Paolo Rustichelli – Hot


Italy was the second country to be ravaged by the novel coronavirus disrupting and threatening life, economics and the freedoms perhaps we took for granted. While encamped at his house near Rome on the coast close to the Tyrrhenian Sea that is part of the Mediterranean basin, forward-thinking multimedia jazz artist Paolo Rustichelli began contemplating life after quarantine while surrounded by ancient Etruscan temple ruins. His vision created the sensual aural and visual feast titled “Hot,” the new single and video impacting radio on May 4. He intends the project to serve as a charm to ward off COVID-19.

“‘Hot’ is a musical hymn implying the take back of our freedom from quarantine as we enter a summer of regeneration from our present burden with coronavirus. Reading between the lines in Europe and what happened in China, I composed a liberating song in March to celebrate regaining health and freedom from the threat and oppression caused by the virus. You can think of this song as a ‘spell’ or a charm to regain our health after a period of self-quarantine, thinking also that in ancient times, charms or spells were generally sung with the aid of musical instruments. ‘Hot’ is dedicated to a new summer of spiritual and physical regeneration,” said Rustichelli who composed, produced and performed the track using electronic plug-ins.

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Naomi Adriaansz – Soulstice


Popular Dutch jazz musician and saxophonist Naomi Adriaansz releases her new EP entitled ‘Soulstice’ on May 1st, 2020. The ‘Soulstice’ EP delivers five of her original compositions. These are intense, energizing, atmospheric, electronically-infused tracks with driving beats and soaring sax solos. Naomi collaborated with Dutch keyboardist and producer Frank Pels in creating her distinctive funky new sound. “The EP has been created from the soul with the aim of uplifting the human spirit”, says Naomi.

This EP is an expected follow-up to the first two singles that Naomi released last year. Especially with her first single release ‘Soul Smile’, she rapidly climbed the smooth jazz charts and reached #1 on several online Internet radio music streaming networks, around the world. From May 1st, 2020 the ‘Soulstice’ EP will be available on all online music platforms like AppleMusic,
Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc. Naomi is looking forward to an exciting 2021 ahead, as well as the potential to tour internationally
and perform her spirited new sound live for audiences worldwide.

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Full Flava feat. Donna Odain – Make It Right


One of Dome Records’ most popular streaming tracks worldwide from the Full Flava catalogue is “Make It Right”, featuring the voice of Donna Odain. It has now been remixed by Bluey and Richard Bull, and this brand new, summery Incognito Remix is released on May 1, together with an equally fine Full Flava 2.0 Mix by the band’s producer Rob Derbyshire.

Co-written by Full Flava producer Rob Derbyshire and vocalist Donna Odain, the beautifully summery Incognito Remix is courtesy Bluey and his long-time collaborator Richard Bull. Donna’s delicious vocal is the highlight of this gently swaying, soulful cut, which is also stunningly remixed by Rob himself on the Full Flava 2.0 Mix. A perfect summer tune…

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DW3 – Let’s Have Fun Tonight


DW3’s new self-titled album on Woodward Avenue Records is so chock full of instant classics, it’s a challenge to find a single entry point that perfectly captures the old school funky, R&B, jazz and Latin fired energy stirred up by the party band turned studio masters Eric and Billy Mondragon and Damon Reel.

To help them flesh out their vision, the trio ensembles with a batch of SoCal’s top studio guns and brings the heavy hitting saxophones of Boney James, Richard Elliot and Eric Darius to the mix. Elliot helps get the album off to a slammin’ start, bringing his high-octane tenor fire (and some well-placed EWI generated vocals) to the loose, freewheeling funk opener whose title, “Let’s Have Fun Tonight,” sets the album’s overall intention.

While DW3 will surely always be playing the arrangements of crowd-pleasing pop and soul classics which made them a sensation among urban jazz fans, their new album lays a foundation for a band creatively transcending their past and embracing a future with no musical limits. Its inspiring to hear them integrate their classic vibe with fresh new sounds, contemporary melodies and songs that draw from all of their influences yet have their own distinctive flow.

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Willie Bradley – It’s On Now

Willie Bradley is a graduate of South Carolina State University, where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career he has become a go -to musician for many of Jazz and Soul music’s greats over the years. Willie’s stage presence includes performances with legends including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Gerald Albright, Walter Beasley, Alex Bugnon, Ronnie Laws, Hiroshima and Marion Meadows.

Bold, yet simultaneously charming; edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, and takes Smooth Jazz to a whole new level.

His new single “It’s On Now” is Willie’s strongest melody, and together with Ragan Whiteside’s contribution on flute a killer song.

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Justin Young – Groove Magic


Justin Young sounds utterly natural when he plays, as if his extraordinary saxophone talent never needed formal training. But those mellifluous lines of soulful notes come through years of study, training and commitment to his love of music, as well as a constant desire to move forward.

“Groove Magic” is the first single/title track from Justin’s new album.

“Groove Magic”
ISRC Code: QMAAK2021059

“As a musician and songwriter, we try to make people feel good. Music has the power to heal. Its something we all need”

– Justin Young

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