Smooth Jazz And Weather – Sunshower


Sunshower the Single from Airborne will Chase the Clouds Away.


Sunshower the single from the contemporary jazz group Airborne embeds the beauty of nature into an amazing and smooth grooving tune that will shine a light of delight to any listener’s ear, mind and body.

A sunshower is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining. These conditions often lead to the appearance of a rainbow.

This feel good theme of Sunshower opens up as a sky with raindrops that groove a heartfelt beat as the haunting wind of the soprano sax colors a rainbow through the clouds with a wondrous joy streaming through the warm rays of sunlight of the other instruments and vocals to create a cool atmosphere of music that is truly Airborne.

Sunshower is the first single from the historic and prestigious release Airborne – 25th Anniversary CD – Silver Skies in 2013 with a wide range of all new compositions filled with that special joyful jazz that fans have enjoyed for many years. Airborne has a beautiful jazz trademark sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion.

Airborne has produced a signature variation of musical conditions to specifically and remarkably chase the clouds away. Jump onboard the Airborne Experience.