Bob Baldwin – Back To Basics

Pianist/Composer/Arranger Bob Baldwin’s 32nd offering was not planned so soon. His upcoming disc is a jazz-funk offering, and his latest journey with rhythms, vocals and syncopated vibrations continues to intrigue and inspire. The end result is the empathetic new single. ‘Back To Basics (Family First)’.

‘The upcoming disc is a direct result of basically staying home, staying off the road, quarantining, not knowing what’s really happening out there’, says the New York native. “As a result, at home, I got back into a heavy groove of producing, arranging, wanting and performing on several tracks, including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, CeCe Peniston, Ragan Whiteside and Lori Williams. I also, however, squeezed out 11 tracks for myself. I didn’t want the time at home to be wasteful, and in many cases. I found myself needing less, being less dependent from the outside world and keeping things uber-simple Eating better, enjoying family and friends, re-connecting with some great people was the order of the day, hence, my latest creation, ‘ Back To Basics (Family First)’ is a reflection of these moments.

These crazy Corona times were actually peaceful at the home front for me and my family. It saddens me tremendously, however, the amount of great people we have tost in 2020. both in jazz and in my own circle. 2020 will be a year never forgotten as a big hole is in my heart from these losses”

Bob’s upcoming disc has more of an urban twist than the previous organic “Henna”, as he taps on many writers and singers to get him through the project. ‘Lots of new tracks, but I also had to revisit some things that were never released and got them across the finish line’, says Baldwin. “Back to Basics (Family First)’ is his first single from the new project, off the heels of his Sirius/XM smash ‘Long Weekend (See You On Tuesday)”, featuring the aforementioned Whiteside on flute.

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Bob Baldwin – Long Weekend (See You On Tuesday)

Bob Baldwin presents his new single, “Long Weekend (See You On Tuesday)”! It’s the first single from Baldwin’s new CD Henna, set for release in January 2020.

Baldwin’s good friend, flautist Ragan Whiteside is a featured guest artist on “Long Weekend”; Whiteside and Baldwin co-wrote the new single together.

Bob Baldwin grew up in a musical environment. His father, Robert Baldwin, Sr., (1926-2008) was a Jazz pianist who worked with bass legends Keter Betts and Art Davis. He’s also a fan of his elder cousin, legendary jazz pianist Larry Willis (Blood, Sweat and Tears/Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache Band).

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Bob Baldwin – Eleanor Rigby

Pianist/Producer Bob Baldwin‘s multifarious ‘gushings’ of The Beatles began in the 1960’s as a young lad living in the urban surroundings of Yonkers, NY before eventually moving further up the Hudson River. In both regions, however, was one of the power radio stations of the universe, WABC Radio in New York, with golden voices like Cousin Brucie, Harry Harrison, and Dan Ingram, who were playing the pop hits of their time in the 60’s and 70’s.

It was there where Baldwin caught the infamous Beatles bug that had obviously swept the Untied States. The mere fact that there was minimal if any keyboard references on The Beatles catalog was all the rage in the mind of a chord man like Bob Baldwin. It left tremendous room for interpretation and clearly, he took the ball and ran with that opportunity.

Baldwin’s talent is showcased on his stunning instrumental interpretation of the project’s new single, “Eleanor Rigby”.

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Bob Baldwin – Imagine (Living As One)

Keyboardist/producer extraordinaire Bob Baldwin’s 25th CD release is a funky overview of the legends of Pop: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison…The Beatles!

The first single Imagine is a poignant and timely reminder of the original message sent by Lennon several years back, and features saxman Euge Groove. The album also features performances by Cece Peniston and Lori Williams.

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Bob Baldwin – The Brazilian-American Soundtrack

As recollections of Olympian accomplishments fade into our memories, the music of Rio via Grammy-nominated keyboardist Bob Baldwin’s ( “The Brazilian-American Soundtrack” continues to thrive, casting a vibrant and soulful spell of urban-jazz bliss. The critically-acclaimed, 26-song double CD is riding a wave of critical acclaim and multi-format radio spins. Multi-instrumentalist Baldwin meticulously produced and arranged the collection of twenty of his original songs along with a selection of seminal Brazilian jazz classics and R&B hits. Clocking in at more than two hours of sophisticated music, Baldwin’s lavish opus debuted as one of Billboard’s Top 20 Contemporary Jazz Albums and is capable of having the staying power to soar through 2017.


The new disc reignites Baldwin’s affair with the seductive and sensual sounds of Brazil, which first served as his muse on his 2004 love letter, “Brazil Chill.” Three years in the making and recorded on two continents, “The Brazilian-American Soundtrack” is presented in two movements: Rio-Ipanema and New York. Baldwin employed an accomplished cast of Brazilian and Latin musicians – percussionists Café Da Silva, Rafael Pereira and Armando Marcal, and guitarist Torcuato Mariano – to construct the exotic rhythms on tunes such as the energizing first single, “Ipanema Fusion,” “Funky Rio,” “Teardrop” and “Oasis Of Love,” and when reimaging music from masters Antonio Carlos Jobim (“Corcovado”), Ivan Lins (“Anjo De Mim,” “The Island” and “Love Dance”) and Djavan (“Eu Te Devoro”). Baldwin uses first-call session players, vocalists and prominent soloists – Marion Meadows (sax), Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (trumpet) and Marlon McClain (guitar) to name a few – to craft soul-soaked, funk-flavored urban grooves including a pair of tunes (“Maurice” and “The Message”) that pay tribute to Maurice White, the influential creator and leader of Earth, Wind & Fire, who passed away as Baldwin was finishing the record.


On “The Brazilian-American Soundtrack,” melody-rich explorations abound anchored by Baldwin’s agile keyboard, Rhodes and piano artistry. The date, which became Baldwin’s ninth album to hit the Billboard Top 20, also benefits from his soothing tenor voice, bass, drums, percussion, Moog bass, Melodica, strings and clave contributions.


Beyond his 23-album recording career, Baldwin produces, hosts and nationally syndicates ”The NewUrbanJazz Lounge” radio show, leads a production and event planning company, designs and markets a line of men’s hats and has authored two informational books about the music industry.

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Bob Baldwin – MelloWonder / Songs in the Key of Stevie


After two years in the making, MelloWonder / Songs in the Key of Stevie will take flight on June 6, with a single dropping in April…stay tuned.

This is a continuing fundraiser to cover recording expenses of “MelloWonder”, a tribute to Stevie Wonder, due out this May/June. The disc features Chieli Minucci, U-Nam, Marion Meadows, Ryan Kilgore, Ragan Whiteside, Toni Redd, and more….

It is no secret that the digital music landscape combined with the social networks available to artists has prompted massive changes in the way people listen to and deliver musical content to their listeners. With that paradigm shift in full effect, top selling artists have gone the route of crowd-funding to raise funds for independent project.

For the first time, Baldwin has incorporated a string ensemble to his 21st and upcoming disc. Over $20,000.00 has been personally vested into the project to date.

If you want to buy the CD or just support Bob’s project go to this fundraiser site.

Smooth Jazz And Books – Bob Baldwin – You Better Ask Somebody

Staying On Top Of Your Career in the “Friggin’” Music Business is a music handbook that primarily helps prepare aspiring musicians to create a successful career in the music industry.

The handbook, created for high school and college level students, explains how aspiring musicians can create a successful career path and make a name in the industry while maintaining their integrity. It’s also a refresher course for veteran artists and a manager’s reference guide to improve their own work ethic.

After 25 short years of being in the music game, only to watch the industry fall so quickly, gone are the label-funded recording studios with their 20-foot sound boards, coffee runners and all night physical tape edits. Over the years, I studied the business and observed those very few Execs sitting at the top of the pyramid scheme, who built their mansions on your shoulders and the sweat of your backbone, blinged you down to your Mercedes feet while pushing their subliminal messages up on the big video screen and at the end of the day, all you were left was a quarterly bill written in red negatives. Believe it or not, back in the day, it was worse! They used to buy your copyright for a dollar and fed their grandchildren off the heels of your ignorance. At least you got the 12 – carat gold necklace. –Bob Baldwin | Author/Musician

For more information, visit Baldwin’s website at Buy the book at Amazon.