Gary Honor – The Pulse


A young Australian smooth jazz saxophonist went on board at Warren Hill’s Smooth Jazz Cruise in 2005 and won the contest “Star Search”. Rightly, he has earned the name Honor. He was kindly enough to give me his debut album Atmospheric (2004), that my positive impression fully confirmed. The more I was pleased that Gary released on the prestigious label Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm his album Heads & Tales (2012).

Years later he returns on this label with his new single The Pulse (2020).

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Brien Andrews – An Early Thursday

Brien Andrews
of Atlanta, GA based Bri’Entertainment creates vocal and instrumental jazz, gospel and soul music.

It’s all about the music, connecting with the music and then making sure the music connects to those that hear it! A consistent “in-the-pocket” drummer with solid grooves that are captivating. Brien Andrews electrifies audiences across the globe with his savvy, mastered and proficient artistic styling. Brien has the ability to play a vast repertoire of music and it is this diversity that makes him a preferred musician.

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Mike Levine – Oh Yeah

South Florida based composer and pianist Mike Levine is according to his biography since 1981 a composer. He wrote for radio and television shows, commercial jingles and for numerous other musicians. He took his first musical steps together with saxophonist Billy Ross, with whom he founded the Ross-Levine Band. The albums That Summer Something (1981) and Humidity (1981) originate from this time. After that he was comfortable being a side man for several years but always continued writing.

Finally he made the first step to his solo career and released From The Heart in 2006. Miami based composer and pianist Mike Levine never understood music as art for art’s sake, but as an interpersonal link and communicative element. Unlike many other musicians who spend their time as multi-instrumentalists in their own studios, Mike seeks contact with his fellow musicians.

So his second album Thinking Of You (2011) also features many musical companions. His third album Star Gazing followed in 2017. He has now released on the 14th, 2020 Valentines day,  his newest album Play It Again Mike. The first single, “Oh Yeah” will grab your attention, smooth with a groove!

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The Smooth Jazz Alley – Tidal

We present you from the upcoming album Let’s Ride by The Smooth Jazz Alley the new single Tidal. The single is featuring keyboardist Marco Montoya,  saxophonist Andy Snitzer, bass player Roberto Vally and guitarist Chieli Minucci of Special EFX. “We love the coast. So we set out to make some feel good vibes that would move you. You may began on the coach, but you also go out Saturday night on the town!” The album will finally be released in March, 2020.

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Darryl Murrill – Get On Up

Darryl Murrill
knows no boundaries when it comes to saxophone excellence. Murrill masters the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones to the delight of his following. Sharing the stage with greats like Tom Brown and Marcus Anderson, Darryl knows the ins and outs of his woodwind instrument. He heads Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel, which is a collection of fine gentlemen who play multiple instruments, sing, and compose in the fusion of the Jazz and Gospel genres.

Murrill loves to share his passion of music. He continues to scale his musical repertoire with the debut of his new single, “Get On Up”, an original song taken from his latest album, My Heart is Yours.

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Marcia Miget – Paradise

We are excited to announce the release of Marcia Miget‘s new single, “Paradise”! It’s the follow up to her 2019 single, “Cruzin”. “Paradise” is an energetic flute-lead song, written and produced by Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis. Executive Director of Miraflores Music Academié for the last three decades, the list of graduates includes educators and performers in all genres. Her Jazz drummer/composer son is Motema Records’ Jaimeo Brown of Transcendence.

Marcia’s music reflects a strong, deep and honest commitment to life.” – Carlos Santana

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Adam Hawley – To The Top


The four years since dropping his debut album has been a bit of a rocket ride for award-winning R&B-jazz guitarist Adam Hawley. Six of his seven singles have gone to No. 1 nationally and he deftly avoided the sophomore slump when his second outing further established the artist as a centerstage solo artist. The stage is now being set for the February 28th arrival of Escape, his third album and first for his new record label, MBF Entertainment.

Hawley produced and wrote eight of the record’s ten tunes featuring collaborations with a constellation of smooth/contemporary jazz luminaries including Rick Braun, Najee, Michael Lington, Jeff Ryan, Marcus Anderson and Greg Manning. Saxman Jeff Ryan is featured on the project’s first single, “To The Top”.

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