label and we are not receiving any backing from any major music corporations, we will use your generous pledges toward recording and distributing the new CD and do the following:

• Pay for the creative contributions of the musicians, engineers, photographer, and the graphic artist.

• Delivery of the Kickstarter Rewards

• Renting studio time

• Travel to and from recording sessions and rehearsals for the band members that are out of the Los Angeles area.

• Mastering and recording of the album

• Anything over our goal (Fingers Crossed) will go toward marketing, publicity, and touring events so that we can see more of you on the road.

I am appreciative of your support and I will be sharing the process with you throughout the campaign with video and written updates. Which takes us to the next question…

What will you get out of it?

By supporting our new project you will be playing a major part in supporting an indie artist making new music and you will be able to say… I had a chance to be part of the entire creative process and finally somebody is making music for ME!

Our fans have been behind everything we’ve ever done. With their generous support we were successful in recording East Bay Soul 2.0! That was Amazing! You’ll be using your voice and pocketbook to tell big music labels that you are a valid audience that deserves a voice in the way music is being made.

In addition to the rewards, I will keep you engaged on our social media outlets. I’ll also keep you posted with news, updates and exclusive previews as we create the album, and rehearse for our CD release Party.

You can contribute as little as a dollar or as much as you’d like. We’ve created a pretty cool reward structure with music, autographed merchandise, tickets to the CD Release party, come to a recording session, and even the chance for us to write a song just for you and yours.

What we need you to do

We can’t do this without you. A pledge of any size is so appreciated. No pledge is too small. We need your help to get the word out. We ask that you help us publicize our campaign by posting updates about your support on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Your pledge and participation makes you a BIG part of East Bay Soul III and that is priceless.

What you should know?

Every Kickstarter campaign is an all or nothing crowd funding platform. We can go over our goal, but if we do not make our goal we get nothing at all and your pledge just goes away and you will not be charged for anything.

More info about Greg Adams and East Bay Soul at Support the campaign at Kickstarter.