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Hi, this is Graham Johnson. For over 16 years I have broadcast the “Early A.M. Attitude” program from community station 2CCRFM90.5 in Sydney, Australia. The station has been re-branded “Alive 90.5”. This goes to air live at 6am each Saturday. For the last 4 years I have been uploading a copy of this program to my website, but this only provided 2 hours of smooth jazz each week.

I now also present “Night Moves” at 7pm Saturdays, featuring many of the older smooth jazz tracks. I know my listeners in Australia and overseas would like more of this music so I have set up this station, aptly named I have been collecting smooth jazz music for 19 years and the program features some new music and some favourites, some well-established artists and some up-and-coming ones as well. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Listen to this station here and also visit the website.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – After Hours

Hosted by Kerri Donovan, After Hours features smooth, fusion and crossover jazz from the 70’s to today. After Hours can be heard on Smooth Jazz Expressions from 9 pm to 1 am Eastern time. You can also join her Mondays at 11 am eastern time for the Smooth Jazz Top 25 on Smooth Jazz Expressions.

For more information go to this website. Videoclips about her broadcasting are here.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Wild And Peaceful

Creator of Wild And Peaceful is music journalist Chris Mann from Manchester, UK. Chris offers funk, soul, and smooth jazz on his station. Chris explains: “I love music. I enjoy all sorts of music but I get really excited when I hear soul, jazz and – most of all – funk.”

Listen to this awesome music here:

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Soft Jazz FM

Soft Jazz FM is responsible for chilling out more people than any other station of it’s genre since 2001. Soft Jazz listens to its listeners. People who tune in to stations on the Live 365 network can vote for their likes and dislikes from the tracks they play. They can even vote with their feet! Yes they even get reports of what you were listening to when you decided to tune away.

Their listeners likes and dislikes are monitored and acted upon. And the favorites stay on the playlist for as long as they stay favorites. However if YOU say it should go, then IT GOES. They believe that it’s THIS policy that has kept them at the top of the Smooth Jazz listings for the last 10 years.

For more information about this radio visit

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Groove FM

For some time, there is a very special web radio on the Internet: The privately run web radio GrooveFM sends each day relaxing jazz sounds from Mainz and Aschaffenburg. You do not know what a web radio? Well, radios emit only once from a normal radio program, but the program only to hear over the Internet. Many stations use it, the sound quality that you’d expect from a conventional CD. So, an improvement compared to conventional FM radio.

Such a radio program established in October 2006, the two music enthusiasts Peter Henning Höld and Schwoerer. In GrooveFM hear relaxing music in the fields of jazz, funk and electronic music. Daily from 06.00 – 03.00 clock in the morning the program is broadcast, which is accessible through the Internet around the globe.

For more information visit their website in German language.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Last FM

Smooth Jazz is a genre mix that is heavily influenced by R&B, Rock, and Pop. It features heavy use of electric instruments a smooth R&B inspired beat and melodies. The smoothness makes it appealing to both core jazz lovers and core R&B lovers.

The Internet radio Last FM offers a great compilation of smooth jazz here. You can choose between your favorite artists and listen to their music.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Berlin

The program of Smooth Jazz Berlin is the adaptation of a very successful American idol. Smooth Jazz, a style of music in the U.S.A. discovers millions of people including Germany. Smooth Jazz is, for example, in contrast to normal Jazz, not interrupted by hard beats. Smooth is just what sounds fluently.

Prominent artists such as Sting, Sade, Nora Jones, Al Jarreau, and George Benson. Smooth Jazz you can not hear, it is alive. The lovers of the “soft music” are connoisseurs without haste. They cultivate a lifestyle to which in addition to the quiet sounds, a good wine, Whiskey or the right cigar can belong. Therefore this radio brings smooth jazz music from the airwaves and in Berlin on stage and offers small concerts in an exclusive setting, with culinary claim.

More information about Smooth Jazz Berlin here.

In keeping with the slogan of the station “More than music”.

Smooth Jazz And Radio –

With midsummer temps hovering near the boiling point, the last thing you want to do is trudge around Internet seeking out tunes to cool down too. No worries, Smooth Jazz Global Radio provides the ice the in your Margarita. Innovative and easy, just navigate your web browser to’s Top 50, Top 50 Indie or check the tunes on the radar at Radar Chart.

Support your favorite artist. Smooth Jazz Global Radio charts give you the info, artist website, buy CDs, download, all by clicking the album cover.

Summer’s sultry temps are sure to chill with never before heard smooth tunes debuting on this season. Always on the cutting edge, the crew brings the music before fans can even purchase it. Global audiences will hear every track two days before the album is available with commentary from Sandy Shore and the artist.

“It’s truly an honor to be invited to play the full album of major recording artists on our station first,” said Sandy Shore, founder of “The crew is also very excited that the summer premieres will reach a new audience with our new iPhone and iPad apps.”

Smooth Jazz And Radio – SwissGroove

A warm welcome to SwissGroove, the web radio reaching by far the world’s largest audience for the unique mix of jazz, funk, soul, world, latin, lounge & nu grooves.

SwissGroove is an Internet radio run as a non-profit organization called “SwissGroove” located in Altstaetten, Switzerland. Its members, under the knowledgeable guidance of Peter Böhi & Thomas Illes, both music aficionados of various genres, aim to play mainly music from artists off mainstream that are rarely played on other radio stations nowadays.

SwissGroove, founded by Patrik Jungo, has been online since May 2003 while SmoothVibes, as a music channel, ran from May 2006 until December 2007. This channel was programmed by Harry Melchior and the current president, Peter Böhi, providing mainly smooth jazz and related styles. Additionally, Peter Böhi runs a website called Smooth Jazz Vibes that has already been online since 1996, informing about the smooth jazz scene in depth. In December 2007 both channel were merged continuing under the “SwissGroove” brand.

The play-list has grown to 19’000 hand-picked tracks (from our countless archive) from the present and the past of various genres and styles, and it is growing daily. The makers don’t believe in the common “Broadcast Architecture” used by many radio stations worldwide. They merely believe in music and only play what they like themselves!

For more information visit

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz FM

SJFM is Sydney’s first 24-hour Smooth Jazz station, broadcasting from Darling Habour, Kings Cross and Maroubra. It encompasses the Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs beaches exclusively.
We also reach part of the affluent North Shore. SJFM proudly caters to a niche market – and a rewarding one.

SJFM forms part of the Robert’s Media Group – specialists in broadcasting, publishing and entertainment promotions for 22 years.

At SJFM, we focus on minimal advertising and maximum smooth music with the competitive advantages of ownership of the station, full-time licences and digital broadcasting studios.
NB : Sydney Smooth Jazz Radio is unique !

For more information about this radio station visit

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Café Jazz Radio

Café Jazz is hosted by the keeper of the Canadian cool, Ted Hasiuk, CSJA Broadcaster Nominee in 2006, 2008, & 2009 ASJA Internet Broadcaster of the Year Nominee for 2010! Always an avid fan of music, Ted Hasiuk first became exposed to the smooth jazz movement while vacationing in the USA back in the late 80s. It was love at first listen and awakened a desire that could only be described as insatiable. After several years of compiling a smooth jazz library, which has evolved into the largest in Canada, Ted with his background as an educator, took to the airwaves in an effort to spread the word!

In early 2007, Ted was nominated as the 2006 CSJA Broadcaster of the Year. Having no prior broadcasting background, he was honoured by the accolade. The following year, Café Jazz went international and achieved a global presence. As of June 2010, the program is carried on 30 stations around the world. With affiliates in Canada, the USA, the UK, Chile, and beyond, Canada’s smooth jazz connection is now also enjoyed in such exotic locales as Taiwan, New Zealand, & Tenerife in The Canary Islands!! Two additional CSJA nominations followed in 2008 & 2009; and with a recent ASJA nomination in the Internet Broadcaster category, Ted is helping make smooth jazz history!

Ted’s passion for music comes through in the selections he chooses as well as in the knowledge he brings to the program through thorough research and interviews. Artists look to Ted for his advice, his genuine interest in their music and his integrity – he’s always considered it a personal privilege to expose and support new artists. Fans can always expect a personal answer to their e-mail and phone calls. In fact, over the years many friendships have developed in this very manner. Now several hundred programs after our premiere edition, the Café Jazz mission remains “to win listeners over one at a time, to have fun, and to showcase the very best in smooth jazz from around the world.”

Listen to Canada’s top smooth jazz radio station here.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Barbara Blake comments about her Internet Radio station:

Sunday Brunch is a marvelous way to reconnect with the gracious side of life that we often miss during the hectic pace of our daily routine. Few things in life are as satisfying as sharing good times with friends old and new. Which is why it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to

For the past 10 years I had the great pleasure of hosting the popular Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch, as we broadcast live on The Wave radio station from several delectable and elegant locations in the Los Angeles area. In the process, it became a Southern California tradition and I learned a lot about what makes a successful brunch from the wonderful people who do such a terrific job every week at the restaurants, the musicians, and from our guests.

We’ve gathered a treasure trove of information from these personal and highly enjoyable times and it’s gratifying to be able to share what we’ve learned with you and to expand the experience to the rest of the world. And because it’s online you can access it at any hour on any day of the week.

Can a Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch lead to World Peace? Sure, why not. All the elements of the universal language are there, music, food, champagne, and most importantly, an open heart and good intentions. Brunch as a tradition and ritual has taken hold all over the world.

When Park Su Ji of Seoul, Korea returned to her home town, after living in New York City for 10 years, she introduced her fellow Koreans to an exotic way to socialize over food: “Brunch.” In the spring of 2005, she opened Suji’s, a restaurant that serves toasted bagels, blueberry pancakes and eggs benedict, among other brunch staples. Park had thought her place would primarily attract Western expatriates, but now, thanks to Park’s pioneering, scores of restaurants in Seoul offer brunch – and they’re filled with South Koreans.

That’s just one example of how thoroughly brunch has become the place to catch your breath, take time out from the cares and responsibilities of daily life, and kick back to enjoy the warmth of friends and family sharing life’s greatest pleasures, wherever you are. It’s happening in Paris, Dubai, Prague, Sydney, New York, London, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and many other places on our planet. People everywhere know a good thing when they find it and flock to it.

What is also a good thing is that if you love music, brunch and good company you’re filled with joie de vivre. This means you’re also likely to be tuned-in and care about the world at large, in all of its variations. Which is why I’ve created Smooth Jazz World – for people like you and me, people on the same wave-length who know how to enjoy life without losing sight of the fact that we’re also here to give back and make the world a better place. In the days ahead, Smooth Jazz World will provide programming that appeals to a wide range of interests.

Our first channel is the Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch because it’s a place to restore the body, mind and spirit so that you’re refreshed and ready to take on life’s tougher challenges with renewed energy.

Take the time to treat yourself and those you care about with special attention. An exquisite Sunday Brunch is always lavish. It’s a time to indulge in every way, not the least of which is the luxurious amount of time you can take to pamper all of your senses. Gourmet cuisine, sparkling champagne, fine wines, scintillating music, beautiful surroundings and cordial company are hallmarks of a Sunday Brunch that will put you back in touch with your better nature.

You’ll find all that and more, right here at

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay

Welcome to the world’s Smooth Jazz destination. Celebrating the Smooth Jazz lifestyle is their passion. From the great music, to the best restaurants and destinations in the Tampa Bay area, captures the unmistakable Tampa Bay vibe that is so unique and cool, you’ll never want to leave.. Enjoy the music and the view! is a LoudCity™ radio station.


Smooth Jazz And Radio – Relaxing Jazz

The home of smooth jazz live from Soufriere, St. Lucia. They are located right next to the “Jalousie Plantation” hotel, and we’re one hour from the international airport via taxi, five minutes via helicopter. A typical one night stay at the Jalousie is $305 USD (808 XCD Eastern Caribbean Dollars) ocean villa or suite. The weather is warm all year round with frequent tropical showers, especially in the summer months. The capital city of Castries is located to the North of the island.

The comment: “We know how much our listeners love the great Jazz music we play every day, we also know how much our visitors love to interact with us & each other. So we welcome you to our brand new website! whether you have been listening to us for years or just stumbled across us, we want you to enjoy your visit and listen to the best relaxing Jazz music on the whole Internet! So sit back, relax and enjoy Relaxing Jazz!”

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth And Jazz is the web’s place to enjoy great smooth and jazz music. Their mission is to provide you with a wide selection of the best sounds that smooth and jazz has to offer. Their motto here is great music, and less interruptions.

That’s the way they feel radio is supposed to work 24/7 non-stop!At they like to hear what you have to say about the music too!Hear your favorite songs and discover new Smooth and Jazz music you’ll love. At this website you also can read some interesting reviews.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz 24/7

Smooth Jazz 247 (That’s Smooth Jazz Twenty Four Seven) is a young Internet radio station.  Their mission is to “keep the smooth jazz flowing”, which they endeavour to do 24 hours a day.  With an impressive line up of DJs each day, plus guest artist DJs from the world of smooth jazz, they aim to be the one place you need to bookmark for the best in smooth jazz radio.

With the years of experience gained from running the World’s biggest smooth jazz Internet station to help them along, they hope that you ‘ll find the music on Smooth Jazz 247 to be just what you’ve been looking for.  Although they have launched this venture with the USA in mind, they look forward to welcoming listeners from other countries.

Presenters are such popular artists and people like Marc Antoine,  Lynn Briggs,  Lynda Clayton,  Nick Colionne,  Euge Groove,  Carmen Kennedy, Jimi King,  Dianna Rose, Stephanie Sales and Oli Silk.

More information is to find at their website.

Smooth Jazz And Radio – Chitown Smooth Jazz

Although many terrestrial smooth jazz radio stations have changed their format. Smooth Jazz is still alive at the Internet. Chitown Smooth Jazz is keeping Smooth Jazz alive and well in Chicago with more than a dozen personalized channels of Smooth Jazz radio, hosted by Danae Alexander!

Listen at Chicago’s place for lush ballades and smooth grooves at