Lars Taylor – Sweet Onion

We are pleased to introduce Switzerland based guitarist Lars Taylor to the Smooth Jazz genre.  His debut single “Sweet Onion” is co-produced by Taylor and veteran hitmaker Paul Brown, who also mixed the new single.

In addition to Taylor’s acoustic guitar, “Sweet Onion” features world-class musicians Charles Berthoud on bass and Gorden Campbell on drums.

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Ron King – Groovin’ On Down

Ron King is among the finest trumpet/composer artists in the world today. A Grammy nominated soloist, he is also one of L.A.’s top  Jazz / trumpet players. He has received many awards, from the IAJE, NAJE, ASCAP, and the RMA.  King has attained Gold records for working with George Benson, Ricki Lee Jones, and Marvin Gaye. In addition to these artists, he has also performed and recorded with The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson/Jay Leno,  The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith, , Jimmy Kimmel Live television show, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, and was featured on the Grammy Awards.

King’s new single “Groovin’ On Down” is produced by Paul Brown, who also performs on guitar and percussion.

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WaKaNa – I Told You So

Japanese saxophonist WaKaNa‘s new single “I Told You So” is taken from WaKaNa’s full CD Saxcess Story.

When the song’s co-writer and producer Greg Manning suggested releasing “I Told You So” as the follow up to the first single/title track “Saxcess Story”, they re-recorded the song with Eric Valentine on live drums, and titled it the ‘velvet’ radio mix, in honor of Valentine.

Great idea, Greg…”I Told You So” sounds like a hit. Now that’s what we call a Saxcess Story!

“I Told You So”
written by WaKaNa and Greg Manning

WaKaNa – alto sax
Greg Manning – keys
Adam Hawley – guitar
Eric Valentine – drums

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Walter Beasley – It’s Alright

We are excited to announce the release of Walter Beasley‘s new CD Going Home, release date April 19 (Affable Records)!

The projects’ first single “It’s Alright” is killer. We think it’s Walter’s best song.

“It’s Alright”
Written by Walter Beasley
Produced by Phil Davis and John Roberts

“No matter what you are going through, know this too shall pass. Keep telling yourself, ‘It’s Alright'” – Walter Beasley

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Johnny Britt – Highway 10

Johnny Britt‘s new single “Highway 10” is an up-tempo track that is reminiscent of other hit singles he has written, such as “Contact” by Boney James.  “Highway 10” features Johnny’s signature smooth sounding flugelhorn with its soulful layered arrangements and melodies that ride all over the song.

Interstate 10 (I-10) is the southernmost cross-country Interstate Highway in the American Interstate Highway System stretching from the Pacific Ocean at Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida. Highway 10 is Johnny’s mind blasting hymn about this stunning route with countless sights.

“Highway 10” is taken from Britt’s new CD, So Hot.

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Art Sherrod Jr – Tighten Up

Art Sherrod Jr
is “…a man who loves music, a man who loves art, respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart.”  He is equal parts heart and soul and it seems as if God gave him an extra dose of expression through music.

The creative part of Art was shaped by rich experiences, the people with the greatest influence in his formative years and exposure of culture, religion, and the arts. These people, places and things have fostered an innate curiosity, and have nurtured and strong desire for expression. This is a perfect narrative of Art Sherrod, Jr.’s life and is a precise summary of his life and how his love for music and faith have been molded.

Sherrod’s new single “Tighten Up” is co-written and produced by Chris “Big Dog” Davis.

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J. Staton – It’s All Good

Saxman J. Staton is a writer and producer with a fresh sound and approach that is definitely his own. His debut album, This Mind Of Mine (2013) and his new single “It’s All Good” are a mixture of smooth melodic grooves and a taste of funk.  Staton has appeared at the Apollo Theater, and has shared the local and national stage with Gerald Albright, Norman Connors, Jennette Harris, Avery Sushine, and Peter White.  Staton has opened for Jeff Lorber, Eric Darius, and Ben Tankard among many others.

“An up and coming recording artist with very good tone on the saxophone.”
– Norman Connors

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Patrick Yandall – When It’s Hip


With music in film, TV and radio, this prolific and respected Jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall releases his 22nd album, When It’s Hip. Classic inspirations of R&B, Funk and Jazz are all wrapped into one beautiful album. Paying homage to his influences Tower Of Power, The Isley Brothers and Santana, When It’s Hip covers it all.

The first single/title track “When It’s Hip” is energetic and funky, with energy to burn!

“To classify Patrick Yandall as a smooth jazz guitarist would not do justice to his stylistic spectrum. Smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, blues, rock, every genre is a facet of his musical personality. Patrick’s new album When Its Hip has exactly these edges that make up the whole Yandall package. Patrick performs all instruments on the new album.”

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Elan Trotman – Got To Give It Up

We are excited to announce the release of Elan Trotman‘s new single, “Got To Give It Up”! Here’s what our own Cliff Gorov said upon hearing Elan’s new single:

“Growing up in Detroit, Marvin Gaye was always my favorite Motown artist. His voice, production, and songwriting made him an all- time classic artist. It is in Marvin’s memory that Elan Trotman created his new album Dear Marvin, which will be released on April 2nd, in honor of Marvin’s 80th Birthday.”

“Elan’s first single, “Got To Give It Up,” is a fresh, unique and energetic tribute to the legendary vocalist. Listening to Elan’s interpretation brought a big smile to my face. It felt real good! I’m sure it will bring you joyful memories and smiles as well.”

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Jelene – Soundcheck

With her debut self-titled instrumental jazz album, keyboardist Jelene aims to share her energetic fresh sounds with the world. She is firmly rooted in the genres of Pop, Jazz,& R&B, and is currently on a strong trajectory as one of the rising stars of Asian Jazz.

With her first single, ‘Soundcheck’, featuring saxophonist Daniel Chia and produced by Billboard Charting artist Adam Hawley, JELENE is transcending boundaries with her mix of fresh musical flavours to light up the Contemporary Jazz world.

“Soundcheck” ft. Daniel Chia
Produced by Adam Hawley
Written by Jelene, Daniel Chia, Adam Hawley

Piano: Jelene Luar
Saxophone: Daniel Chia
Guitar: Adam Hawley
Drums: Eric Valentine

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Brendan Rothwell – Keep on Keepin’ On

Following the success of his debut recording Time On My Hands, bassman Brendan Rothwell takes a step forward with the release of his new album, Sentiment. With 11 tracks of bass-focused Contemporary Jazz, this album displays a unique and genuine identity. Brendan once again optimizes the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the bass, bringing it to the foreground as a lead instrument to develop meaning and depth.

We were impressed to learn that Rothwell wrote, produced and recorded all of the songs on his new album, and performed all of the instruments himself! The title Keep on Keepin’ On initially led me on a wrong turn, as I first thought of the interesting film about the jazz legend Clark Terry. Stylistically, the chords backing up this piece evoke memories of the great instrumental accompaniments of the Motown era.

“That is an incredible amount of work you’ve put in Bren , positively monumental… it’s a veritable Lord of the Rings sized undertaking- well bloody done. Writing, arranging and recording all top notch and I’m always blown away by your production- TOTALLY expensive!!! Anyway- may I be amongst the first to congratulate you on another mighty album”

– Miles Gilderdale, Acoustic Alchemy guitarist

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Althea Rene – New Album In The Making

Althea Rene is a full-time performing/recording artist and some regard her as a “master of her craft” and one of the world’s most exciting solo improvisational flutists. She made history by being the first artist to have a flute featured single ranked number one on the Billboard Music Charts and Smooth Jazz Charts. Help her record and release her ninth solo project.

This project will feature guest appearances from many of her buddies. Her all-star lineup includes icons like Maysa, Gerald Albright, and Euge Groove. Seasoned producers like Chris “Big Dog” Davis and Demetrius Nabors are guaranteed to bring the swagger that everyone expects. Everyone’s combined energy will help her to deliver a scorching hot project.

To support her fundraising project go to this website.

Dee Lucas – Going Left

National recording artist/saxophonist Dee Lucas has been steadily growing his brand and fan base beginning with his debut recording titled Remembrance in 2004. Thereafter, it has been a steady showcase of unique stylings with Something to Ride 2 (2007), Standing Room Only (2010), Rebirth of the Smooth (2012), The Smooth Factor (2014), Going Deeper (2016), & The Sweet Spot (2017). His new album Going Left will serve as proof that Lucas is here to stay.

A runner-up in the 2007 Capital Jazz Festival competition, Dee Lucas has shared the stage with a plethora of artists including Boney James, Norman Brown, Ronnie Laws, Nnenna Freelon, Hugh Masekela, Gregg Karukas, Peter White, Nick Colionne, and Michael Franks just name a few.

Lucas’ new single “Going Left” is produced by David P. Stevens.

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