A New Bona Fide CD


A couple weeks ago, my friend Marc Antoine called me up and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He wants to produce a new Bona Fide CD.

My name is Slim Man. I’ve produced and recorded 11 CDs with the Slim Man band. What a lot of folks don’t know is that I have another band, Bona Fide. Bona Fide allows me to write, produce and perform instrumental music. It’s a blast to be able to do that–to be able to explore a different style.

Bona Fide has released 3 CDs, all of which were very well received. We had a number one song, X Ray Hip, from the first CD, Royal Function. We were named Best New Artist at The Oasis Awards in 2001.

Bona Fide is a fun and funky instrumental band. No vocals. Just a lot of incredible musicianship, and some great writing and production, all in the name of fun and funkiness.

Marc Antoine is an amazing guitar player, a wonderful producer and arranger, and a great friend. He was listening to some Bona Fide CDs, and offered to produce a new CD. He offered to write some songs, play guitar, and produce and mix the whole CD. He started sending me some song ideas. They got me all juiced up. Marc is bringing a whole new wonderful flavor and perspective to the Bona Fide sound.

So we’ve decided to do a CD. We want to do 8 songs, and for the 9th song, we want to do something epic…15 or 20 minutes long, something that’s a musical journey, a soulful symphony.

We want to do it right, we need to do the recording, and the mixing and the mastering. In addition to the Bona Fide band, we will include some guest soloists, some Big Name Players. We’ll be recording and mixing all this stuff at Marc’s studio in Madrid, Spain.

How could I refuse? So we are asking for your support, for your help. We have already started, we just need some help in getting this thing finished. It’s gonna be really rewarding…for all of us!

Find out all about the new Bona Fide CD on Kickstarter.  Listen to a song, watch a video…everything you need to know is right here:


Smooth Jazz And Photography – Smoothjazzphoto.com


Smoothjazzphoto.com is the website of photographer Christian Nordström from Munich, Germany. Christian comments:

“For over 30 years I have been working in photography. With the upcoming digital camera revolution, I was able to use the Years of Experience for even more creative work.

In 1998 I founded the Internet & New Media company “Mastermark Ltd.” in Ireland with a German office in Munich. Our portfolio contained the creation of 360° Virtual Tours with Immersive Imaging, Location & Event Photography and classic Web Design.

Today I work as a freelance Press Photographer on numerous Concerts and Events worldwide and as a Publisher of Photographic Books and Calendars.

I only use Nikon Equipment ;-)”