Brian Culbertson’s 20th Album

The “XX” Album

First of all, I can’t believe I’m in the middle of producing my 20th album as a solo artist – the list of all 20 are below in case you want a refresher 🙂

So for this seminal recording (releasing on April 10th, 2020), I’ve decided to mix up the styles and sounds from my entire catalog and meld it into one album that represents who I am as an artist. That’s right, there’s gonna be lots of Smooth & Funky Instrumentals, but also some R&B, Pop, Gospel, Slow Jams, and of course, straight-up Funk!

All 12 songs are written and the recording starts on November 11th. Here are some guests and studio musicians that are going to record on this album.

Guests & Musicians on “XX”:

Avery*Sunshine – featured vocals & songwriting
Bootsy Collins – featured vocals & space bass
Noel Gourdin – featured vocals & songwriting
Nicholas Cole – songwriting/keyboards/programming
DW3 – vocals & songwriting
Chance Howard – vocals/keyboards/songwriting
Rodney Jones Jr. – songwriting/bass/guitar/keys
Micaela Haley – vocals
Patches Stewart – featured muted trumpet
Marcus Anderson – alto & tenor sax
Michael Stever – trumpet & horn arrangements
Marqueal Jordan – tenor & bari sax
Alex Al – bass
Paul Jackson, Jr. – guitar
Ray Parker Jr. – guitar
Isaiah Sharkey – guitar
Gerey Johnson – guitar
Khari Parker – drums
Lenny Castro – percussion
and more…

This is huge list of musicians, but with this large of a production, I need everyone!

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Crowdfunding for Willie Bradley’s New CD 2019

Hello, this is Willie Bradley, Trumpeter with Heart and Soul and I want to be the first to share with you some exciting news for 2019.  First, I want to thank all that contributed to helping me complete my current CD Project “GOING WITH THE FLOW”.  I hope you are enjoying your incentives and the CD as well.

Throughout my career, I strive to provide my fans with first- class performances and I have a lot of music that I want to share; however, I need your help!  The production of a CD Project, Global Marketing and Radio Promotion as an Independent Artist is an expensive task.  Please help me reach my goal of $24,000.00 to cover expenses in the areas of production cost, manufacturing, distribution, marketing/promotion, & tour support.  There is no minimum or maximum amount to donate and any amount donated is greatly appreciated.

On January 3, 2019, Gorov Music Marketing will officially release the first single “LIFE ON TOP “ to Smooth Jazz Radio Stations along with a Marketing Campaign with Global to ensure maximum exposure in building my brand however; I need your help in reaching my goal in order to make this all happen.

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The Slim Man Band LIVE at Vicky’s

A double LIVE CD of mostly Slim Man songs, some Bona Fide tunes, and a few cool covers.

Slim Man just won Best Jazz Vocalist at the 2019 Coachella Music Awards. Fourth year in a row. He wants to put out a double LIVE CD. He knows it sounds a little crazy and a bit ambitious but let him tell you the story…

“I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I moved to Palm Springs, California, a few years ago. Last October, I was asked to do a residency at a listening club outside of Palm Springs, a place called Vicky’s.

I put together a band, and we played every Wednesday night for 3 ½ hours, week after week, month after month. Some magic started happening on stage. We kept improving, learning new songs, crafting the catalog, honing the arrangements.

We’d play on a Wednesday night and then every Thursday I’d send the band my show notes, ideas on how to improve. We started getting better and better. We were hitting our stride.

After 8 months, and 32 shows, I decided to do a live recording of Our Big Finale, the last show of the season. Wednesday, June 5th, 2019. Vicky’s was packed. We played for 4 hours and 18 minutes.

When we went into the studio a couple days later to listen to the recording, I was apprehensive. Live CDs are tough to make. That’s why there are very few of them these days, and even fewer good ones. So we sat down in the studio and listened…

What came out of the speakers sounded really good. Song after song, the music was stellar. The performances were excellent. The 9-foot grand piano sounded glorious. The music had some sizzle. There was definitely some pep in the pepperoni.

We  started out as a group of musicians, and over time became a band. And most important, the band is having fun. You can hear it on this recording.

I tried to create a set list that has peaks and valleys, a list that has highs and lows and in-betweens. I varied the tempos…some songs are slow, some are fast, and some are half-fast! We did lots of Slim Man songs, some Bona Fide songs,  and a couple cool covers. It’s a wonderful mix of music.

We want to finish this project. And to get that done, we need some funding. And that’s where you Slim People come in. We need a minimum of $6,000 to get these songs mixed and mastered. And then there’s promotion. We want to hire the proper people to spread the word, to give it the best chance of success.

The more money we raise, the better chance for success.

I’ve done 2 LIVE CDs already. I’ve got a feel for this stuff. And I’ve run 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns. I haven’t had any complaints yet!

We’ve put together some very cool rewards. Kickstarter’s a great platform to find funding for creative projects you’re passionate about. And I’m passionate about this. I wouldn’t be putting this CD up on Kickstarter if I didn’t feel really good about this music.

So make a pledge, get cool stuff.

Thank you for listening. And thanks for the support.

Couldn’t do it without you Slim People.

Who loves ya?


Uncle Slimmy ”

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Greg Adams and East Bay Soul – Sweet Soul Christmas CD

We are raising funds to record a collection of classic Christmas songs in our style – a blend of Funk, Jazz, R&B and Soul

As East Bay Soul we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year! We have been performing our Sweet Soul Christmas show here in CA over the last 10 years. The shows are very popular!

We are planning to go into the studio in October to have the recording done and to share our Sweet Soul Christmas with friends, family and fans just in time for the holidays. We just need some help to get the project completed.

Visiting this page you might already know about my music career.

Click on this link to learn more

Read and hear all about East Bay Soul:

Song List To Include


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Save The River Raisin Jazz Festival

For the past 17 years the people of Monroe, Michigan have basked in the glory of the River Raisin Jazz Festival. The festival was solely supported by sponsorships from 5-8 local businesses. The festival is a 2 day celebration of Jazz, Smooth Jazz, R&B and others who have graced our stage. We have been blessed with the likes of Kenny G, David Sanborn, Oleta Adams, Chuck Mangione, Nelson Rangell, Chris Standring, The Rippingtons, Chris Botti, Brenda Russell, Paul Brown, Arturo Sandoval, The Ohio Players, Gerald Albright and 80 more acts ~ all because a jazz fan who happened to be a director of tourism had a dream of a festival in his hometown. He reached out to international flutist Alexander Zonjic and teamed with the Detroit Jazz Station V98.7 ~ from there, the festival grew and grew year after year. With preview parties and jazz nights within the town of Monroe.  AND, all for FREE. It soon became the largest free jazz festival in Southeastern Michigan and was a welcome break for the economy and our city.

In the years since, the radio station was sold. And our director, John Patterson, died unexpectedly last year. We put on the festival in his honor and so many came. There may have been some thought that the festival should end with John, and it seemingly has. We tried for a while to no avail to get enough to make the 18th this year. We had hoped after last year that we could make it to the 20th. And I have read through a 1000 responses on social media how people wished they would have known and could have helped. Now, at public urgency, we are opening up to private and business donors to help with the festival.

We need 70,000 to pay for the entire 2 day festival. And that includes everything else besides the bands. Sound. Lights. Audio. Marketing will be provided free by By Design Graphic Arts. We have a team of volunteers (6 of us) that have helped run the festival from the inception. The venue is in Saint Mary’s Park in downtown Monroe along the River Raisin. Along with a beautiful art fair to accompany it. And we have 40,000 fans that submerge on that very ground every 2nd week in August.

We know that many of these fund me’s have gifts given to those who give in different increments but we choose to put the money INTO the festival and performances. However, there will be a list of donors in our program this year and thank you’s from the stage.

There is some urgency to this, as planning must begin immediately. SO if you are a music lover… donate. If you like free concerts… donate. If you have ever been and remember the spirit of the festival… please donate.

Follow this link.

Eugen Botos Finally Live CD and DVD

They record one of their live performance in club Blue Note and Eugene wants to released this fantastic concert on DVD and CD. With this campaign, I am asking all of you to be directly involved in this project from the very start so that I can complete my LIVE DVD record.
That’s why we asks for a crowdfunding. All The world needs good funk music!

Eugen Botos, young passionate keyboardist and composer is a multi-talented musical visionary who has found a way to break down the boundaries and brought together the often unfairly separated worlds of contemporary jazz fusion and urban pop music.

At the conservatory (2002) he founded a jazz-funk band titled “Eugen Botos Finally“ with Robert Vizvari (bassist) and Martin Koleda (guitarist). All of them were brought up on Chick Corea ́s Electric Band and Mark King ́s Level 42. They has spanned the musical genres of contemporary jazz fusion, R&B, funk, urban pop music, hip-hop, etno and latin music. Eugen Botos and his music can be definitely seen as a new fresh and innovating energy in the jazz genre.

The band became more visible in 2008 when Eugen started to cooperate with famous American saxophonist Eric Marienthal and Finally became his band for European concerts. These performances moved them forward to finish their debut album called My Space (2010). There are also another famous guests, great musicians, on this album as Canadian bassist Alain Caron, Venezuelan pianist Otmaro Ruiz, bassist Janek Gwizdala, guitarist Harri Stojka and American pianist Peter Horvath.

In 2011 the band Finally had a concert tour in Slovakia with great musician Gary Bias, the saxophonist from the band Earth Wind and Fire. In 2013 Finally and Sheldon Reynolds had a concert tour throughout central Europe and in 2014 the band appeared again at Bratislava Jazz Days. Eugen Botos and Finally are relesed a second CD album (Final Definition) which was released in japan label P-Vine in 2016 with many special guests again like: Brian McKnight – R&B singer, Maysa Leak – smooth jazz singer also known as a former singer of British band Incognito, Sheldon Reynolds – singer of Eart Wind and Fire, Eric Marienthal saxophone player, Angela Johnson – jazz singer, Jeff Lorber – jazz piano player and producer, Marcus Miller multiinstrumentalist and bass guitar player, Brian McKnight – R&B singer , legendary Dionne Warwick sings on Botos tune called “Symphony of broken hearts”, Victor Wooten play bass battle with Robert Vizvari on track ” L.A. Funk”. “From that point, the writing and recording of Final Definition was something like a puzzle, but also full of many dreams come true, as I began working with so many artists who are heroes of mine, from Dave Weckl and Marcus Miller to Victor Wooten and Brian McKnight,” says Botos. “I draw from many musical influences, including the fusion jazz we did on My Space, as well as pop, pop-jazz, R&B, funk and even Latin music.

In 2019 Eugene Botos invite for his Slovakian tour one of the most talented drummer – Pete Ray Biggin from Level 42. They record one of their live performance in club Blue Note and Eugene wants to released this fantastic concert on DVD and CD.

With this campaign, I am asking all of you to be directly involved in this project from the very start so that I can complete my LIVE DVD record. Thats why we asks for a crowdfunding.

All The world needs good funk music!

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Kim Scott – Free To Be

Kim Scott has started a new IndieGoGo project to realize her next album Free To Be.

Kim about her new project:

“I’m a music teacher at a fine arts school for 7th-12th graders who want to pursue the arts as a career. I’ve taught for 18 years and I absolutely love giving back to the next generation of musicians. I’m also a professional flutist; a member of the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, the Kimoni Duo (a flute and harp duo) and I’m a billboard charting flutist on the Innervision Records label. I love music and the flute. I’ve wanted to be a professional flutist since I first started playing in 5th grade. I can’t think of not ever creating music and putting it out into the universe.

I have created this campaign because I’ve planned and budgeted for the creation and release of my 4th album, “Free to Be”. Because of some wonderful opportunities presented to me, the costs of my project exceeded the budget I created. I chance not being able to release this project on time and need your help to make it happen. This music has to reach the world. The past year I experienced some real life experiences that were detrimental and heartbreaking. I overcame them and this music has breathed new life into my existence. I want to share it with the world in hopes that it will inspire and bring healing.

Your contribution will help me create and promote this project. I want to submit it to the Grammy Foundation for consideration. It’s JUST THAT GOOD! I believe in this project and I believe in you. Will you join my team and help me?

What You Get For Helping:

The project will cost roughly $12,000. I am trying to raise $5,000 for recording at Woodaworx Studio, production, duplication and radio promotion. I plan to use my savings for the bulk of it. Here are the perks for your generous donation:

$50 and up – a personalized, autographed CD

$200 and up – a personalized, autographed CD and a Kim Scott’s “Block Party Radio” t-shirt

$300 and up – a personalized, autographed CD, a Kim Scott’s “Block Party Radio” t-shirt, and a pair of tickets Kim’s CD Release Concert in Birmingham or Huntsville, AL.

$400 and up – a personalized, autographed CD, a Kim Scott’s “Block Party Radio” s-shirt, a pair of tickets to Kim’s CD Release concert in Birmingham or Huntsville, AL. and a meet and greet there.

$500 and up- a personalized, autographed CD, a Kim Scott’s “Block Party Radio” t-shirt, a pair of tickets to Kim’s CD Release concert in Birmingham or Huntsville, AL., a meet and greet there, and acknowledgement in the CD liner notes.

Even if I don’t reach my goal, your full donation will be appreciated and will go towards this project. My track record shows that you can trust me and my intent. Just listen to any of my previous three records on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or Pandora.”

Support Kim in her campaign here.

Althea Rene – New Album In The Making

Althea Rene is a full-time performing/recording artist and some regard her as a “master of her craft” and one of the world’s most exciting solo improvisational flutists. She made history by being the first artist to have a flute featured single ranked number one on the Billboard Music Charts and Smooth Jazz Charts. Help her record and release her ninth solo project.

This project will feature guest appearances from many of her buddies. Her all-star lineup includes icons like Maysa, Gerald Albright, and Euge Groove. Seasoned producers like Chris “Big Dog” Davis and Demetrius Nabors are guaranteed to bring the swagger that everyone expects. Everyone’s combined energy will help her to deliver a scorching hot project.

To support her fundraising project go to this website.

East Bay Soul – Soul Citizen

East Bay Soul – The Jazz Funk R&B 10 piece band of musicians that’s been making music and touring together since 2008 are poised to launch their third Kickstarter campaign. With two successful all-or-nothing crowd funding projects that produced the highly acclaimed 2015 That’s Life CD and the 2012 East Bay Soul 2.0 CD that solidified the band’s infectious sound are set to go back in the studio.

Greg Adams spearheads the band, the music is horn driven infused with R&B vocals with a wicked funky rhythm section. Collectively they have recorded, performed and toured worldwide with hundreds of artists individually over the span of their careers.

What They Are Making – A Double Vision: The crowd- funding goal is set for $55,000 for both recording projects with 30 days to reach the project’s goal. Soul Citizen is the 4th East Bay Soul album. As Greg tells it “Inspired to create new music for you, by us and with the people that have believed in us most. We’ve already started writing the songs and have some great ideas swirling around to make this our best CD yet!

Sweet Soul Christmas is the first EP – extended play of classic Christmas songs that we have been playing live. Many of our fans have asked for a Christmas CD after our shows and from seeing our live rehearsal videos online. Now we can have it delivered to you just in time for the holidays! It seems like the perfect time to do both!”

The Band: Greg Adams – trumpet and flugelhorn, background vocals • Darryl Walker – lead vocals and tenor sax • Lee Thornburg – trumpet and flugelhorn, background vocals • Greg Vail – alto, tenor saxes and flute, background vocals • Johnnie Bamont – alto, tenor, baritone saxes,and background vocals • Nick Milo • keys • Kay-Ta Matsuno – guitar • Dwayne “Smitty” Smith – bass • Herman Matthews – drums, background vocals • Johnny Sandoval – Latin percussion, background vocals.

Our Goal is to make music that connects a community of music lovers from all over the world.

Why They Need You – East Bay Soul is an independent ensemble with no outside record label or agent. EBS depends completely on their audience to help them make and record their music. “The advantage of that is huge,” says Adams. “We have no one between us. Our music comes straight from our hearts to your ears. It means everything to us to be able to make the music we want and the music you want too!”

For more information visit their website.