Smooth Jazz And Internet – Smooth Jazz Vibes

The place to go if you are a fan of contemporary or smooth jazz. The website is maintained by Peter Boehi, who lives in Switzerland and run an own practice as an ob/gyn specialist.

Back in 1996 when he founded this site it was very difficult to obtain information about artists, new releases and other related things. Smooth jazz often was distributed by small independent labels whose limited financial resources prevented them from advertising their artists extensively. With the advent of the web this situation changed dramatically and today there are a number of smooth jazz sites providing all information the smooth jazz aficionado needs.

Smooth Jazz Vibes is highly recommendable for all fans of smooth jazz.

Wine, Dine And Jazz At Sea – Tahiti

French Polynesia – Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine & Taha’a
September 29- October 6, 2012

Cruise with Cjazz to magnificent French Polynesia on this luxurious and exclusive 150 cabin full ship charter aboard 5-star Paul Gauguin Cruise line! Enjoy free flowing award winning DeLille Cellars wines, world-class cuisine by top Chef Kevin Gillespie and top recording artists of Contemporary Jazz!

Announced artist are Richard Smith, Eric Marienthal, Dan Siegel, Sean Holt, Eric Milstein and Land Richard. Book your cabin here.

Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the economic, cultural and political centre of French Polynesia. The island was formed from volcanic activity and is high and mountainous with surrounding coral reefs. The population is 178,133 , making it the most populous island of French Polynesia and accounting for 68.6% of the group’s total population. Tahiti was formerly known as Otaheite.

Tahiti is the highest and largest island in French Polynesia lying close to Moorea island. It is located 4,400 km (2,734 mi) south of Hawaii, 7,900 km (4,909 mi) from Chile and 5,700 km (3,542 mi) from Australia. An interior road climbs past dairy farms and citrus groves with panoramic views. Tahiti’s landscape features lush rainforests and many streams, including the Papenoo River on the north side.

Tahiti is a word that evokes images of lush tropical landscapes; of crystal clear azure lagoons surrounded by soaring volcanic peaks; of love and romance; of gentle goddesses and fierce warriors, it is the stuff of dreams and legends. The first explorers returned home boasting that they had discovered heaven on earth; writers and artists have captured its planning when to go back. So, what is it about Tahiti & Her Islands which makes us forget that life is short and that there is a world of beauty and tranquillity just waiting to be discovered?

Smooth Jazz And Books – Best of Dave Koz

A first-ever collection from world-renowned saxophonist Dave Koz. 15 songs, including: Castle of Dreams * Faces of the Heart * Honey-Dipped * Just to Be Next to You * Know You by Heart * Wake Up Call * and more!

This book received high acclaims by Ralph Francis Revilleza: If you’re looking for a book that contains the best songs from performing artist Dave Koz, then this book will be your best choice. I’m lucky enough to get a hand on this book as well as Dave’s “The Dance” song book, and these two books are the best you could ever have. The songs are really precise on their translations and the fact that it’s artist approved makes it even more assuring that it is correct. All in all, I am very please with this product and would recommend it to other sax players.

 Best of Dave Koz is available at

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Clayton County International Park

Clayton County International Park offers plenty of year-round family fun. The Beach at International Park (open seasonally) has a spring-fed, 6-acre lake, adventure kiddie pool, slides and sandy beaches. Beach volleyball fans can play where the 1996 Olympic athletes competed for gold.

The surrounding park includes a 17-court tennis center, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, fitness center, fishing lakes, walking and biking trails and group picnic area. Rent a pavilion or the party room, or have your picnic under the trees. The park is open year-round, but the Beach is open starting Memorial Day weekend.

The Atlanta Contemporary Jazz & Neo-Soul Festival on August 17, and 18, 2012, at The Beach at International Park, home of the 1996 Olympic Volleyball Games is the first of its kind in south metropolitan Atlanta and will feature a unique blend of contemporary jazz and neo-soul under one umbrella. This beautiful Clayton County landmark will be filled with soothing music performed by locally and nationally acclaimed artists.

Clayton Co Int’l Park, 2300 Hwy 138 E, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Barbara Blake comments about her Internet Radio station:

Sunday Brunch is a marvelous way to reconnect with the gracious side of life that we often miss during the hectic pace of our daily routine. Few things in life are as satisfying as sharing good times with friends old and new. Which is why it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to

For the past 10 years I had the great pleasure of hosting the popular Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch, as we broadcast live on The Wave radio station from several delectable and elegant locations in the Los Angeles area. In the process, it became a Southern California tradition and I learned a lot about what makes a successful brunch from the wonderful people who do such a terrific job every week at the restaurants, the musicians, and from our guests.

We’ve gathered a treasure trove of information from these personal and highly enjoyable times and it’s gratifying to be able to share what we’ve learned with you and to expand the experience to the rest of the world. And because it’s online you can access it at any hour on any day of the week.

Can a Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch lead to World Peace? Sure, why not. All the elements of the universal language are there, music, food, champagne, and most importantly, an open heart and good intentions. Brunch as a tradition and ritual has taken hold all over the world.

When Park Su Ji of Seoul, Korea returned to her home town, after living in New York City for 10 years, she introduced her fellow Koreans to an exotic way to socialize over food: “Brunch.” In the spring of 2005, she opened Suji’s, a restaurant that serves toasted bagels, blueberry pancakes and eggs benedict, among other brunch staples. Park had thought her place would primarily attract Western expatriates, but now, thanks to Park’s pioneering, scores of restaurants in Seoul offer brunch – and they’re filled with South Koreans.

That’s just one example of how thoroughly brunch has become the place to catch your breath, take time out from the cares and responsibilities of daily life, and kick back to enjoy the warmth of friends and family sharing life’s greatest pleasures, wherever you are. It’s happening in Paris, Dubai, Prague, Sydney, New York, London, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and many other places on our planet. People everywhere know a good thing when they find it and flock to it.

What is also a good thing is that if you love music, brunch and good company you’re filled with joie de vivre. This means you’re also likely to be tuned-in and care about the world at large, in all of its variations. Which is why I’ve created Smooth Jazz World – for people like you and me, people on the same wave-length who know how to enjoy life without losing sight of the fact that we’re also here to give back and make the world a better place. In the days ahead, Smooth Jazz World will provide programming that appeals to a wide range of interests.

Our first channel is the Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch because it’s a place to restore the body, mind and spirit so that you’re refreshed and ready to take on life’s tougher challenges with renewed energy.

Take the time to treat yourself and those you care about with special attention. An exquisite Sunday Brunch is always lavish. It’s a time to indulge in every way, not the least of which is the luxurious amount of time you can take to pamper all of your senses. Gourmet cuisine, sparkling champagne, fine wines, scintillating music, beautiful surroundings and cordial company are hallmarks of a Sunday Brunch that will put you back in touch with your better nature.

You’ll find all that and more, right here at

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park sits like an emerald jewel along the banks of the Detroit River, and features over 1,300 feet of riverwalk for fishing and river watching. In addition Elizabeth Park also offers activities such as softball, cycling, in-line skating, hiking, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

A Victorian shelter building and wedding gazebo are some of the special features located at this park. You can bring your children on the weekends for a pony ride or a stroll along the shoreline. We encourage you to attend our special events at Elizabeth Park, such as “Somewhere in Time”, where you can take a stroll back in time to the late 1920’s or “Jazz on the River”, where you can sit on the river and listen to the best music in town. We also offer our Kids Kaleidoscope programs and Movies in the Park at Elizabeth Park this season.

The 17th Annual Jazz on the River is presented at this place.

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Wonderland of the Americas

Wonderland of the Americas is located in the Balcones Heights area of San Antonio at 4522 Fredericksburg Road. The mall is located between I-10 to the east, Fredericksburg Road to the west, Loop 410 and access road to the north, and Crossroads Blvd to the South.

Wonderland of the Americas is an exciting place for families and a great opportunity for retailers looking to reach local customers in a shopping destination that is uniquely San Antonio. These spaces are perfect for national retailers or local establishments looking for storefront space. Be a part of the diverse family of shopping, dining, family entertainment and service retailers of this vibrant community.

This place welcomes The Balcones Heights Jazz Festival. The Balcones Heights Jazz Festival has been captivating South Texas jazz fans for nearly 20 years. The free concert series takes place each July and August, on Friday evenings at the spectacular outdoor Amphitheater at Wonderland of the Americas.

Smooth Jazz And Internet – Cjazz

Since 1994, Cjazz has promoted and presented recording artists of contemporary music. Founded by Michele Abrams, an events producer based in Seattle WA, Cjazz has created and produced music events for Grand Hyatt Hotels, The National Basketball Association, The YWCA of Kauai, Yamaha Music, Scripps Health, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Kirkland Performance Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and various performing arts centers.

Passionate about music and philanthropy, Cjazz has a special interest in producing concerts that raise money for cancer research and patient services. In 2011 the company launched “In Concert for Cancer”, a concert fundraiser aboard the flight deck of the legendary aircraft carrier, the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA. The inaugural event welcomed 850 patrons and will return in 2012. Cjazz works with a talented team of web developers, designers, production professionals, and sponsors, all of whom make Cjazz’s work possible.

For more information visit CJazz.

Richard Elliot – In The Zone

The reigning merchant of Soul Jazz, Richard Elliot invites loyal fans and newcomers alike to celebrate 25 years since the release of his debut album Trolltown. Where‟s the party? Where else—In the Zone, a grooving, funked up, horn-splashed collection that finds the energized-as-ever tenor saxophonist paying homage to the pioneering instrumental artists of his formative years („70s-early „80s) whose brilliance and musical innovations inspired his own.

The Scotland-born, L.A.-raised saxman was still on the road with Tower of Power when he released his debut album Trolltown in 1986. Embarking upon one of instrumental music’s most dynamic and multifaceted careers, he has scored four #1 albums (On The Town, Soul Embrace, After Darkand Jumpin’ Off) and a growing number of #1 airplay singles. In addition to his participation in all-star tours like Groovin’ For Grover and Jazz Attack, in the mid-‘90s he helped launch another of the genre’s annual franchises, the Guitars & Saxes tours, which he has participated in on and off ever since. At his peak, Elliot was doing over 100 tour dates a year, but he has scaled it back as his family has grown to include five children over the years.

“My original motivation for doing an album like In The Zone was the opportunity to reconnect with my earlier self, the musician I was when I first started out,” Elliot explained. “The songs remind me of listening to my heroes in those days and seeing them perform live, feeling incredible joy and enthusiasm about the possibility of following in their footsteps. The wonderful thing is, so many years after I began performing professionally, I still feel that excitement. I love to play live more than anything. Under certain circumstances, the recording process can be arduous, but when you can tap into the kind on inspiration I draw from here, it’s a whole different, joyous experience. It’s all about feeling the same way I did back when I was 18 and dreaming that this could someday be my life.”

Richard Elliot published with permission of Bettie Grace Miner.

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Duck Town Park

The Duck Town Park is a premier community recreational facility featuring 11 acres of natural beauty including trails through the Maritime Forest and willow swamp, open green space, soundside views, and access to the Town’s boardwalk.

There are four distinct vegetative communities located in the Town Park property. These are the maritime deciduous forest, the maritime evergreen forest, the willow swamp, and the marsh. The maritime deciduous forest is located in the southern portion of the park property on the high ground and is dominated by pignut hickory, southern red oak, Darlington oak, and sweet gum trees.

The maritime evergreen forest is located just north of the maritime deciduous forest and is differentiated by the presence of significant live oak trees. Together, these maritime forests represent a rare and endangered plant community found only on the eastern North Carolina seacoast. The willow swamp is located on the northern portion of the Town Park property between the Currituck Sound and the northern parking area and bluestone trails. It is dominated by large Carolina willow and red maple trees. Marsh communities are found along the soundside of the Town Park property where conditions are favorable.

This park will see the Duck Jazz Festival on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

Duck Town Park, 1200 Duck Rd, Duck, North Carolina

Smooth Jazz And Books – The Best of Kim Waters: The #1 Songs and Solos by the #1 Smooth Jazz Saxophonist

JazzTimes hails Waters as “simply one of the planet’s best saxophonists.” Here are authentic, note-for-note transcriptions of 13 of his best tunes, plus a preface in which he discusses his inspirations and approach to playing. Songs: Easy Going * Fallin’ for You * In Deep * In the Groove * In the House * Let’s Get on It * Nightfall * The Ride * Secrets Told * Steppin’ Out * Two Hearts of Mine * Until Dawn * Waterfall.

The Best of Kim Waters: The #1 Songs and Solos by the #1 Smooth Jazz Saxophonist is available at

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – St. Mary’s Park

St. Mary’s Park is located at the corner of N. Monroe St. and W. Elm Ave. behind the Gen. George A. Custer Monument. Monroe is just off I-75 Exit 14. Downtown Monroe is one block from the park on the South side of the River.

St. Mary’s Park offers a wide range of outdoor recreation activities. With tennis courts, playground equipment, picnic shelters and more, families and friends can spend an enjoyable day along the River Raisin. The Bandshell offers opportunities for concerts, movies and festivals with an open lawn to spread out your blanket and enjoy.

At this venue The River Raisin Festival will take place in August, 2012.

St. Mary’s Park, N. Monroe St and E Elm Ave, Monroe, Michigan


Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Fort Hunter Park

Fort Hunter Park commands a magnificent view of the Susquehanna River and Blue Mountains beyond. It was originally settled in 1725 by Benjamin Chambers, who later founded Chambersburg. Samuel Hunter, Chamber’s brother-in-law, inherited the well-favored property which included grist and saw mills. The bustling settlement thus became known as Hunter’s Mill.

Faced with the mounting threat of the French and Indian War, the British built a series of small forts from Harris Ferry (Harrisburg) to Fort Augusta in Sunbury. Among these was Fort Hunter, ideally situated at a bend in the river, thereby serving as an alarm station and supply depot. The Fort was a 10′ by 14′ log blockhouse surrounded by a stockade and manned by volunteer soldiers, mostly farmers’ sons.

In 1956, Mrs. Meigs and her family set up the Fort Hunter Foundation and organized the Friends of Fort Hunter. With their volunteer membership, they initiated a restoration and education program. Presently, owned by the County of Dauphin and Board of Trustees for Fort Hunter, Fort Hunter Park provides beautiful recreational facilities embracing the Mansion and estate-style grounds.

Visit the Dauphin County Jazz Festival in this magnificent park.

Fort Hunter Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Kurhaus Göggingen

The Kurhaus Theatre in Augsburg-Göggingen was erected in 1886. Built in the period of industrial expansion in Germany (late 1800s) by the Augsburg architect Jean Keller, it was destroyed by fire in 1972. After having been faithfully restored, it was reopened in 1996.

This splendid theatre was built to supplement the orthopaedic Hessing Sanatorium. It is considered as a unique European testimonial of 19-century architecture. Many similar buildings – from the Munich Glass Palace to the constructions specially built for the World Exhibitions of that time – have disappeared.

The Kurhaus Theatre had also “disappeared”. It was rediscovered in 1972 when a former cinema that at the time was used by a construction company as an off-the-road storage facility, went up in flames for reasons still unknown. The fire destroyed wooden parts and coverings that were added over time. A double-storey hall came to the surface displaying cast-iron pillars and corridors together with ornamental balustrades, burnt-out iron muntin windows and burst stained-glass windows. The fire exposed the auditorium of the Kurhaus Theatre (approx. 370 movable seats) with its historic cast-iron construction. Following an extensive renovation period, the Park Theatre in Göggingen celebrated its reopening in 1996.

110 years earlier, in 1886, the Park Theatre was designed as a theatre and community centre with an integrated palm house. Today, it is once again used as such hosting 200 cultural events per year. In addition, the various-sized premises are rented to both private individuals and companies.

This historic venue is the place of the Annual Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg full of intensive, passionate Smooth Jazz and relaxed vibes set in a noble ambiance. What awaits music lovers is a sound experience until now undreamt of, which does not have too much in common with classical Jazz and will be celebrated by some of the greatest names in the international Smooth-Jazz scene.

In the side wings of the Kurhaus, our catering crew will be offering drinks, lounge-food and international tapas. The patio will be opened for our guests to enjoy the warm late-summer nights and harmoniously flowing sounds. After its premiere in Bregenz and last years’ event in Munich, the Smooth Jazz Festival takes place in Augsburg this year. Visitors from all parts of Germany and fans from all over Europe meet here for a pleasant, atmospheric weekend in the beautiful ambiance of the Kurhaus in Göggingen.

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Oak Hollow Festival Park

The 800-acre Oak Hollow Lake is an integral part of the 1,500-acre Oak Hollow Park complex. Oak Hollow Lake was built as a primary water supply for the City of High Point. The lake opened in 1972 for recreation use by the public.

The benefits of the beautiful lake have been phenomenal. Oak Hollow is a favorite site for all types of activity, including pleasure boating, fishing, skiing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking. Bank fishing is available in the Marina area.

The Marina facility offers a large parking area, multiple launch ramps, restrooms, bait and tackle, ice, drinks, snacks, sailboat rentals, classroom space, children’s playground, boat storage space and shelter rentals. A second large parking lot and multiple launch ramp area for sailboats are located across the lake from the Marina.

Oak Hollow Lake has been the site of many exciting sporting events, such as drag boat races, circuit boat races, sailboat regattas, ski tournaments and fishing tournaments.

Festival Park and the North Overlook are located at 1841 Eastchester Drive next to Oak Hollow Lake Dam. Each overlook has a stunning view of the lake offering scenic picnic locations for families and groups. Each of the overlooks has restrooms, two shelters (75 person capacity each) and ample parking. In addition, North Overlook has a children’s playground and swings.

Festival Park has been the site of many special events, such as outdoor concerts, boat racing, Fourth of July celebrations, festivals, company picnics, and a variety of smaller events. Festival Park offers space for vendors, stages, extra electrical outlets and large overflow parking areas. Plus, the site is easily accessed from major highways.

At this place we welcome the John Coltrane International Jazz & Blues Festival.

Oak Hollow Festival Park, 3400 N Centennial St, High Point, North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Greensboro)


Jeff Golub – Between Rock And Jazz

Jeff Golub is a contemporary jazz guitarist with 6 solo albums and 3 CD’s as the leader of the instrumental band “Avenue Blue”.

Before becoming an instrumentalist, Jeff worked as a sideman to a number of very successful rock and pop artists.
He’s probably best known for his work with Rod Stewart, who he played with from 1988 until 1995 performing on 4 albums and 5 world tours as well as recording the live DVD “One Night Only” live at Royal Albert Hall.

Born in Copley Ohio, Jeff started playing by emulating 60’s blues rock guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix ect…. Then, following up on the artists that these musicians sighted as their inspiration, he delved deeper into the blues listening to Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and anyone named King ( B.B.,Albert and Freddie).

Jeff was in his teens when he first heard a Wes Montgomery record. This moment set him on a whole new course which led him to study at Berklee Music College in Boston. From Boston Jeff Moved to New York in 1980 where his first major gig was with rocker Billy Squier. Jeff appeared on 7 albums and 3 world tours with Billy.

Jeff is still one of New York’s top session musicians. He has performed on several albums for friends in the jazz realm, including sax man Bill Evans (Alternative Man and Push), five with trumpeter/flugelhornist Rick Braun. In May, 1995 Jeff was hired by jazz pianist Bob James for a week’s engagement at the BlueNote Jazz Club in New York. That gig resulted in being asked to tour and perform on a colloberation album by James and saxman Kirk Whalum, “Joined at the Hip”, which received a Grammy Nomination that year.

His solo albums are:

1988 – Unspoken Words, 1994 – Avenue Blue, 1996 – Naked City, 1997 – Nightlife, 1997 – Six String Santa, 1999 – Out of the Blue, 2000 – Dangerous Curves, 2002 – Do It Again, 2003 – Soul Sessions, 2005 – Temptation, 2007 – Six String Santa, 2007 – Grand Central, 2009 – Blues for You and 2011 – The Three Kings.

In June 2011, Golub became blind due to collapse of the optic nerve.

Jeff Golub published with permission of Bettie Grace Miner.

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – The Dell Music Center


The Dell Music Center, located in scenic East Fairmount Park, is Philadelphia’s premier outdoor entertainment and education venue. Formerly the Robin Hood Dell East, this open-air amphitheatre is managed by the City of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and is the fourth largest performance venue in Philadelphia. The Dell has 5,284 reserved seats and can hold an additional 600 people on the lawn.

The Dell has been providing world-class entertainment to Philadelphians for the past 39 years. It is a municipally-funded and operated amphitheatre, established to provide high-quality, diverse, cultural entertainment inside the community at an affordable cost.

The Dell has hosted many nationally and internationally prominent artists. These legendary performances have included everyone from musical icons like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Cosby, Billy Eckstine and Sarah Vaughn; to classic soul singers like Patti Labelle, The Whispers, Frankie Beverly, Jill Scott and Teena.

This venue will present George Benson, Boney James and Pamela Williams on Thursday, August 09, 2012 – 7:00 pm.

Dell East Music Center, E Fairmount Park, Ridge Ave and Huntingdon Dr, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Travis Park


The area including Travis Park was once part of the upper farmlands of Mission San Antonio de Valero (today called the Alamo). After the mission was closed, the land was sold to Francisco Garcia in 1819, and in 1851 to Samuel Augustus Maverick, who lived at the northwest corner of Alamo Plaza and used this property for his orchard.

After Maverick died in 1870, the land was deeded to the City, and an 1873 map calls the square Travis Plaza, named for Col. William Barrett Travis, commander of the Texan troops at the Alamo.

By 1876, the City had planted grass, installed wooden painted benches, and soon enclosed the park with a white-washed fence. Concerts were held in a fancy, Victorian-style bandstand. The fence was removed in 1891 to improve access, and the bandstand, too expensive to repair, was torn down in 1937.

The park’s dense landscaping consisted of chinaberry and huisache trees, ligustrum bushes and 50 hackberries installed (on purpose!) for $1 a tree in 1883. The last of the hackberries was not removed until 1956 when the newspaper reported that “spectators looked on with approval.”

In recent years, the park has benefited from improvement projects through the generosity of the San Antonio Parks Foundation, which was formed in 1981 to build support for the restoration of the deteriorated park. Work on the park began in 1982 with a contribution of $125,000 from the St. Anthony Hotel. Other founding sponsors included San Antonio Bank and Trust, Trammel Crow Co., Miller High Life, Southwestern Bell, Church’s Fried Chicken and First Federal Savings and Loan. Combined with a grant from the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife Local Park fund, contributions for Travis Park improvements totaled more than $400,000. That year the Foundation sponsored the first outdoor jazz festival in the park called Jazz’SAlive.

The festival became one of the largest outdoor festivals in the country. It draws local, regional and national acts to the park. Admission is free. Entertainers such as Spyro Gyra, David Sanborn, Maynard Ferguson, the Dukes of Dixieland, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Stanley Jordan, Gato Barbieri, Nancy Wilson, and many more have graced the big stage on Navarro Street.


Travis Park, 711 Navarro St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Smooth Jazz And Books – Smooth Jazz: Trumpet Play-Along Pack

Founded in 1947, Hal Leonard Corporation has become the worlds largest print music publisher, representing some of the greatest songwriters and artists of all time. We are proud to publish titles of interest to all musicians as well as music lovers, from songbooks and instructional titles to artist biographies and instrument price guides to books about the music industry and all the performing arts.

11 contemporary smooth jazz favorites arranged for instrumental solo and including a CD with great full-band accompaniment tracks. Songs include: Just the Two of Us * Morning Dance * She Could Be Mine * Silhouette * Songbird * This Masquerade * Tourist in Paradise * We’re in This Love Together.

This book is available at

Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – The Carlyle Club


The Carlyle Club is very modern on the outside. It is located on a circle in a business park in Alexandria, VA. When you step into the Carlyle Club it is though you are transported back into time to the days of the rat pack. They have black circular booths. The service is outstanding. The food is pretty good and the adult drinks are delish.

The stage is conveniently located so that everyone can see the stage. I’ve been to several shows here and they have all been outstanding. No other venue in the Washington, D.C. area can rival The Carlyle Club for your most important social occasions.

The Carlyle Club will provide a spectacular and unforgettable setting with classic sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. Elegant, sophisticated and classy place to be! Carlyle club ostentatiously stand out among other building around it.

The Club invites to Belly of Jazz, an artful evening of Jazz, Wine & Belly-dance sponsored by Belly of Nile.  This event features keyboardist Marcus Johnson. The Carlyle Club, 411 John Carlyle St, Alexandria VA 22314

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Huntington Beach Central Park

Huntington Central Park is the largest city-owned park in Orange County covering over 350 acres of land. This peaceful setting of open grass fields and extensive tree and flower plantings is used for various activities such as picnics, biking, playing, and strolling along the paved paths enjoying the serene atmosphere. Central Park offers plenty of activities and events all year round for all ages. Dog and car shows are held in the summer, Cross-country racing events are in the fall, and the equestrian center holds a jumper show every spring. Park entrances can be found on Edwards, Goldenwest, Gothard, Slater, Talbert, and Ellis streets.

Many attractions at Central Park include Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center, H.B. Dog Park, H.B. Disc Golf Course, Huntington Beach Playhouse, Alice’s Breakfast in the Park, Park Bench Cafe, Lake Huntington, Central Park Amphitheater, Adventure Playground, Par Course, Shipley Nature Center, playgrounds, picnic tables, BBQ grills and special events throughout the year. Each year Central Park hosts Civil War Re-enactment, Concours d’Elegance, Shakespeare in the Park, athletic events, contests, BB Jazz Concert, and Huntington Beach Concert Band Summer Concerts.

This is the place of the BB Jazz Festival in September, 2012.

Huntington Beach Central Park, 18381 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, California 92648

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay

Welcome to the world’s Smooth Jazz destination. Celebrating the Smooth Jazz lifestyle is their passion. From the great music, to the best restaurants and destinations in the Tampa Bay area, captures the unmistakable Tampa Bay vibe that is so unique and cool, you’ll never want to leave.. Enjoy the music and the view! is a LoudCity™ radio station.


Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – The SUEDE

An alluring and sophisticated ultra-lounge in Downtown Wichita by Disc & Heat LLC Entertainment group opened in spring 2009.

Catering to professionals and discerning patrons, the SUEDE lounge concept is based on the Disc & Heat LLC entertainment group business philosophy of providing a warm environment for patrons with the greatest attention to detail. SUEDE’s unique setting of dramatic lighting, rich materials and plush fabrics, evoke a sense of relaxed belonging and comfort. Attending to the comfort of our patrons and creating a haven for an elite clientele is the core of Disc & Heat LLC. Entertainment group’s vision.

The lounge layout includes an intimate date-friendly seating area, several cozy couches and a more interactive area for live entertainment. Guests can reserve a table or couches in the main lounge or spend and evening at a table on the patio. The lounge will also feature a live music set as part of it’s daily entertainment lineup, and guest DJs from around the country.

There is no cover charge for admission to SUEDE. Reservations are required on the guest list for guests visiting the lounge between 10PM and 2AM. The Summer Jazz Series with Jessy J has been re-scheduled to July 18 & July 19th.

Suede Lounge, 141 N Rock Island, Wichita, Kansas 67202

Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Hideaway Park, Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park is a Home Rule Municipality in Grand County, Colorado, United States. The town population was 662 at the 2000 census, although tourists and seasonal workers significantly increase the population.

It is home to the Winter Park Resort, a well-known ski resort which is owned by the City and County of Denver and managed by Intrawest. Winter Park began as two small settlements, Old Town and Hideaway Park. Old Town came into existence because of the construction taking place on the Moffat Tunnel. Hideaway Park was a village that began in 1932 and quickly developed into the fourth town in the valley. Hideaway Park was developed and built by L.O. “Doc” Graves, a merchant in the valley since 1922.

On August 1, 1978 the town was founded and became Winter Park. In 1980 Winter Park grew again incorporating the West Portal Village. The West Portal Village became the home of the Mary Jane Base and various other buildings at the resort such as the Iron Horse Resort.

This venue is the place to come for the Winter Park Jazz Festival.


Paul Brown – Brown Sugar

With the crisp, jazzy sound of his beloved Gibson L-5 guitar once again front and center, two-time Grammy Award winner Paul Brown keeps his grooving momentum going. Quickly closing in on a staggering 50 #1 charting airplay hits as the smooth jazz genre’s top producer over the past 15 years, Brown had the unique experience in 2006 of scoring #1 Radio & Records chart hits as both an artist and producer. “Winelight,” the second single from his 2005 solo album The City, was recently ranked by Mediabase as the genre’s most spun track of the year. Brown also had chart topping hits with Norman Brown (“Up And At ‘Em”), Euge Groove (“Get ‘Em Goin’”) and Peter White (“What Does It Take (To Win Your Love).”

“I liked the idea of creating more of a production oriented record and taking more of the classic Quincy Jones approach,” Brown adds. “The key to his success was being so seamless that you don’t pick up what he’s doing because you’re more focused on the performances. Because of my past experiences with everyone, I could just take for granted that a certain high level of performance would be built in, and I could feature my guitar lines over that. It’s kind of like making a lot of mini-records within the context of a single project. It was also exciting for me to have the album mastered by the legendary Lee Hershberg, who was one of my top musical mentors.”

While Brown is always assured an elevated creative experience jamming with the veteran household name artists, he’s constantly on the lookout for fresh new performers to work with. None have been a bigger part of Brown’s life this past year than upstart female sax player Jessy J, who is a member of his live band and is featured here on the sexy, late night, acoustic guitar driven opening title track “White Sand”; she also plays lead tenor on the instrumental bonus version of “Mercy Mercy Mercy”. Another relative newcomer featured on White Sand is Lina, a singer Brown enthusiastically compares to Billie Holliday; Lina’s torchy, soulful vocals bring a fresh emotional urgency to Brown’s samba-lite take on “I Say A Little Prayer.” Keyboardist and drum programmer DC, co-producer of Brown’s The City, also co-produced three tracks on White Sand: the ambient, hip-hop driven slow jam “The Rhythm Method”; “More or Les Paul,” and “Mr. Cool.”

Brown is also currently working on developing the musical career of Hawaii based painter and guitarist Andrea Razzauti, whose compelling visual work “White Sand” inspired Brown to write the title track; after Brown let Razzauti hear the song, Razzauti was in turn inspired to create the very tropical album cover artwork. There is also a larger, separate print of the cover included in the packaging. “The connection between visual art and music is a cool concept to me, and I was only too happy to blend the two on this project,” Brown says.

It’s hard to imagine what smooth jazz would sound like without the powerful, R&B driven sound that has been Brown’s trademark as a producer since breaking through with Boney James’ Trust in 1992. James, whose hit recordings routinely sell over 500,000 apiece, once said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Paul Brown.” In an interesting bit of trivia that ties in beautifully with the sessions on White Sand, Brown met James years ago when James was on tour with Bobby Caldwell and Brown was doing mixes for the singer’s live shows.

In addition to Grammy wins as producer and engineer for Norman Brown’s Just Chillin’ and helming hits for instrumental and vocal stars like Jeffery Osborne, Kirk Whalum, Larry Carlton and Patti Austin, Brown—known by some as “The Babyface of Smooth Jazz” for his soulful leanings and Midas touch—achieved a lifelong dream when he produced tracks for George Benson, his chief jazz guitar influence.

“It’s exciting that I was able to produce George Benson because it was his album Breezin’ that helped me realize that the guitar could be the focus of an entire album and could hold a person’s interest for 40 minutes or an hour. That was a big revelation back then.”

With Brown’s production career in overdrive for years and his solo career scaling new heights by the minute, it would seem that he’s working on music literally “24/7” (the name of his hit single from Up Front that Radio & Records named the #2 airplay cut of 2004). But he cherishes his down time, indulging in two major hobbies that he’s almost equally passionate about and allow him some creative rejuvenating time away from the studio. Trumpet great Jerry Hey introduced him to the fine art of wine collecting, and Brown has quickly become a great French wine connoisseur, favoring French Burgundy. He’s also a major poker enthusiast who plays with well-known friends on a weekly basis and participates regularly in major tournaments throughout his hometown of Los Angeles.

“It’s one of those diversions that takes my mind off music entirely,” he says. “I was a math major and it is a total mind game that uses those analytical abilities. There’s a tremendous fad going around Los Angeles with a lot of Hollywood people engaged in celebrity poker tournaments.

Born and raised in LA to parents who were professional singers for legends like Mel Torme (as part of The Meltones), Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Barbara Streisand, Brown started playing drums at age five and picked up his first guitar two years later. A self-proclaimed Deadhead who was also fond of The Beatles and later, Peter Gabriel, Brown jokes that he was always starting, playing in or breaking up a band. He launched his production career unofficially with his first gig as an assistant engineer when he was 15, finding an immediate affinity for an environment that quickly became home when he returned to LA after studying music and math at the University of Oregon.

“The reason I got into this business was to play the guitar and perform live,” says Brown. “As much success as I’ve had as a producer, I’ve always seen that as part of my evolution as a professional to get to this point. Making music is simple to me. When something moves me emotionally, then I know it’s good. That’s why I’ve worked this past year in between bigger projects with so many unsigned acts. Everything I do, from the albums I produce for established artists to those I do for up and coming performers to my own projects, is creatively stimulating to me. I love doing them all.”

Paul Brown published with permission of Bettie Grace Miner.

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