Mattias Roos featuring Michael Lington – Bring It On

A Scandinavian smorgasbord of the tastiest kind, Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos has teamed up with Danish American sax-man Michael Lington for a fresh new take on the wonderful “Bring It On” that first appeared on Roos’ 2019 recording “It Goes On and On”.

Going for adds on October 5, this vibrant, groove laden and totally memorable number is not only everything that mid tempo smooth jazz should be but also one of four bonus tracks that can be found on a deluxe edition of “It Goes On and On” which will be released October 2 on the Skytown Records label.

As well as “Bring It On” (that is included both as the album version and the radio edit) this deluxe offering also features a stunning high-octane remix of the Mattias Roos composition “Masterpiece” and the brand new never previously recorded “River of Love” that underscores the skill Roos has for fusing smooth jazz grooves with an authentic old school vibe.

Although a solo artist and ‘go-to’ keyboard player for several top-flight Swedish performers, many will know Mattias Roos as a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed in 2011 with drummer Peter Gustavsson. Roos has carried some of that distinctive Soweco sound into what is now a burgeoning solo career but with critically acclaimed projects such as “My Story”, “Movin’ Up” and most recently ”It Goes On and On” he has fashioned an identity that is very much his own.

As for Michael Lington, since relocating to Los Angeles from Denmark in 1990 he has built a reputation for being one of the most soulful sax players in smooth jazz. He is also a tremendous live player and early opportunities in this respect came when he joined Bobby Caldwell’s renowned touring band. He has also performed as part of a sold out, coast to coast Barry Manilow tour and as Manilow himself put it “Michael Lington is one hell of a sax player. He absolutely brought down the house every night.”

As a recording artist Lington’s 1997 eponymous debut set the standard for what was to come and now, ten albums later, he is still essential listening for all those who like their smooth jazz spiced with a modicum of soul.

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Timmy Maia – A Song For You

A native of Waterbury, CT, Timmy Maia is a rapid-fire vocalist who goes from Nat King Cole to Ne-Yo, with touches of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson along the way.

Maia’s new single “A Song For You” is produced by Chris “Big Dog” Davis, and features Najee on saxophone.

“My lifestyle is music and i want to reach out to the the hearts of everyone breathing life. I feel that my calling was to touch peoples heart through song.” – Timmy Maia

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Kenny Nightingale – Coltrane To Montgomery


Inspired by John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Dave Koz, Hugh Masekela, Kenny G, Victor Wooten, Charlie Parker, Aaron Neville, Kenny Nightingale is an American based Smooth Jazz recording artist with fusion of Gospel sounds and Contemporary Jazz with World Beat grooves.

His musical background began with a strong family of 8 talented and musically gifted brothers. Kenny’s father is a saxophonist and percussionist whom he always looked up to in his early years. His father owned a musical school in Nigeria, where Kenny first learned the art of playing the saxophone. After mastering the saxophone in the ghetto, he also learned how to play the piano, guitar and drums, then he started teaching his younger brothers at his father’s request because he was the eldest. Nightingale writes songs and creates sound that comes from the deep! He has been filled with a passion and love for music. That alone has confirmed to him that playing angelical sounds of smooth jazz with a unique blend form all parts of the world is what God has commissioned him this day.

Kenny Nightingale Music is now on iTunes. Amazon. Spotify Music.

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Eric Essix – Late Night Drive


Over a period of more than 30 years and 25 full length album releases, Eric Essix has not only maintained a steady flow of new music that continues to push the boundaries of contemporary jazz throughout his career, he appears to have no intention of stopping. This fact is evident with the release of 9 compositions, all written, arranged and produced by Essix called, “Songs From The Deep”. This latest effort by Eric, revisits the artist’s favorite theme, his Birmingham, Alabama southern roots. It is a project that reveals the soul of the man and his music as he continues to reconcile love for his homeland, its culture and its people, with its history.

Though Eric admits his style is very different from that of Wes Montgomery, the legendary guitarist is another major influence. Ten years before the Jaco experience, Eric’s dad played Montgomery’s 1966 album California Dreaming for him. “I had never heard anyone play jazz interpretations of pop melodies until then,” Eric says. “In my naïve mind of a child, I believed the guitar was actually singing the melody. I soon realized that jazz was the natural style of music for an instrument to achieve the same emotions that a vocal could. I started playing guitar two years later.”

“The most fulfilling part of this musical journey has been experiencing, in real time, my evolution as an artist,” Eric says. “My mindset has shifted dramatically and is light years away from when I was a young guitarist first making records, focusing on being flashy and showing people how fast I could play. In those days, it was all about speed and lots of notes, being a gunslinger – but as I have grown as a musician and especially as a person, I like to think I have developed as a composer and songwriter of maturity and depth as well as a guitar player.”

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Selina Albright – Holding On


Like so many Black people, R&B-jazz singer-songwriter Selina Albright is tired and her fatigue has nothing to do with becoming a mother for the first time earlier this year, which was the subject of her latest single to hit the charts, “Discovering.” No, Albright’s exhaustion and discouragement stems from “seeing videos of my brothers and sisters dying in cold blood, their deaths rooted in misplaced fear, their murderers allowed to live freely.” She cowrote and coproduced her forthcoming single, “Holding On,” to call out social injustice and the urgent need for reform. The single drops October 16 and will be promoted at urban adult contemporary and smooth jazz radio formats.

Musically, “Holding On” is an anthemic, multi-genre aural quilt sewn from soulful R&B heart, modern jazz progressions and tones, dramatic rock changes punctuated by drummer James “JRob” Roberson, and ethereal pop vocal harmonies. But it’s the song’s subject matter and lyrical content that is radically new and different for Albright, who has etched her place on the urban-jazz scene with intimate love songs and autobiographical confessions such as those contained on her 2017 debut album, “Conversations.” Her most piercing and provocative cry in “Holding On” is when she passionately repeats “Burn it all to the ground.”

“I frankly find it exhausting and infuriating to see ongoing evidence of oppression without much change. And because writing music is a therapeutic outlet for me, I couldn’t help putting pen to paper about my struggle to maintain hope for the freedom of my people – real freedom to pursue happiness, be our beautiful selves, and to live fully as is our inalienable right. Instead, our rights are seen as privileges by those who work to prevent the impending moment when Black people truly know our strength,” said Albright who wrote the song with her co-producer Chris “Big Dog Davis, David P. Stevens and Kayta Matsuno.

Although “Holding On” is a song that captures present life for Black Americans, its origins date back to a November 2017 recording session between Albright and guitarist Stevens. Stevens awoke with the chord progression in his head and played it for Albright when she arrived in the studio.

“The lyrics were originally written to bring hope and consolation to people with emotional health disorders because at the time, suicides were hitting close to home. Something in my spirit told me not to release the song yet. Since then, the United States has been exposed around the world for its social injustice, the roots and workings of which are so well hidden and indulged by a small fraction of our nation, but whose disadvantages are felt by multitudes,” said Albright, who plans to release an accompanying video for “Holding On.”

As usual, Albright found a way to incorporate her own experiences into the lyrics. After having a series of discussions with friends about their similar experiences of being Black in America, she revisited the song’s lyrics in order to make them more specific to Black people and the fight for social justice.

“I remember the first time my parents told me that because I’m Black, I’d have to work twice as hard as my non-Black peers to accomplish the same result. They also taught me how to dress and behave when certain people were present so that the police wouldn’t be called, and I wouldn’t die. Wouldn’t die! They said my smile and ‘proper’ dialect would be my protection. I’m glad I was warned because the same has been true even in my adulthood. There’s really nowhere to run from it,” said Albright, the daughter of multi-time GRAMMY nominated saxophonist Gerald Albright.

Ultimately, Albright would like to see her message in “Holding On” become obsolete, a dark and distant memory of the past before “we started over using our spirit of power, love and sound minds” to prevail over systematic racism.

“Black people are being herded around the country like cattle, our culture and excellence exploited, rather than kept sacred. We are being poisoned by processed scraps of food, and then given the lowest quality of healthcare. I see many of us losing steam. We can’t afford to do that. We must continue to find the strength to keep holding on until the whole world knows that at the very least, we matter.”

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Source: Great Scott Productions

Raymond Crossley – Smoothalicious


Raymond Crossley, a native Angeleno, came from a musical family. As a kid he spent summers on his uncle’s farm, where there were plenty of instruments. He started his musical calling playing drums, but quickly found that his natural ability for piano far surpassed his passion for percussion. When he figured out Loving Spoonful’s “Summer in the City” at 13, he was on his way.

Ray went to Morningside High and became fast friends with sax player, Fred Johnson. The two of them would play together, forming various bands that would play the iconic club, Maverick’s Flat. Seen by several musicians, he was repeatedly asked to tour worldwide while still in his mid-teens. Crossley found himself performing with The Brothers Johnson, Cheryl Lynn, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Pointer Sisters, Barry Manilow, Smokey Robinson, Tata Vega, and Howard Hewett to name a few.

One night, Crossley caught the attention of Motown’s Hal Davis while on stage at Maverick’s Flat. Davis brought Ray together with Curtis Nolen and Motown had a new duo – Nolen and Crossley. Ray has performed on several artist’s tracks and has written hundreds of songs. One notable single was the title song written with Maurice White and Ralph Johnson of the Grammy nominated Earth, Wind and Fire album “The Promise”.

Ray is a sought-after writer/producer/keyboardist who is now giving us a sample of his artistry with “Smoothalicious”.


Produced By Ray Crossley
Executive Produced by Ralph Johnson
Writer – Ray Crossley (ASCAP)
Pub – Raytunes777 Publishing (ASCAP) and Milk, Cabbage & Gumbo Music (ASCAP)

Keyboards and Programming – Ray Crossley
Guitar – Mike Wells
Bass Guitar – Leslie King
Percussion – Ralph Johnson
Horns – Jeff Lewis
Mixed by Dave Rideau
Mastered by Ron Boustead for Resolution Mastering

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Dave Koz – Side By Side

Dave Koz teams up with David Sanborn, his all-time saxophone hero, on “Side By Side.” The new song, which is being serviced to Smooth Jazz radio, is from Koz’s forthcoming album, A New Day, which will be released on October 9 – exactly 30 years and one day after the release of Koz’s self-titled debut album.

Although Koz and Sanborn have toured together, “Side By Side” marks their first recording together. The two sax greats wrote “Side By Side” with Rick Braun, Philippe Saisse and Alice Soyer. Braun produced, recorded and arranged the track and plays trumpet, trombone and keyboards. In addition to playing keyboard and B3 organ, Saisse took on additional production, recording and arranging duties.

Koz says, “Collaborating with David Sanborn on this song was an opportunity to celebrate these last 30 years by going back to my roots. He’s not only been a hero of mine since I started playing but has become a good friend and trusted colleague. It was SUCH a shot in the arm, personally and professionally, to work with him, Side By Side. I was really excited when he responded positively to me asking if he’d like to write and perform a song together. When he sent back the track featuring his alto, it honestly felt like an out-of-body experience for me.”

The focus of the song is obviously on the two Daves, but Rick Braun and Philippe Saisse are also responsible for making this a really interesting track musically. It was awesome having their deep musicality to draw from as well as their amazing arsenal of sounds to add in the mix.

“Thematically, “Side By Side” is about friendship and “leaning on your friends” even when you can’t physically lean on them. Besides the opportunity to record with a true master of the saxophone for the first time, this song for me is about creating that Side By Side feeling. We all need that kind of comfort so badly now, the comfort of leaning on our friends.”

“Side By Side” featuring David Sanborn

Written by Rick Braun, Philippe Saisse, David Sanborn, Alice Soyer
and Dave Koz
Wylie Kylie Songs (ASCAP); Dorian 2000 Music (ASCAP); Hiatus Music (BMI); Alice Soyer Music (ASCAP); DKLA Music (BMI)

Dave Koz – alto saxophone
David Sanborn – alto saxophone
Philippe Saisse – keyboards, B3 organ
Rick Braun – trumpet and trombone, keyboards, programming
Nathan East – electric bass
John (JR) Robinson – drums
Tony Pulizzi – guitar
Arthur Thompson – percussion

Produced, recorded and arranged by Rick Braun
Additional production, recording and arrangement by Philip

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Herb Alpert – Herb Alpert Is

Legendary trumpeter/philanthropist’s Herb Alpert new box set will be released on October 2. This new release from Herb Alpert presents the definitive retrospective on the illustrious career of one of America’s most unique musical voices, Herb Alpert! Containing 63 tracks culled from 6 decades of the trumpeter’s classic recordings, HERB ALPERT IS… is the perfect companion piece to the new 2020 feature length documentary of the same name.

The October 1 movie premiere on Facebook will be accessible from Herb’s official page will also be cross-posted on multiple other pages. The livestream will also be syndicated to Herb’s official YouTube and Twitter pages, as well as Herb’s website.

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Lamont Dozier – I’m Gonna Take My Time

When it comes to enduring musical legacies, it’s always inspiring when the melodic, grooving evergreen apples drop so close to the tree. The son and namesake of legendary singer, songwriter and record producer Lamont Dozier – one third of the famed Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting and production team – Lamont Dozier, Jr. grew up a child of Motown, steeped in and influenced by gospel, jazz and old-school R&B and immersing in the magic and creative mentorship of the likes of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross.

More than simply living up to the promise of his unique lineage, he has forged a unique path towards his musical destiny. Since his first live performance at the age of 15, the Detroit born and raised, Las Vegas based Lamont has developed an extraordinary, multi-faceted career as a bandleader, club headliner and creative force behind the scenes, clocking studio time and sharing stages with everyone from The Temptations and Aretha Franklin to contemporary urban jazz greats Dave Koz, Rick Braun, Gregg Karukas and Greg Manning, and working on show productions featuring Jennifer Hudson and Jay Leno.

Dozier’s new single “I’m Gonna Take My Time” is a hip, dreamy and heartfelt contemporary R&B ballad about a guy who’s rushing home to his loved one “at the speed of sound,” promising to get there as soon as possible.

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Danny Lerman – Blueberry Pie

Danny Lerman is a riveting saxophonist and composer. Danny has studied with Junior Walker’s legendary teacher, Charlie Atkins and at the music school of the University of North Texas and the Berklee School of Music. Danny’s CD’s Danny’s Island (Chartmaker Jazz) and Meow Baby (Lightyear/EMI) earned stunning reviews, opening the door to international airplay, festivals and concerts in Finland, Venezuela, South Africa, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Turkey, Hong Kong, Mexico, Israel, and the USA.

Lerman has recorded and performed with Howard Hewett, Danny Boy, Bobby Lyle, Norman Connors, and Jimmy Mngwandi. Danny has performed with Peabo Bryson, Kevin Mahogany and Onder Focan, and recorded with Randy Brecker , Dave Valentin, and Hubert Laws. Additionally, Lerman has opened for Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Sergio Mendez, Richard Elliot, David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, and Joe Lovano among others.

Lerman’s melodic new single “Blueberry Pie” was co-written and produced by Adam Hawley.

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Nathan Brown – Oxygen


After experimenting with several instruments during his childhood and discovering that members of the opposite sex aren’t interested in guys who play baritone horn, Nathan Brown decided to take up electric bass. He began playing seriously at the age of 15, and has been tearing up the Detroit and L.A. music scenes ever since with his distinct brand of intelligent, funky, jazz-infused bass. Nathan currently performs as a member of the Scott Wilkie Band and as a session player for various other artists in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Nathan earned an A.A. in music from Henry Ford College, but attributes some of the best learning in his perpetual musical education to the time he spent in the Detroit music scene. It was in Detroit that Nathan met flutist Alexander Zonjic. As a member of Zonjic’s band from 1986-1993, he performed with some of the world’s most eminent jazz artists, including Bob James, Earl Klugh, and Kirk Whalum. In 1993, Nathan moved to southern California and eventually hooked up with Detroit buddies Scott Wilkie (the Scott Wilkie Band) and Randy Jacobs (Boneshakers).

His new single Oxygen is his first as solo artist. Nathan has written the song and played bass. Jeff McCullough produced and played keyboards. Patrick Yandall played guitar and Scott Williamson drums.

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Dee Lucas – Feeling You

National recording artist/Atlanta saxophonist Dee Lucas has been steadily growing his brand and fan base since 2004.

As as runner-up in the 2007 Capital Jazz Festival Competition, Dee Lucas has opened for a plethora of artists such as Boney James, Norman Brown, Ronnie Laws, Nnenna Freelon, Hugh Masekela, Gregg Karukas, Peter White, Nick Colionne, and Michael Franks just name a few. He has performed at several jazz festivals such as The Arizona Jazz Festival, The Jacksonville Jazz Festival, The Savannah Jazz Festival, and The Atlanta Jazz Festival.

From his upcoming album The Time Is Now (release date September 18)  Dee Lucas presents his new single Feeling You, which was written by Darryl Williams and Orlando (Dee) Lucas.

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Dave Koz – A New Day

I’m thrilled to announce that a brand new Dave Koz album is coming this October, thirty years and one day after the release of my debut album! And this one (my 20th) is unlike any other I’ve ever made, having been conceived and recorded completely under the umbrella of Covid-19. It’s called A New Day. And the sole purpose of making this album was to provide a sense of hope, comfort and good feeling to all of those whose lives have been so transformed by this pandemic.

In celebration of the project, (my first album of original material in 10 years), we are doing something special and unique for you, our incredible fans, by releasing 6 songs from the album in a new and creative way before the full album’s release October 9th. The campaign is called “Colors Of A New Day”.

Each Friday starting August 28th and for 6 consecutive Friday’s, I’ll tell a story and play another song from the new album, using a different color as a backdrop. The first song is “Summertime In NYC”, featuring Brian McKnight, and the color will be RED. Followed by the next song the following Friday, when the color will be ORANGE and so on. Every week, another song and another color! I’d love to see you get in on the action as well, so if the mood strikes and you want to wear the color of the week as you listen, send us a photo of yourself and we’ll do our best to post it!

As a teaser, beginning this Thursday August 27th, I will join SiriusXM Watercolors host Talaya to premiere the song of the week on national radio. We will do that with all 6 songs each Thursday at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT!

By the end of this campaign, we will have formed a RAINBOW of colors…a nice metaphor for where we are in the pandemic, in that I truly believe there is a rainbow waiting for all of us at the end of all this. We aren’t there yet of course, and have a long way to go…but intuitively we know better days are coming. We’re heading to A New Day.

And while we’re on our way, we’re going to use music to get us there, smoothing our journey forward.

That’s the Colors Of A New Day!

As always, I look forward to having you along for the ride ahead, and I thank you for all you’ve contributed to this true blessing of a career you have gifted me with, thirty years and counting. I am eternally grateful, and can’t wait for the next chapter!

With love and gratitude, always.

Dave Koz

Justin Lee Schultz joins Shanachie Entertainment


13 Year Old Prodigy To Be Joined On November 2020 Recording Debut By Bob James, Harvey Mason, Najee, Jonathan Butler, Gerald Albright, Pieces Of A Dream & More.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and based in Durham, NC, musical wonder-kid Justin Lee Schultz is the good news you did not even know you needed. He is joy personified. The multi-instrumental wizard who has dazzled audiences on TV shows Harry, Little Big Shots and American’s Most Musical Family, is a prodigy in the fashion of his idols Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. His talent is exceptional not merely because he is young but also due to his melodic, harmonic and technical maturation. While his peers are learning the latest Tik Tok dances and amassing kills on Fortnite, Justin prefers studio time and woodshedding for hours. While social distancing has most people jamming at home with their families, Justin has literally been jamming with his musician father and bassist Julius and 16-year-old sister and drummer Jamie-Leigh. “Music brings me joy because I can express myself when I play. I can also get creative when I’m improvising,” shares the amiable, cherub faced and charismatic 13-year old who has aspirations to one day share the stage with Wonder and Herbie Hancock, as well as Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Jacob Collier, Cory Henry and Robert Glasper. Justin, who plays piano, guitar, bass guitar and talkbox, devotes five to seven hours each day to his musical craft. His anticipated Shanachie Entertainment debut will be released November 2020.

Shanachie VP of Jazz A&R Danny Weiss, who was instrumental in producing another young prodigy, the pioneering jazz-fusion guitarist Larry Coryell states, “The words prodigy and genius do not do him justice. The warmth, the maturity, the feel, the brilliance… these are qualities that only a handful of artists can hope to attain, regardless of their age.” Justin Lee Schultz’s anticipated label debut will unite him with some of the biggest names in contemporary jazz including Bob James, Harvey Mason, Najee, Gerald Albright, Jonathan Butler and Pieces of A Dream, among others. Justin also welcomes his friend and fellow prodigy, youthful Brazilian bassist Michael Pipoquinha on a track, and his sister, drummer Jamie is featured on four tracks. While Justin and his father share the producer hat for much of the recording, they did enlist help from such heavyweights as Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown and Kim Waters, who lend their Midas touch and perfectly showcase Justin’s dazzling talents.

Within 30 seconds of experiencing Justin in his musical element, it is apparent that he was born with a gift. His father Julius shares, “When Justin was five I called him and Jamie up on stage together to play at one of my concerts. It was then that I knew I had something special. It wasn’t my intention for my kids to play music, but when they showed interest and started playing and showing incredible potential, I knew I had something special on my hands. Every time I hear them play, I’m super proud.” Justin cites his dad as his main inspiration. “God blessed me with my musical gift but my dad guided me and nurtured it!” he says.

With a new CD on the way, Justin Lee Schultz has high hopes. “The ultimate dream is to win or even get nominated for a Grammy!” exclaims Justin. “I also hope that I can give people feel joy and happiness when they listen to my music!”

Source: Shanachie Entertainment

Brien Andrews – Don’t Dance Just Groove

It’s all about the music, connecting with the music and then making sure the music connects to those that hear it! A consistent “in-the-pocket” drummer with solid grooves that are captivating. Brien Andrews electrifies audiences across the globe with his savvy, mastered and proficient artistic styling. Brien has the ability to play a vast repertoire of music and it is this diversity that makes him a preferred musician.

Brien has accompanied many great artists such as “Dreamgirl” Jennifer Holliday, Kelly Price, Monica, and Gospel Greats: Pastor Donnie McClurkin, LaShun Pace, Ted & Sherie, and PJ Morton. He has also toured with playwright Tyler Perry in “Madea’s Family Reunion”, “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”, “I Know I’ve Been Changed” and Bishop T.D. Jakes’ “Women Thou Art Loosed”. Brien is also an entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Bri’Entertainment, LLC.

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Adam Hawley – Escape

Six #1 hits. 60+ dates per year. Adam Hawley‘s first two albums stormed up the charts in unprecedented fashion setting the stage for his third release, “Escape.” The album features guest appearances by Najee, Rick Braun, Michael Lington, Marcus Anderson, Jeff Ryan and Kat Hawley.

Adam has also been a guitarist to the stars, appearing with a who’s who list of artists in a wide variety of genres. Credits include Dave Koz, Jennifer Lopez, Brian Culbertson, Natalie Cole, Brian McKnight, and American Idol to name just a few.

He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California and currently teaches at Musician’s Institute, Chaffey College, and Saddleback College.

Hawley’s new single/title track “Escape” features Rick Braun on trumpet. It’s the follow-up to the #1 single, “To the Top”.

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Player A and John Eric Copeland – The complete CD Bundle package

Player A  has an interesting offer for all listeners: Their CD Bundle package includes all Player A CDs but also many others of John Eric Copeland. Here is the info:

It starts with the brand new Player A CD released this week on John Eric’s birthday called “Sand Dollar In My Suitcase” It’s a new album of sambas, bossa novas, and Caribbean-flavored music that will make you feel like you are sitting next to the ocean. As usual with Player A, it features all the great session players from Nashville like Mark Baldwin, Gary Lunn, and many more. It also features. John Eric on vocals. Can you imagine?

But, as they say, that’s not all. In fact it’s only the beginning. They are also offering 7 other CDs as part of this including Our Own Devices, their first full CD, and The Jazz in Me by yours truly, the full CD from Player A before they were Player A. Also included is the remix CD from 2019 called “Devices, Techniques & Mechanisms”.

Also, they are offering both the Quiet Soul PIano records, which feature Copeland’s solo piano music. Also included are older albums of John Eric himself, including “Cooler” his very first CD way back in 1999 and the aptly names”Creative Soul”, an EP he made way back in the day.

That’s 8 CDs, and John Eric will be glad to sign them too.

To get this deal, please go to:

Boney James – Full Effect

“A solid relationship is when someone has your back and will stand by your side no matter what,” explains Boney James about the title of his new CD. “Solid is a word that has a few meanings, but this one really resonated with me and became the theme of the record.” Solid is the four-time GRAMMY nominated saxophonist’s seventeenth album as a leader and will be released by Concord Records, April 17, 2020. Solid follows up his smash 2017 release Honestly which became his eleventh #1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album.

Sometimes, inspiration is slow in coming, evasive and stubborn. Other times, if an artist is very fortunate, it simply flows, the music practically writing itself. That’s how Solid, the latest release from Boney James came to be. “This record really flowed at an unusually quick pace,” Boney says. “There was a lot of positive energy in making this music. Solid is a very upbeat record. As I was writing them, these songs put a smile on my face.” All of Solid’s eleven tracks were produced and written or co-written by James. Three songs-“Full Effect,” “Tonic” and the title track-were built from licks played at sound-check by touring guitarist Kendall Gilder on the road in support of Honestly. “I said, hey, what’s that riff you’re playing?” James recalls, “And Kendall said, ‘that’s just something I’m messing around with.’ I got my iPhone and recorded them, then took it home and wrote the songs!”

James crafted many of the song titles (“Fresh Air”, “On The Path”, “Tonic)” to play off this theme, “Similar to my last CD Honestly, this new music is a reaction to how stressful the world feels these days. Music is a respite, it’s always ‘solid’ and it never lets me down.” Boney James’ personal relationship with music has never been anything but solid. Picking up the sax at age 10 in his native New Rochelle, New York, “I immediately loved it, and it pretty quickly became my favorite thing to do.” By the time he entered his teens, James was gigging with bands, and he turned pro at 19. He apprenticed as a sideman for artists like Morris Day, The Isley Brothers, Teena Marie and many others, touring and doing sessions for seven years before cutting his first solo album in 1992. The independently released Trust led immediately to a major label deal and a string of increasingly successful recordings and nonstop touring. Now a four-time GRAMMY nominee with four RIAA Gold records and career sales topping three million units, James continues to defy musical genres; A two time NAACP Award nominee, a Soul Train Award winner and named one of the Top 3 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Decade.

James, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 34 years Director/Actress Lily Mariye, says he’s looking forward to heading out on the road and seeing how the Solid material evolves from night to night. “I love playing live, maybe more than I ever did. A lot of guys get tired of the traveling but it’s still a joy for me every time I go out there and play.” It’s still a joy to his multitude of fans too. “I try to ‘be there’ for the people who are interested in my music,” says James, “to be Solid in that relationship and to not let anybody down. I often get great compliments from the people that come to my shows, that I ‘never disappoint’ them, and that’s very gratifying to me. That’s what I was trying to express with this title, that sense of character… to stand for something principled.”

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Alex Churchill – Best Of Me

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Alex Churchill started playing the saxophone when he was nine years old. He studied under kiwi saxophonist Brian Smith (Maynard Ferguson Band, Nucleus) and afterwards went on to study Jazz Performance at the New Zealand School of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree with First Class Honors. He also competed at the 2009 New Zealand Youth Jazz Competition, where he was awarded the highest honor at the competition – the trophy for the “Most Outstanding Young Musician”.

After completing his musical studies in 2012, he began exploring other genres of music, most notably RnB, Soul and Smooth/Contemporary Jazz while he was playing saxophones, flute and keyboards for seven years backing vocalist and guitarist extraordinaire Andréa Lisa (Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler).

In 2014, Alex became an official RS Berkeley Performing Artist. He is an endorser of their Virtuoso Black Nickel Tenor Saxophone, Virtuoso Unlacquered Alto Saxophone, and Volaré Flute. Alex is currently in the process of completing his first solo album, with it’s release planned for 2021.

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Chase Huna – Dynamic Duo



Chase Huna is an up and coming saxophonist who blends pop, electronic, and contemporary jazz into his style of playing. From the early years, Chase has enjoyed playing alongside some of the greatest musicians in contemporary jazz such as Rick Braun, Peter White, Steve Oliver, Richard Elliot, Eric Darius, Greg Manning, Jeff Kashiwa and so many others.

Since the release of his debut album ‘On The Chase’, Chase has performed at some of the most popular jazz festivals and venues around the country such as the Catalina Jazz Festival, Balcones Heights Jazz Festival, Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Spaghettini’s Jazz Club and many more! Chase released his newest album ‘Life Of The Party’ in January 2020 and is having much success with the much success with the album and radio single ‘Dance’ and ‘Dynamic Duo’! Chase’s goals are looking to further his career as a live performer and song writer!

His new single “Dynamic Duo” is co-written by Chase Huna and Steve Oliver.

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Bob Baldwin – Back To Basics

Pianist/Composer/Arranger Bob Baldwin’s 32nd offering was not planned so soon. His upcoming disc is a jazz-funk offering, and his latest journey with rhythms, vocals and syncopated vibrations continues to intrigue and inspire. The end result is the empathetic new single. ‘Back To Basics (Family First)’.

‘The upcoming disc is a direct result of basically staying home, staying off the road, quarantining, not knowing what’s really happening out there’, says the New York native. “As a result, at home, I got back into a heavy groove of producing, arranging, wanting and performing on several tracks, including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, CeCe Peniston, Ragan Whiteside and Lori Williams. I also, however, squeezed out 11 tracks for myself. I didn’t want the time at home to be wasteful, and in many cases. I found myself needing less, being less dependent from the outside world and keeping things uber-simple Eating better, enjoying family and friends, re-connecting with some great people was the order of the day, hence, my latest creation, ‘ Back To Basics (Family First)’ is a reflection of these moments.

These crazy Corona times were actually peaceful at the home front for me and my family. It saddens me tremendously, however, the amount of great people we have tost in 2020. both in jazz and in my own circle. 2020 will be a year never forgotten as a big hole is in my heart from these losses”

Bob’s upcoming disc has more of an urban twist than the previous organic “Henna”, as he taps on many writers and singers to get him through the project. ‘Lots of new tracks, but I also had to revisit some things that were never released and got them across the finish line’, says Baldwin. “Back to Basics (Family First)’ is his first single from the new project, off the heels of his Sirius/XM smash ‘Long Weekend (See You On Tuesday)”, featuring the aforementioned Whiteside on flute.

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Kei Chaney – Jazz Times

Kei Chaney is a talented first tenor vocalist who lives in the City of Brotherly Love. His father, a gospel soloist, his mother, a lover of jazz, and his oldest sister, a pianist, all influenced Ken (aka Kei). He studied the piano at the age of nine; and was the youngest vocalist to perform with the legendary Duke Ellington at his “sacred concert” at the age of thirteen. In 1972, he sang with the R&B group “The Majestics”. He later moved on to stage plays and the jazz club circuit. (He loves to scat!)

Performing as a solo artist and group singer with many known producers such as Norman Harris, Sam Reed, Eugene (Lambchops) Curry, and many more. Ken’s vocal range is from baritone to first tenor.

Kei’s new single “Jazz Times” features trumpeter Lin Rountree. “Jazz times” is written and produced by Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis.

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Love Today Project – Love’s In Need Of Love Today


Greg Manning produced this classy cover of a timeless, and timely Stevie Wonder classic. Greg’s Love Today Project kicks off with a soulful rendition of “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”. It’s a reminder of what the world needs right now.

A collaborative effort that blends the smooth tones of vocalists Matt Cusson and Rebecca Jade, with the seasoned and soulful sound of guitarist Darryl Crooks and saxophonist Najee. All graciously agreed to contribute their talents for free, as the proceeds will go to the NAACP Legal Fund and the Equal Justice Initiative.

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So Cal Sound Collective – Marisa

As human beings, we’re all struggling in one way or another to feel “normal” right now. Even under the best circumstances, the arts have always played a role in keeping us sane and keeping us connected. Musicians are hungry to get back to their calling, to unify people through the music they make—an activity usually done in the company of others. But challenging times call for creative responses, and thanks to today’s music technology, virtual ensembles can create from their separate home studios.

Founders Kevin Walt (bass) and Steve Kuhn (drums) formed So Cal Sound Collective in the spirit of making music beyond the confines of any four walls. Their first single “Marisa” features 3-Time Grammy winning saxophonist Tom Scott, Ray Yslas (percussionist) of legendary rock band Chicago, Joel Paat (piano), Michael Fash (keys), and Adam Castillo (guitar). Expect to hear more from SCSC soon, because now more than ever, we need the music!

WaKaNa – Go For The Sound

Chiba, Japan born saxophonist WaKaNa is member of the upcoming band LUCA and in Korea and China of the band IN YA MELLOW TONE. Her first solo project was Saxcess Story (2018). The album was produced by keyboardist Greg Manning, who also performs on six of the eight tracks.

Now she presents her new single Go For The Sound, released since July 4, 2020 ft. Darren Rahn, and Koh Mr. Saxman.

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Joe Rozum – Grease Funk

Seamless fusion of Smooth Jazz and pop – this is what best reveals Joe Rozum as an artist and composer. His signature sound may be soothing piano ballads, but Rozum is well known for violin duets and performances with a full band.

His music has inflections of cool blues, soundtrack themes, gospel, and a hint of classical, which come from many musical influences ranging all over the map … Billy Joel, Elton John, David Foster, Diane Warren, Yanni, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jim Brickman, Quincy Jones, Phil Vassar, Yolanda Adams, Oleta Adams Andre Crouch, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Carole King, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gino Vanelli, Jamie Cullum, Lionel Ritchie, John Williams, Hans Zimmer & David Arnold. The list can probably go on and on with such great musicians… and of course the great music of Elvis and The Beatles.

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Byron Miller – Real Love

Just when Funk Mugs thought it was safe to glide again in a funk free air zone, bassist Byron Miller, a.k.a. “Psychobass,” has returned to re-funkify the sky-ways with some musical ESP – Extra Sensory PlushFunk – purposed for re-calibrating hearts and spirits to the vibrations of Peace and Love…Indivisible…under Oneness 4 All.

In the `70s when funky lead electric bass rose up from the earth like an infectious enveloping vapor, there were many memorable bass lines…but only a palm-full of legendary bass solos. One was played by a 19 year-old out of Detroit circa `77. The song was “Reach For It” by George Duke. The bassist was Byron Miller. This solo indelibly identified the sound of Byron’s talking bass, a style that borders between a reverent sermon and woof ticket/street corner smack. Both melodic and percussive, the Byron Miller bass sound is as intoxicating as Pouilly-Fuissé wine from a brown paper sack, unimpeachable funky, instantly recognizable and clearly sourced from someone just a bit touched about the brain. No wonder legend has it that this soul brother is orbiting Earth not just as Byron Miller but also as his alien alias…Psycho Bass.

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Eric Darius – Summer Feelin’

For Eric Darius there are no limitations when it comes to breaking new ground. He is internationally known as an elite Jazz/R&B/Pop Saxophonist, Songwriter, Producer, and Performer. Eric’s music innovatively crosses over all music boundaries from Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, to Pop, creating a very distinctive, fresh sound and approach that is uniquely his own. He has shared the stage with innumerable world renown, Grammy Award-winning artists, such as Prince, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, David Foster, Carlos Santana, Babyface, Wynton Marsalis & George Benson and he’s been featured on FOX’s hit TV show, The X Factor, and TNT’s hit drama series, Mob City. Eric is building bridges, forging new paths and ensuring that his heartfelt, organic and honest approach to the music will stand the test of time.

Darius believes in giving back to today’s youth in the form of education. His On A Mission in the Schools initiative include making regular appearances to speak and perform with students from elementary and middle schools to high schools and at the college level. “I benefited greatly from the music-arts programs, and education is very important to me,” says Darius. “I’m an advocate for music in the schools and I want to help keep it alive. It’s important to me to expose kids to Jazz, encourage them to follow their dreams and inspire them to play musical instruments. I feel I have a responsibility to pay it forward, encourage the next generation and help preserve the future of music.”

Eric’s new single “Summer Feelin'” is the first single from his forthcoming new album. We love it!

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Artaska – Spontaneous

Violinist and Composer Artaska is known for her powerful, yet soulful voice and violin playing. It is impossible to not want to dance and feel good when hearing her grooves.

“There’s no denying the power of Artaska’s voice, which merits some legitimate Billie Holiday comparisons. Her rhythm section is impressive as well, and she’s got an engaging presence onstage.” ~ Milwaukee Record

Classically trained since the tender age of 4 years old, Artaska mastered the crafts of violin and singing through the involvement with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and many other orchestras and ensembles infusing her influences in every note. Her new single is Spontaneous.

Brad Alexander – Straight Up


We are excited to announce the release of Las Vegas keyboardist Brad Alexander‘s new single, “Straight Up”! It’s the first single/title track from his forthcoming new album, set for release on BCB Entertainment. On “Straight Up”, Brad teams with Adam Hawley, and you will hear Hawley’s soulful, energetic influence on the new single.

“Straight Up”
Written by Adam Hawley and Brad Alexander
Produced and mixed by Adam Hawley

Piano: Brad Alexander
Sax: Donald Hayes
Drums: Eric Valentine
All other instruments: Adam Hawley

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Ragan Whiteside – JJ’s Strut

JJ’s Strut is a feel-good song for the ages, treating the listener to a much needed 4-minute break from the craziness of 2020. It is the 3rd single from Jazz/Soul flautist Ragan Whiteside‘s upcoming album “Five Up Top”, to be released in October.

“JJ’s Strut” (named after Ragan and Dennis’ adorable daughter, JJ) was produced by industry veterans Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin. It follows on the heels of Billboard Top 10 singles, “Jam It” and “Reminiscing” which reached #2 and #8 respectively.

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Isaac Edwards – Bird Rock

Isaac Edwards
graduated from North Central University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance (Saxophone). He went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Music (Jazz Studies) from California State University Long Beach, where he studied extensively with renowned jazz saxophonists, Eric Marienthal and Jeff Clayton (Clayton-Hamilton Big Band).

Isaac has opened for renowned artists such as Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith and has performed at Paisley Park (the late Prince’s extraordinary private estate). He has performed and recorded with multiple top-notch musicians including Malcolm-Jamal Warner (a.k.a. Theo from the Cosby Show), Kirk Whalum (saxophonist for Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”), Eddie Bullen, Liberty Silver, John Blackwell (Prince), Michael Bland (Prince), Tommy Barberalla (Prince) and Darryl Williams. Additionally, he has had the honor of playing with the Bernie James sextet and Gary Greene’s Big Band of Barristers in Los Angeles.

His new single “Bird Rock” is written and produced by Isaac Edwards, mixed by Darren Rahn, and mastered by Steve Hall.

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Patrick Bradley – Reinvention

Keyboardist Patrick Bradley‘s new single, “Reinvention” is the first single/title track from his forthcoming new album.

On his new single, Bradley again teams with legendary producer/keyboardist, Jeff Lorber. You will clearly hear Lorber’s signature production on “Reinvention”.

Written by Patrick Bradley
Produced by Jeff Lorber

Piano: Patrick Bradley
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Drums: Gary Novak
Additional keyboards: Jeff Lorber

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Paul Brown – Notorious

Along with our friends at Woodward Avenue Records, we are excited to announce the release of double Grammy winner Paul Brown‘s new album, Ones Upon A Time, as well as the project’s first single, “Notorious”! Ones Upon A Time will be available worldwide on Friday, August 14.

Over the years since Paul Brown became one of contemporary urban jazz’s premiere hit makers as a producer and artist, it’s become harder to keep track of how many Billboard #1 smashes he has amassed since breaking through producing Boney James in the early 90s. Is it 60? 70? 75? The two-time Grammy winner makes it slightly (and soulfully, seductively and delightfully easier by gathering a batch of his favorite chart-toppers produced for himself and other artists (Boney, Bob James, Larry Carlton, Kirk Whalum, George Benson) and re-imagining them for his cleverly titled upcoming collection “Ones Upon a Time” – his tenth album as a solo artist.

If the sensual atmospheres and deeply inviting, seductive groove at the start of the set’s lead single “Notorious” sound familiar, it’s because it was not only a smash for Rick Braun 23 years ago (from his 1997 album Body and Soul), but has been a staple at hundreds of the trumpet great’s live shows during that time. And for good reason. In its initial iteration, it offered the perfect combination of sexy and invigorating, a showcase of Braun’s bright and sultry energy, combined with Boney’s sweet coolness. Brown’s new twist, where he carries the moody, slow burning melody on his 1963 Gibson Johnny Smith L5 guitar, takes the song multiple shades deeper both tonally and emotionally than the original version, arriving at a perfect blend of urban jazz and blues.

After building momentum over a simmering, funky groove by bassist Roberto Vally and drummer Gorden Campbell, Brown is joined by the steamy, edgy sax of Richard Elliot. Brown had seen Elliot play the Boney part numerous times live with Braun, and knew he was the perfect foil for this slower burning version. Not surprisingly, considering their decades long friendship and working relationship, the two work a symbiotic magic (with Elliot harmonizing off the guitarist’s steady flow) on their way to the glorious hook, It’s one that smooth jazz fans have heard a million times, yet it sounds completely fresh with this new rendering, which also features Lenny Castro on percussion and a shimmering key solo by Gregg Karukas. If you’ve been a fan of Brown’s productions and heart-tugging melodic guitar vibe over the years, “Notorious” will allow you to experience his vast artistry from an exciting new perspective. Once you hear it, it’s likely that you, like me, will be chomping at the bit for the release of the entire album. – Jonathan Widran

Written by Paul Brown, Rick Braun & Leon Bisquera
Produced & Mixed by Paul Brown

Paul Brown – Guitar
Richard Elliot – Tenor Sax
Gregg Karukas – Keys
Roberto Vally – Bass
Gorden Campbell – Drums
Lenny Castro – Percussion

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Stabe Wilson – The Comforter


Passionate, soul stirring and eclectic are all adjectives describing the musical styling of saxophonist Stabe Wilson.

Drawing inspiration from every musical genre from gospel to jazz to soul and R&B, Stabe’s vast list of musical influences can best be described as versatile. His unique style and interpretation of song has been influenced by traditional jazz saxophonists such as Hank Crawford, David “Fat Head” Newman and Stanley Turrentine; contemporary saxophonists David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Michael Brecker and Everette Harp; blues greats B.B. King and Bobby “Blue” Bland; the vocal phrasing of jazz greats Nancy Wilson, Ray Charles and gospel artist Daryl Coley, just to name a few.

Stabe has had the rare opportunity to make appearances with some of the world’s most renowned recording artists including gospel icons, Edwin Hawkins, Donald Lawrence, Richard Smallwood, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp and the late Edwin & Walter Hawkins; Latin jazz legend Pete Escovedo; soul greats Will Downing, Lalah Hathaway, Howard Hewett, Tower Of Power, Eric Benet and the late Phyllis Hyman. Stabe has also acted as music director for neo-soul artists Eric Roberson and Frank McComb.

Whether performing as leader of the Stabe Wilson Band or backing up established recording artists, in an intimate venue, arena or spirit filled church one thing is guaranteed…your ears are in for a pleasurable musical journey while Stabe Wilson is in command of his saxophone.

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Carl Roland – A Natural High


Carl Roland is a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, composer and songwriter. Known for hs addicting melodies, Carl has earned gold and platinum records in the POP/R&B genres and is now embarking on new adventures, a Jazz album of his own and a duo-mega transforming band called Dustyy Lane. Carl’s new Smooth Jazz single, “A Natural High” is his 1st single from the forthcoming album entitled “Let’s Ride”.

Carl’s playing and production styles are derived from a wide range of his influences. Innovative artists such as Herbie Hancock and George Duke with the keyboard style of Jeff Lorber and Brian Culbertson. legendary guitarist Norman Brown, Russ Freeman, Chuck Loeb and Paul Jackson Jr. lends their influence to say the least, Carl has infused smooth jazz vibes, underlined electro styled beats and good old fashion skille playing as the main components creating an innovative twist on his single “A Natural High” and his “Let’s Ride” album presentation.

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Darryl Williams – There’s Always Tomorrow

Bassman Darryl Williams has just released his new single, “There’s Always Tomorrow”! It the first single from his forthcoming new album. Williams was a teenager when he opened for R&B acts Lakeside and Al Green along with gospel legend Shirley Caesar. After studying jazz at San Diego State University, Williams went from regular gigs backing many of San Diego’s most prominent homegrown talent to the neon lights of the Las Vegas strip.

Darryl has become a fixture on the smooth/contemporary jazz scene where he has shared the stage with the genre’s heavy hitters: Richard Elliot, Peter White, Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair, Brenda Russell, Darren Rahn, Jessy J, Everette Harp and Jeff Kashiwa.

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Butch & Rhonda Coleman – Moment of your Time

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, contemporary/smooth jazz artists Butch and Rhonda Coleman are soulful songwriters whose coolly creative musicianship has created an atmosphere of positive energy and harmony. Citing the impact that music had on their lives as young adults, Butch and Rhonda started a program called, “Heart for Music”. This program focuses on providing musical instruments and lessons to inner city youth who cannot afford them.

The music from this Maryland Duo is lively, Jazzy and soulful with catchy melodies. You get the best of both worlds with their funky instrumentals and smooth and heartfelt vocals.As in the lyrics of Moment of your Time, “can I have a moment of your time,just to get to know you”, they want to you to get to know them through their music!

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Johnny Britt – Mo Jazzin’


We are excited to announce Johnny Britt‘s new single, “Mo Jazzin'”! It’s the first single/title track from his forthcoming new album, Mo Jazzin’. Along with Norman Brown and Wayman Tisdale, Britt’s group Impromp2 was among the original collection of artists signed to Jazz record label, MoJazz in the early 1990’s. His new single pays homage to the legendary label.

Early on, Britt immersed himself deeply into jazz, meeting the artform’s icons and legends and studying diligently to become a classically-trained jazz trumpet player at The Versailles Conservatory near Paris, France. He is no stranger to the smooth/contemporary side of jazz having composed material for some of the genre’s stars, including three No. 1 hits for Boney James and songs for Rick Braun, Euge Groove and Norman Brown. The tunesmith also wrote for R&B singer Peabo Bryson and Motown legends The Temptations, the latter for whom he served as musical director.

Johnny Britt “Mo Jazzin”” ft. Norman Brown -Written, produced and arranged by Johnny Britt -Mixed by Nils

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Herb Alpert Feat. Jeff Lorber – Slick


Creator and innovator, musician and producer, artist, and philanthropist, Herb Alpert is a man with a profound passion. Born in Los Angeles, the future trumpeter came of age in a house filled with music. At the age of eight, he was drawn to the trumpet in a music appreciation class in his elementary school. “I was very fortunate that I had that exposure to music and was encouraged to stick with it. Years ago, when the arts programs were cut out of our public schools, so many kids stopped having that kind of opportunity.”

A legendary trumpet player, Alpert’s extraordinary musicianship has earned him five #1 hits, nine GRAMMY® Awards, the latest from his 2014 album, “Steppin’ Out,” fifteen Gold albums, fourteen Platinum albums and has sold over 72 million records. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass propelled his sound into the pop music limelight, at one point outselling the Beatles two to one. In 1966, they achieved the since-unmatched feat of simultaneously having four albums in the Top 10- and five in the Top 20. Herb Alpert also has the distinction of being the only artist who has had a #1 instrumental and vocal single.

Herb’s new single, “Slick,” is an exciting collaboration with Jeff Lorber.

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H Allan – BAM!


Guitarist H Allan‘s first job out of college was with the LA Sax Company, the maker of color-coated saxes used by an array of artists in all genres of music, including Richard Elliot. His duties required that he attend shows whenever the musicians played Chicago thus Allan attended all of Elliot’s local gigs in the early 90s. A dynamic, high-energy performer, Elliot plays sax aggressively with power, passion and pyrotechnics much like the way Van Halen plays guitar, which quickly impressed Allan and won his respect and admiration.

H Allan “BAM!'”
Written by Horace-Alexander Young

H Allan – Guitars
Ron Reinhardt – Keyboards
Eric Valentine Jr. – Drums
Keith Vivens – Bass
Horace-Alexander Young – Sax (Whitney Houston, Jonathan Butler, Anita Baker)
Steve Jankowski – Trumpet/Trombone (CHIC / Nile Rodgers touring band, Chicago, BS&T)
Robert Martin – Mix / Master (Zappa)

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Charlton Singleton – Sea Breeze

A native of Awendaw, SC, Charlton Singleton began his musical studies at the age of three on the piano. He would then go on to study the organ, violin, cello, and the trumpet throughout elementary, middle and high school. In 1994, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from South Carolina State University. Since that time, he has taught music at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as being an adjunct faculty member at the College of Charleston.

As a performer, Charlton leads his own ensembles that vary in size and style. He has performed in France, Great Britain, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, as well as many great cities throughout the United States. In addition to performing, he is in demand as a speaker, clinician, composer, and arranger. He has also shared the stage with and/or worked with some of most talented entertainers in the world, including Bobby McFerrin, Jimmy Heath, Slide Hampton, Houston Person, Darius Rucker, Fred Wesley, and Cyrus Chestnut to name a few.

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The Justus Brothers – Crazy


Memphis based band The Justus Brothers hit the Jazz charts with their first single “Chinese Checkers” in 2019.

Their new single is a Contemporary Jazz/BeBop interpretation of CeeLo Green’s hit “Crazy” featuring future star, Katrina Anderson. She grew in the same home town as Tina Turner, and she grew up a huge fan of Tina and has a similar stage presence. Katrina was singing background for an artist performing at BB King’s club on Beale Street when The Justus Brothers producer and lead guitarist Niko Lyras heard her and fell in love with her voice and personality. Having co-written and produced Wendy Moten’s top 5 hit “Come In Out Of The Rain”, Niko knew she would become a star.

Listen to Crazy on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 22/4).

Darren Horn – Coltan

Best known as the keyboardist/producer half of the Lansing, MI based hit making contemporary urban jazz duo Horn & Holland, Darren Horn adopts the artist moniker “Mr. Horn” and showcases a fresh side of his R&B/gospel/jazz influenced vibe on his dynamic, multi-faceted and deeply soulful and grooving debut solo EP, Taste and See.

In the tradition of genre greats like Kirk Whalum and Jonathan Butler, the veteran composer and musician works with some of the region’s most prominent sidemen and arrangers to create an instantly infectious collection driven by his faith and desire to praise and worship – but whose transcendent musical flow will appeal to lovers of old school R&B inflected smooth jazz as well.

Listen to Coltan on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 22/4).

Les Sabler – Keep Pushin’


We are excited to announce the release of guitarist Les Sabler‘s new single, “Keep Pushin'”!

Sabler’s first recording project came in 1989 when asked to score a Canadian Television Network documentary titled Lost Treasures of the Titanic. The following year, he released his solo debut CD, Hidden Treasure. Five years later, Sabler’s second album, Time For Love, garnered radio spins and hit the charts, enabling him to land concert dates headlining or opening for artists such as Lorber, Spyro Gyra, Richard Elliot, Michael Lington, Diane Schurr and Fattburger.

“Like the artists that influenced me most, on my albums I set out to blend a variety of styles while balancing art and technique with commercial accessibility,” said Sabler. His catalogue of recordings reflects this outlook and direction and his performances demonstrate an eclectic mix of passion and energy.

Les Sabler “Keep Pushin'”
Written by Paul Brown, Lew Laing & Les Sabler
Produced and mixed by Paul Brown at The Funky Joint

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Lawson Rollins – With the Wind

The winds of change are upon us and while possessing the power of destruction, wind can also purify, refresh and foster renewal. It’s the latter that world music guitarist Lawson Rollins had in mind when composing “With the Wind,” the second single from the recently released “True North” album, a collection that the Billboard chart-topper wrote and produced marking his 20th anniversary as a recording artist. The single recently serviced to radio began collecting playlist adds on Monday.

“‘With the Wind’ is an expression of energetic joyfulness. The song emerged out of improvisation – as songs often do for me – so the inspiration was spontaneous and enigmatic as the music flowed naturally, like the steady force of the wind,” said the San Francisco-based Rollins who was named by Guitar Player magazine as one of the “50 Transcedent Acoustic Guitarists” of all-time.

“With the Wind” follows the success of the album’s first single, “Bluewave Bossanova,” which went to No. 1 on the chart, Top 10 on the Mediabase and Groove Jazz Music charts, and Top 30 on the Billboard and Radiowave Monitor charts. Opening with tribal percussion beats, “With the Wind” takes off on an exuberant flight. Rollins crafts whirling gusts of masterful acoustic guitar delivered at alacritous speed and technical brilliance, searing electric guitar accents and snappy beats at cadences that vacillate between a cascading and careening thrill ride mixed with deliberate and dramatic pauses seemingly to allow the listener the opportunity to catch their breath. The track is an eclectic escapade unlike any other recorded by Rollins, who was accompanied by Stephen Duros (additional keyboards and electric guitar), Dan Feiszli (bass) and Dave Bryant (drums and percussion).

Named by Jazziz magazine as one of the “10 Albums You Need to Know,” “True North” displays familiar Rollins’ hallmarks while introducing new and different elements. His prodigious fingerstyle guitar work remains the focal point of the tracks that stylistically serve a melange of contemporary jazz, world music, Latin and New Age sounds. On this outing, Rollins expands his repertoire by playing electric and slide guitars and steel string guitar alongside his signature classical Spanish nylon string acoustic guitar. He also adds textured synthesizer swatches. Known for embarking on lengthy improvisational explorations, Rollins keeps the tracks tightly focused on “True North,” exhibiting discipline and control.

Exotic travel and exhilarating adventure have long been Rollins’ primary thematic subjects, however, as pictured on the album cover and accompanying photography in the CD packaging, “True North” derives much of it’s geographic inspiration from a more familiar locale: Rollins’ favorite vacation spot on the Outer Banks in his home state of North Carolina.

For more information, please visit

Source: Great Scott Productions

Ron King – Downtown Mama


Ron King is one of the finest trumpet /composer /arranger artists in the world today. A Grammy nominated soloist, he is also one of L.A.’s top lead jazz improvisational trumpet players. He has received many awards, from the IAJE, NAJE, ASCAP, and the RMA. He has received Gold records for working with artists including George Benson, Ricki Lee Jones, and Marvin Gaye.

In addition to these artists, he has also performed and recorded with: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith, Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC TV’s The Next Best Thing, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, and featured on the Grammy Awards.

Ron King “Downtown Mama” is the title song of the same named album. Written by Ron King and Paul Brown and produced by Paul Brown at The Funky Joint.

Listen to Downtown Mama on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 22/4).

Rocco Ventrella – On The Road


Rocco Ventrella was born in Bari, Italy and began playing saxophone at age of twelve. Rocco has shared stages with many respected artists including Peter White, Marion Meadows, Candy Dulfer, Renato Falaschi, Mindi Abair, Jessy J., Brian Culbertson, Nick Colionne, Jackiem Joyner, Nils, Paul Brown, Gerald Albright, Jonathan Fritzen, Eric Darius, Brian Simpson, Rick Braun, Marc Antoine, Michael Lington, Dave Koz and more.

“One can only smile and enjoy when hearing the music of Rocco Ventrella. The joy of his music that exudes from his soul is undeniable. His passion for smooth jazz is so obvious with every note he plays”

– Everette Harp

His new single is On The Road.

Listen to On The Road on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 22/4).

Ryan Montano – Soulfully

Ryan Montano is a nationally recognized trumpeter, songwriter, bandleader and recording artist. His beautiful, sophisticated and memorable compositions, impactful live performances and precise technique have garnered him national radio airplay and festival performances across the nation.

In addition to his musical artistry, Montano is a talented and truthful actor having appeared in several commercials and Hollywood films with speaking roles in “GoodKill” starring Ethan Hawke, Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth” and “Love N’ Dancing” starring Amy Smart, Rachel Dratch and Betty White. He has been a featured performer on “CSI Miami” and “Wildfire” and has several runway modeling shows and print campaigns to his modeling credits.

Ryan’s new single “Soulfully” is co-written by Montano and Darren Rahn. You’ll also recognize Phil Denny’s warm tone on saxophone.

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Paul Hardcastle – Latitude

Paul Hardcastle will be known to most slightly older listeners for his megahits Rain Forest and 19, which have sold millions of copies. His series The Jazzmasters was a considerable success in the field of smooth jazz, which he also continues with The Chill Lounge for the chill out genre. With his album Hardcastle 8 (2018) he remained the nation’s groove master. This year Paul Hardcastle returns with the follow-up IX.

Taken from this album is the single Latitude.

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RJ & The Assignment – Everybody Wants To Rule The World


Reginald ‘RJ’ Johnson is a Las Vegas resident who studied Classical Piano at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and acquired a Masters in Music in Jazz Piano Performance. Since graduating, he has recorded four albums.

RJ performs regularly with his group, The Assignment, as well as other groups in Las Vegas. He is also touring with Boys II Men as their keyboardist for their residency at the Mirage Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. RJ plays Jazz and R & B utilizing his own compositions and style as a modern mix of the two genres, creating a unique “new” Jazz style that is all his own. He has played keyboard in live shows and studio recordings for various headlining artists, including Jennifer Hudson, Otis Clay, Christopher Williams, Beverly Crawford, Angie Stone, Boys II Men, Jon B and Buddy Guy.

RJ’s new single, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” features guest vocalist Kiara Brown, who appeared on NBC-TV’s The Voice in Fall 2019. Midway through the performance she got a chair turn from Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani eventually turned as well. Blake called her voice “hypnotic.” Gwen liked the way she flipped the song and said she appreciates her singer-songwriter vibe. Kiara decided to join Team Gwen.

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BK Jackson – Silver Lining


BK Jackson has been put on this earth to do one thing, electrify and amaze audiences across the globe with his unique playing style, energetic stage presence and unparalleled passion for music that touches the soul. Most notably, BK spent four years touring with musical icon Prince, performing timeless hits for sold out arenas night after night as a member of his 11-piece horn section, known as New Power Generation (NPG) Hornz. Currently, BK can be found rocking the stage with Trombone Shorty as a member of the multi-talented musician’s touring band, Orleans Avenue.

Taken from the new album Life Of The Party we present you Silver Lining.

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Kay-Ta Matsuno – Distance

Kay-Ta Matsuno was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Boston, MA to study at Berklee College of Music when he was 20. The broad capacity of his playing style (from Gospel, R&B, country, jazz, and rock) helped him to start his career as a session guitarist in Los Angeles. His list of credits includes:

David Foster, Baby Face, Natalie Cole, Keiko Matsui, Lalah Hathaway, Amerie, Chante Moore, Jackiem Joyner, Daniel Bedingfield, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Steve Porcaro, Virgil Donatti, Tony Macalpine, Jody Watley, Amber Riley (from Glee), and Bob Mintzer (from Yellow Jackets).

In 2016 he released his debut album Arrival, a recording that is still garnering considerable airplay. Now working with Polyphemus Records, he is on a quest to produce 10 singles in 10 weeks, later to be released as a special 10 track album.

Taken from this upcoming album is the first track Distance.

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Will Sumner – Where We Go


Ride the Wave is the latest, highly-anticipated work to hit the music world from renowned jazz guitarist, composer and producer, Will Sumner.

With nine CDs already in his multi-layered portfolio, Sumner’s new album Ride the Wave has been hailed “a perfect 10” and it continues the energetic ride of his dynamic musical career. taken from this album is the new single “Where We Go”.

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Oli Silk – New Bounce

It’s a long way to make a name for itself, when you are a keyboardist from UK. Oli Silk has made the impossible possible and achieved a great reputation as one of the hottest acts in USA. Although an integral member of the band in Pizza Express, London, he often takes the  transatlantic leap to be visible at numerous events in the States.

He is best known by the albums Fact or Friction (2000) and Duality (2002), which he released with Danny Sugar. During his solo career he already published the albums So Many Ways (2006),  The Limit’s The Sky (2008), All We Need (2010), Razor Sharp Britt (2013) and Where I Left Off (2016). In May 2020 he returns with his new album Six on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records.

Taken from this album is the fresh new single New Bounce. Featured artist on this single is Vincent Ingala on sax.

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Jakob Magnusson – Caption This


With a title like “Caption This,” keyboardist/composer Jakob Magnusson – aka the popular, eminently grooving artist formerly known as Jack Magnet – all but begs us to dig for colorful words and an apt description of his latest cool, funky and retro flavored soul-jazz single. The first that comes to mind is seductive. Then simmering. Sultry. Swaying. (Lots of s’s!) And now a phase that captures its inviting organic vibe: old school cool. Although it’s on the same EP (High North) that has Magnusson’s prior single “Hook, Line & Sinker,” and is also produced by genre hit making master Paul Brown, the overall flow and tone of the new track is delightfully different. It’s less in your face and more about caressing your heart with a warmth, intimacy and subtle nudge towards the way contemporary jazz was recorded back in the day. Cool and warm at the same time? That’s the magical conundrum on how we use words to describe music here!

Whereas the earlier tune featured Magnusson’s playful acoustic piano and the muscular sax of Jeff Ryan, “Caption This” rolls more like an updated version of a classic, deeply rhythmic but melodically and harmonically freewheeling Crusaders track. Weaving an infectious melody (often with the dreamy harmonic pairing of flugelhornist Snorri Sigurdsson) and then taking us on a spirited and hypnotic improvisational adventure, Magnusson showcases just why he’s considered Iceland’s foremost musical icon and one of the most renowned Fender Rhodes players in the world. Brown is also on hand, using his guitar to keep the retro magic crackling gently – like an echo from an earlier era – in the background throughout. And let’s not leave out Lew Laing, who keeps both the rhythm tight and the atmospheres hoppin’ as both drummer and synth player. As you listen and vibe along, you can almost imagine late cats like Joe Sample and George Duke chiming in their approval and coming up with witty captions of their own from above and beyond.

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Walter Chancellor Jr. – Steppin’ Out

Professional saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, arranger, mentor and music producer Walter Chancellor Jr. has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities contemporary Jazz and R&B music scene for the past 25 years. Not long after his arrival in Minneapolis, Walter performed and recorded with Prince, earning him a Double Platinum record for his participation on Prince’s Emancipation CD in 1996.

Chancellor’s new single “Steppin’ Out” is the follow-up to his 2019 hit single, “Beautiful Day”.

“Steppin Out”
Written by Walter Chancellor
Produced by Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis

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Paolo Rustichelli – Hot


Italy was the second country to be ravaged by the novel coronavirus disrupting and threatening life, economics and the freedoms perhaps we took for granted. While encamped at his house near Rome on the coast close to the Tyrrhenian Sea that is part of the Mediterranean basin, forward-thinking multimedia jazz artist Paolo Rustichelli began contemplating life after quarantine while surrounded by ancient Etruscan temple ruins. His vision created the sensual aural and visual feast titled “Hot,” the new single and video impacting radio on May 4. He intends the project to serve as a charm to ward off COVID-19.

“‘Hot’ is a musical hymn implying the take back of our freedom from quarantine as we enter a summer of regeneration from our present burden with coronavirus. Reading between the lines in Europe and what happened in China, I composed a liberating song in March to celebrate regaining health and freedom from the threat and oppression caused by the virus. You can think of this song as a ‘spell’ or a charm to regain our health after a period of self-quarantine, thinking also that in ancient times, charms or spells were generally sung with the aid of musical instruments. ‘Hot’ is dedicated to a new summer of spiritual and physical regeneration,” said Rustichelli who composed, produced and performed the track using electronic plug-ins.

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Naomi Adriaansz – Soulstice


Popular Dutch jazz musician and saxophonist Naomi Adriaansz releases her new EP entitled ‘Soulstice’ on May 1st, 2020. The ‘Soulstice’ EP delivers five of her original compositions. These are intense, energizing, atmospheric, electronically-infused tracks with driving beats and soaring sax solos. Naomi collaborated with Dutch keyboardist and producer Frank Pels in creating her distinctive funky new sound. “The EP has been created from the soul with the aim of uplifting the human spirit”, says Naomi.

This EP is an expected follow-up to the first two singles that Naomi released last year. Especially with her first single release ‘Soul Smile’, she rapidly climbed the smooth jazz charts and reached #1 on several online Internet radio music streaming networks, around the world. From May 1st, 2020 the ‘Soulstice’ EP will be available on all online music platforms like AppleMusic,
Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc. Naomi is looking forward to an exciting 2021 ahead, as well as the potential to tour internationally
and perform her spirited new sound live for audiences worldwide.

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Full Flava feat. Donna Odain – Make It Right


One of Dome Records’ most popular streaming tracks worldwide from the Full Flava catalogue is “Make It Right”, featuring the voice of Donna Odain. It has now been remixed by Bluey and Richard Bull, and this brand new, summery Incognito Remix is released on May 1, together with an equally fine Full Flava 2.0 Mix by the band’s producer Rob Derbyshire.

Co-written by Full Flava producer Rob Derbyshire and vocalist Donna Odain, the beautifully summery Incognito Remix is courtesy Bluey and his long-time collaborator Richard Bull. Donna’s delicious vocal is the highlight of this gently swaying, soulful cut, which is also stunningly remixed by Rob himself on the Full Flava 2.0 Mix. A perfect summer tune…

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DW3 – Let’s Have Fun Tonight


DW3’s new self-titled album on Woodward Avenue Records is so chock full of instant classics, it’s a challenge to find a single entry point that perfectly captures the old school funky, R&B, jazz and Latin fired energy stirred up by the party band turned studio masters Eric and Billy Mondragon and Damon Reel.

To help them flesh out their vision, the trio ensembles with a batch of SoCal’s top studio guns and brings the heavy hitting saxophones of Boney James, Richard Elliot and Eric Darius to the mix. Elliot helps get the album off to a slammin’ start, bringing his high-octane tenor fire (and some well-placed EWI generated vocals) to the loose, freewheeling funk opener whose title, “Let’s Have Fun Tonight,” sets the album’s overall intention.

While DW3 will surely always be playing the arrangements of crowd-pleasing pop and soul classics which made them a sensation among urban jazz fans, their new album lays a foundation for a band creatively transcending their past and embracing a future with no musical limits. Its inspiring to hear them integrate their classic vibe with fresh new sounds, contemporary melodies and songs that draw from all of their influences yet have their own distinctive flow.

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Willie Bradley – It’s On Now

Willie Bradley is a graduate of South Carolina State University, where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career he has become a go -to musician for many of Jazz and Soul music’s greats over the years. Willie’s stage presence includes performances with legends including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Gerald Albright, Walter Beasley, Alex Bugnon, Ronnie Laws, Hiroshima and Marion Meadows.

Bold, yet simultaneously charming; edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, and takes Smooth Jazz to a whole new level.

His new single “It’s On Now” is Willie’s strongest melody, and together with Ragan Whiteside’s contribution on flute a killer song.

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Justin Young – Groove Magic


Justin Young sounds utterly natural when he plays, as if his extraordinary saxophone talent never needed formal training. But those mellifluous lines of soulful notes come through years of study, training and commitment to his love of music, as well as a constant desire to move forward.

“Groove Magic” is the first single/title track from Justin’s new album.

“Groove Magic”
ISRC Code: QMAAK2021059

“As a musician and songwriter, we try to make people feel good. Music has the power to heal. Its something we all need”

– Justin Young

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Paolo Rustichelli – Hot


Italy was the second country to be ravaged by the novel coronavirus disrupting and threatening life, economics and the freedoms perhaps we took for granted. While encamped at his house near Rome on the coast close to the Tyrrhenian Sea that is part of the Mediterranean basin, forward-thinking multimedia jazz artist Paolo Rustichelli began contemplating life after quarantine while surrounded by ancient Etruscan temple ruins. His vision created the sensual aural and visual feast titled “Hot,” the new single and video impacting radio on May 4. He intends the project to serve as a charm to ward off COVID-19.

“‘Hot’ is a musical hymn implying the take back of our freedom from quarantine as we enter a summer of regeneration from our present burden with coronavirus. Reading between the lines in Europe and what happened in China, I composed a liberating song in March to celebrate regaining health and freedom from the threat and oppression caused by the virus. You can think of this song as a ‘spell’ or a charm to regain our health after a period of self-quarantine, thinking also that in ancient times, charms or spells were generally sung with the aid of musical instruments. ‘Hot’ is dedicated to a new summer of spiritual and physical regeneration,” said Rustichelli who composed, produced and performed the track using electronic plug-ins.

Accompanying the single is a steamy video directed by Rustichelli featuring two bikini-clad dancers dancing sensuously on cliffside bluffs and against fluorescent lime green skies and magenta sands. Waves gently wash over and purify the women and beach symbolizing humanity and the planet. The clip can be viewed at Rustichelli elaborates on the striking visuals and symbolism.

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Dee Lucas – Tried and True


We are excited to announce the release of Atlanta saxman Dee Lucas new single, “Tried And True”! It’s the first single from his upcoming new album, Now Is The Time.

“Tried And True” features David P. Stevens on guitar, who also produced and co-wrote the song along with Lucas.

“Tried And True” (3:42)
Written by Orlando (Dee) Lucas and David P. Stevens
Produced by David P. Stevens
Released on ODL Music

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Philippe Saisse – Eva Kant Dance

Entering a new decade of infectiously grooving, supercharged melodic funk and a fresh freewheeling sense of musical and personal optimism, Philippe Saisse finds the perfect way to celebrate ten years since his last solo album, At World’s Edge, received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Hot off his incredible run of Billboard hits with tunes from The Philippe Saisse Trio’s 2017 collection On The Level!, the multi-talented keyboardist composer amps up for his new single “Eva Kant Dance.”

Marking a triumphant return to solo artistry after years of success (in the century’s first two decades!) with his longtime trio, the track is a playfully thumping, NYC influenced old school meets hipster R&B/hip-hop driven jam so spirited and upbeat that, he says, “Every time I listen, I catch myself dancing to it – and I don’t dance!” It is the first of a handful of singles he will release in the coming months, with a possible full-length album down the road.

After years of recording mainly on acoustic piano, he brings to “Eva Kant Dance” his full arsenal of keyboard sounds, including synth bass, vibraphone, Fender Rhodes, Vocoder, and Clavinet. It is mixed by the legendary Goh Hotoda, who has brought his Midas touch to recordings by Chaka Khan, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Prince, among countless others. In line with Saisse’s passion for choosing song titles based on hip but obscure cultural and literary references, “Eva Kant Dance” makes reference to a 60’s Italian comics character, a master of all disguises who was the sidekick of criminal mastermind Diabolik – also the name of the comic book series and 1968 cult film Danger Diabolik.

The vibe of “Eva Kant Dance” may remind fans of Rick Braun’s recent Billboard charting smash “Crossroads,” which Saisse co-wrote and co-produced. “It freaks me out in a good way that I wrote such a happy, danceable tune,” he says. “I usually write more tormented, minor key songs, but lately, as testament to the happier life I lead these days, I am starting to write more uplifting songs.”

Jonathan Widran (March 2020)

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The Allen Carman Project – Rosario



Coming off the resounding success of their debut album Carmanology, The Allen Carman Project is back in the studio writing and recording their follow up album. The first single from the new album, “ROSARIO”, is going for adds April 6, 2020. During the writing and recording of the new single, the group members started discussing the Latin feel of the new tune and that it had a “Gato” feel. Of course, they were talking about the incomparable Gato Barbieri who some say is the father of smooth jazz. Keyboardist Philippe Saisse produced Gato’s 1997 album, Que Pasa.

Gumbi Ortiz, percussionist and producer of The Allen Carman Project, also played in Gato’s band on several worldwide tours and became one of Gato’s close friends. Based on the close connections the members of The Allen Carman Project had with Gato, they decided to honor his memory and title their new single “Rosario” after the town in Argentina where Gato was born and raised.

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David Garfield – Sweetness


On his new single “Sweetness”, keyboardist David Garfield teamed up with one of his favorite saxophonists and long-time friend, Gerald Albright to perform this new original song, which also includes performances by favorites such as Rick Braun and Paul Jackson Jr. “Ready” Freddie Washington (“Forget-Me-Nots”, “Men In Black”), David Williams (Michael Jackson) and Lenny Castro (Toto) round out this all-star offering. “Sweetness” is a fresh, smooth urban groove, yet sassy and funky. This track features Garfield’s dynamic acoustic piano playing which soars over the solid and steady rhythm section with Castro’s syncopated percussion driving the band.

“Sweetness” has a groove that energizes the listener and even makes them want to get up and move! Garfield, who leads the band on piano and keyboards, also produced and arranged the new single.

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Citrus Sun – Hard Boiled


Following their Smooth Jazz singles “Mais Uma Vez” and “Calling Mr Wolf”, Citrus Sun return with Hard Boiled, from their forthcoming album Expansions And Visions (DOME CD 348). More information about the upcoming album is to find here.

Featured are Dominic Glover on trumpet, Jim Mullen on guitar… and introducing 22-year-old Indonesian harmonica player Rega Dauna.

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Ralph Johnson – Smooth And You

Ralph Johnson is a musical wonder. In a remarkable career that has spanned over 50 years, Ralph has achieved unparalleled success as drummer, songwriter, vocalist, and principal member of the iconic group Earth, Wind & Fire. His dynamic stage presence has thrilled sold-out audiences around the world, and he’s inspired future generations of musicians and young people to follow their dreams and be a global citizen.

With Earth, Wind & Fire, Ralph’s artistry has been celebrated with seven Grammy Awards, including one for Lifetime Achievement, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a portrait in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, and the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor, acknowledging his contributions to arts and culture.

House Studios and Ralph Johnson are proud supporters of Young Storytellers, the non-profit organization Ralph has partnered with. His new single is entitle Smooth And You.

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Mariea Antoinette – Loving You

A native of San Diego, California, Ms. Antoinette‘s diverse repertoire consists of classical, smooth jazz, and R&B music. She has performed for The President and First Lady Of The United States, Barack and Michelle Obama and at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles with the Southeast Symphony Orchestra. Her solo performances have taken her across the US and abroad. Her new single “Loving You” is a tender, soulful tribute to Minnie Ripperton that we think your audience will thoroughly enjoy.

“Unless you heard yourself, you would never believe the strait-laced, classical harp could bend in any forward motion toward R&B Funk, much less possess even an ounce of sex appeal. Mariea Antoinette changes all of that. The San Diego urban-jazz harpist (yes, urban-jazz) utilizes all the pertinent styles at her disposal to loosen up her classical instrument, from street smart, EDM hip-hop, sexy, luscious R&B vocals. Mariea Antoinette is living proof that a visionary artist can bust out of traditional boxes on pure ability alone.”

– Carol Banks Weber, AXS

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Nick Colionne – Let’s Get Serious

Chicago’s best dressed jazz guitarist Nick Colionne released his first albums It’s My Turn (1994), Arrival (1996) and The Seduction (1999) on the Lake Shore Jazz label, followed by Just Come On In (2003), Keepin’ It Cool (2006), and No Limits (2008). Feel The Heat (2011), Influences (2014) and The Journey (2016) are released on Trippin & Rhythm.  Now he returns on the same label with Finger Painting (2020).

His new single Let’s Get Serious is taken from this album scheduled for release March 23, 2020.

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Boney James – Solid


“A solid relationship is when someone has your back and will stand by your side no matter what,” explains Boney James about the title of his new CD. “Solid is a word that has a few meanings, but this one really resonated with me and became the theme of the record.”

Solid is the four-time GRAMMY nominated saxophonist’s seventeenth album as a leader and will be released by Concord Records, April 17, 2020. Solid follows up his smash 2017 release Honestly which became his eleventh #1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album.

Sometimes, inspiration is slow in coming, evasive and stubborn. Other times, if an artist is very fortunate, it simply flows, the music practically writing itself. That’s how Solid, the latest release from Boney James came to be. “This record really flowed at an unusually quick pace,” Boney says. “There was a lot of positive energy in making this music. Solid is a very upbeat record. As I was writing them, these songs put a smile on my face.”

All of Solid‘s eleven tracks were produced and written or co-written by James. Three songs-“Full Effect,” “Tonic” and the title track-were built from licks played at sound-check by touring guitarist Kendall Gilder on the road in support of Honestly. “I said, hey, what’s that riff you’re playing?” James recalls, “And Kendall said, ‘that’s just something I’m messing around with.’ I got my iPhone and recorded them, then took it home and wrote the songs!”

Four other songs were initiated by longtime James collaborator, acclaimed writer/producer Jairus ‘J-Mo’ Mozee (Anderson Paak, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Hamilton). One of those, “Be Here,” was ultimately transformed into Solid‘s Adult Urban single featuring special guest Kenny Lattimore, best known for his Top 10 R&B hit “For You.”

Says James, “We met at the Soul Train Awards twenty years ago and he said, ‘Some day we need to work together!’ As I was working on ‘Be Here’, I started to hear his voice in my head. I reached out to him and he wrote and recorded the lyrics. It’s such a romantic song and it really reinforced the theme of the record, strong and positive relationships.”
James crafted many of the song titles (“Fresh Air”, “On The Path”, “Tonic)” to play off this theme, “Similar to my last CD Honestly, this new music is a reaction to how stressful the world feels these days. Music is a respite, it’s always ‘solid’ and it never lets me down.”

Boney James’ personal relationship with music has never been anything but solid. Picking up the sax at age 10 in his native New Rochelle, New York, “I immediately loved it, and it pretty quickly became my favorite thing to do.” By the time he entered his teens, James was gigging with bands, and he turned pro at 19. He apprenticed as a sideman for artists like Morris Day, The Isley Brothers, Teena Marie and many others, touring and doing sessions for seven years before cutting his first solo album in 1992. The independently released Trust led immediately to a major label deal and a string of increasingly successful recordings and nonstop touring.

Now a four-time GRAMMY nominee with four RIAA Gold records and career sales topping three million units, James continues to defy musical genres; A two time NAACP Award nominee, a Soul Train Award winner and named one of the Top 3 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Decade. James, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 34 years Director/Actress Lily Mariye, says he’s looking forward to heading out on the road and seeing how the Solid material evolves from night to night. “I love playing live, maybe more than I ever did. A lot of guys get tired of the traveling but it’s still a joy for me every time I go out there and play.”

It’s still a joy to his multitude of fans too. “I try to ‘be there’ for the people who are interested in my music,” says James, “to be Solid in that relationship and to not let anybody down. I often get great compliments from the people that come to my shows, that I ‘never disappoint’ them, and that’s very gratifying to me. That’s what I was trying to express with this title, that sense of character… to stand for something principled.

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Chase Huna – Dance


Chase Huna is an up and coming saxophonist who blends contemporary jazz and pop into his style of playing. Chase has enjoyed playing alongside some of the greatest names in Contemporary Jazz including Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Peter White, Eric Darius, Greg Manning, Steve Oliver Jeff Kashiwa and so many others.

Now 20 years old, Chase has just released his brand new album Life Of The Party and is looking to further his career as a live performer and songwriter.

“Dance,” is the first single from Life Of The Party. It’s upbeat, bright, hot and makes you want to groove and maybe even “Dance!”

Listen to Dance on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 17/4).

Jarez – 24 Hours

Jarez’s rise from the studio to the stage has been a remarkable journey of talent, timing and authentic showmanship. Originally trained as a jazz artist, Jarez understood the necessity for extending his musical outreach to younger audiences, which led to a unique business and musical partnership with hip hop guru Coolio. While managing Coolio, Jarez simultaneously recorded and played his saxophone live around the world with Coolio.

Combining his ear for jazz with upscale interpretations of hip hop, Jarez’s music became a prescription for bringing youth back to instrumental music and a solo career sprang forth. In addition to his musical career, Jarez used his knowledge to serve as a spokesperson for Environmental Justice and Climate Change’s EJCC campaign, which facilitates Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCU in educational initiatives regarding global warming.

“24 Hours” is the first single from Jarez’s new album, J Funk City. It features Julian Vaughn on bass and it is hot. Enjoy!

Listen to 24 Hours on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 17/4).

Rick Habana – Smooth It Out


We are excited to announce the release of multi-instrumentalist, writer/producer Rick Habana‘s “Smooth It Out” – the lead single from Rick Habana’s forthcoming project The Collective – featuring legendary smooth jazz guitarist producer, Paul Brown.

Rick Habana is a talented Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Composer with a passion for blending music genres together to create his original sound. In Los Angeles, were he was born and raised, he succeeded in creating his really unique sound that has landed him numerous music placements with many of the top television stations not just in the USA, but around the world.

Rick has also started breaking new barriers on a project called The Collective where he works on mostly live music with international musicians and singers from all over the world. The Collective project consists of LIVE Drums, Sax, Trumpets, Trombone, Guitars, Bass, Piano and vocalists. Connecting with musicians based in Finland, Italy, Netherlands, London, Canada, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain and Sweden to create this project has been a dream come true for Rick.

Listen to Smooth It Out on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 17/4).

The Braxton Brothers – You Care About Me


There is a reason why the bass and saxophone melodies Nelson and Wayne Braxton aka The Braxton Brothers write are so lyrical. They compose by writing lyrics first, a unique twist for an R&B-jazz instrumental twosome. The Braxton Brothers hitch their rich, indelible harmonies to funky R&B grooves, dynamic pop-rock rhythms, sensually soulful urban beats and breezy reggae vibes. Nelson, a longtime touring member of Michael Bolton’s band, flexes his dexterous multi-instrumental prowess on “Higher” via bass (rhythm and lead), keyboards, percussion, drum programming, electric and acoustic guitar. Wayne, who has a history of working with Sheila E., handles saxophones, drum programming and background vocals.

“Yes, it is a different way of writing for instrumentalists, but for us, first and foremost, we never want to be background music. The purpose of our music is bigger. We feel that we have a higher responsibility. New music and new melodies move through us, giving people a reason to feel joy, have a good time, free them from stress, anxiety and problems; and show the listener love,” said Nelson Braxton, who worked on the album during his global travels. Focused on their penchant for crafting irresistible melodies, The Braxton Brothers’ message is a higher love.

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Under The Lake – Your Horizon Too

Keyboard player Jayson Tipp founded Under The Lake nearly 30 years ago. Over the past three decades Under The Lake has garnered many notable accomplishments across their first 4 releases.  The band’s credits include live performances with a “who’s who” list of jazz artists such as Joe Sample, Billy Cobham, Keiko Matsui, Stanley Jordan, and others.

Under The Lake’s new album Your Horizon Too is scheduled for release in spring 2020. The new album contains a collection of 10 original tunes along with covers of The Stylistics’ People Make The World Go Round and Steely Dan’s Josie. All 12 tracks feature Patrick Yandall on guitar and Quintin Gerard on saxes and flutes.

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Michael Lington – M-Funk

Michael Lington, the Copenhagen-born saxophonist, songwriter and producer, has accomplished much in his two-decades-plus as an artist. He’s released more than 10 solo albums, toured tirelessly, and even manages his own wine and cigar companies. Immersing himself in his favorite music – David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, King Curtis, Hank Crawford, Cannonball Adderley and Grover Washington – he started out on clarinet but soon found his true calling, the saxophone. But it wasn’t until he was on the verge of turning 20 that Lington – now recognized as one of the most creative and successful contemporary soul and jazz saxophonists in the world – made his fateful decision to move to America and pursue his music. “I said, ‘This is what I want to do with my life.’ I was young and told myself it wouldn’t be so hard to do. I was wrong. There were many obstacles to overcome, particularly because I hardly knew anyone.”

Nonetheless, he persevered and began to make his mark in his adopted country, where he was known for his versatility. It was soul music that hit him most directly. “It spoke to me very early on in my life-it’s just a feeling and reaction I had when I would hear it,” he says. Lington’s new single, “M-Funk” is soulful and jazzy as you would expect. Ray Parker Jr. is featured on guitar. Enjoy Michael Lington doing what he does best, playing soulful, funky saxophone!

“Last week one of the most amazing things in my life happened, I welcomed my baby boy Landon into this world! I wanted to share the news with you. He is my first born child and at 50 years old I honestly thought I had missed the opportunity to have a child but my dream came true and I am overjoyed. I’m taking a few weeks off before I hit the road again but when I do, it will be with a little extra love and joy!” – Love, ML

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Catie Waters – Moonlight


Hailing from Fayetteville, Arkansas, multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter, Catie Waters, is fulfilling her dreams in Los Angeles—with the support of her loving family and no plan B. She knows that the road to success is perseverance. Truly an “old soul” who possesses a remarkable awareness of herself and the world around her, the 22-year-old singer released her debut album—the critically acclaimed, hip-hop/jazz inflected, Stone Child, when she was just 16. She’s now ready to release her sophomore album, Colors, a mature collection of songs that show a mastery of her craft.

Throughout all of the emotional terrain she explores in its 10 tracks, she faces painful obstacles and ultimately powers through with hope and encouragement for herself and others. In her world, pain and struggle is temporary, and love and hope override and endure. From the wistful, heartbreaking reflections of “California Stars” and the edgy takedown “Crazy” to the calming hope of “Sanctuary” and tender encouragement of “Sunsets,” Catie – shares her truth with honesty and intimacy, making her listeners part of the multi-faceted experience. Other highlights include the funk and blues driven, vibrantly optimistic “Get Me Golden” and the high energy, gospel infused “Mountain Sound,” a spirited ode to her church upbringing in the Ozarks region of Arkansas.

The key producers helping bring Catie’s musical vision for Colors to life is Michael Broening, a Grammy winner renowned for his work with Al Jarreau and George Benson. In addition to the Broening-helmed tracks, Catie also works with Ben Bohorquez and two-time Grammy winner Caleb McCampbell (on “Feelin’ Alright,” “Sanctuary” and “Wicked”) and ten-time Grammy winner Philip Lassiter, Prince’s former trumpet player, on “Get Me Golden.” Keyboardist and Trippin N’ Rhythm labelmate Nicholas Cole is featured playing the Hammond B-3 on “Mountain Sound.”

Her band consists of well-traveled veteran sidepeople for Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Snarky Puppy, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, and Tamela Mann. Catie has performed at festivals and venues all over the world—from the Dallas Sol Jazz Festival to the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival and the Dubai Jazz Festival—and been featured in Latin Heat Entertainment, Indiewire, WINN, Music Connection, Upliftt, and other publications.

Make sure you follow Catie Waters’ trajectory. She is just getting started, especially with the release of her new album, Colors. It will soon be available for purchase on all platforms. First single of the new album is Moonlight, now on the turntables of many radio stations.

Sure Will – Nothin’ But Love


William “Sure Will” Clark Is a dynamic Breakout Smooth Jazz Artist, whose main Instrument is Keyboards. He also plays: Drums, Bass Guitar, Alto Saxophone and Clarinet. His musical resume goes back well over thirty years with humble beginnings playing in the church in Buffalo, New York.  A young man influenced by the amazing way George “Chief” Davis skillfully merged a bunch of keys together and the vibe it released.  There was no question about it, music was calling him closer. He has released several CD Projects “Out of the Shadows”, “Side By Side” (featuring Sure Will & Joel Del Rosario), and “Con-Fusion”.

His new single is Nothin’ But Love.

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Brass Attack – Tijuana Taxi

Trumpeters Willie Bradley, Johnny Britt and Rob Zinn have teamed up to record a fresh, modern interpretation of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass song, “Tijuana Taxi”.

“Tijuana Taxi” (4:15)
Composer: Ervan F. Coleman
Produced and arranged by Johnny Britt
ISRC code: US-T2Y-20-00003

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Roman Street – Find The Light

Brothers Noah and Josh Thompson put their guitars together to form Roman Street. Since the college years, this brotherly jam session has developed into a Billboard charting band who many have dubbed ‘the next generation’ of Jazz Fusion. Roman Street, named for an old roman street in the Alps, is an internationally trained instrumental band specializing in improvisational fusion of Classical, Gypsy and Contemporary Jazz, Latin, and Nuevo Flamenco.

A departure from the over-produced music that is out there today, they keep it simple-the beautifully organic sound of acoustic instruments played by talented people who love what they are doing. Whether performing as a guitar duo, or with a backing band, Roman Street astounds with music that appeals to fans of many genres.

Roman Street’s new album Balcony Of The World will be released worldwide on March 6, 2020.  Taken from this album is their new single, “Find The Light”.

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Gary Honor – The Pulse


A young Australian smooth jazz saxophonist went on board at Warren Hill’s Smooth Jazz Cruise in 2005 and won the contest “Star Search”. Rightly, he has earned the name Honor. He was kindly enough to give me his debut album Atmospheric (2004), that my positive impression fully confirmed. The more I was pleased that Gary released on the prestigious label Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm his album Heads & Tales (2012).

Years later he returns on this label with his new single The Pulse (2020).

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Brien Andrews – An Early Thursday

Brien Andrews
of Atlanta, GA based Bri’Entertainment creates vocal and instrumental jazz, gospel and soul music.

It’s all about the music, connecting with the music and then making sure the music connects to those that hear it! A consistent “in-the-pocket” drummer with solid grooves that are captivating. Brien Andrews electrifies audiences across the globe with his savvy, mastered and proficient artistic styling. Brien has the ability to play a vast repertoire of music and it is this diversity that makes him a preferred musician.

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Mike Levine – Oh Yeah

South Florida based composer and pianist Mike Levine is according to his biography since 1981 a composer. He wrote for radio and television shows, commercial jingles and for numerous other musicians. He took his first musical steps together with saxophonist Billy Ross, with whom he founded the Ross-Levine Band. The albums That Summer Something (1981) and Humidity (1981) originate from this time. After that he was comfortable being a side man for several years but always continued writing.

Finally he made the first step to his solo career and released From The Heart in 2006. Miami based composer and pianist Mike Levine never understood music as art for art’s sake, but as an interpersonal link and communicative element. Unlike many other musicians who spend their time as multi-instrumentalists in their own studios, Mike seeks contact with his fellow musicians.

So his second album Thinking Of You (2011) also features many musical companions. His third album Star Gazing followed in 2017. He has now released on the 14th, 2020 Valentines day,  his newest album Play It Again Mike. The first single, “Oh Yeah” will grab your attention, smooth with a groove!

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The Smooth Jazz Alley – Tidal

We present you from the upcoming album Let’s Ride by The Smooth Jazz Alley the new single Tidal. The single is featuring keyboardist Marco Montoya,  saxophonist Andy Snitzer, bass player Roberto Vally and guitarist Chieli Minucci of Special EFX. “We love the coast. So we set out to make some feel good vibes that would move you. You may began on the coach, but you also go out Saturday night on the town!” The album will finally be released in March, 2020.

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Darryl Murrill – Get On Up

Darryl Murrill
knows no boundaries when it comes to saxophone excellence. Murrill masters the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones to the delight of his following. Sharing the stage with greats like Tom Brown and Marcus Anderson, Darryl knows the ins and outs of his woodwind instrument. He heads Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel, which is a collection of fine gentlemen who play multiple instruments, sing, and compose in the fusion of the Jazz and Gospel genres.

Murrill loves to share his passion of music. He continues to scale his musical repertoire with the debut of his new single, “Get On Up”, an original song taken from his latest album, My Heart is Yours.

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Marcia Miget – Paradise

We are excited to announce the release of Marcia Miget‘s new single, “Paradise”! It’s the follow up to her 2019 single, “Cruzin”. “Paradise” is an energetic flute-lead song, written and produced by Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis. Executive Director of Miraflores Music Academié for the last three decades, the list of graduates includes educators and performers in all genres. Her Jazz drummer/composer son is Motema Records’ Jaimeo Brown of Transcendence.

Marcia’s music reflects a strong, deep and honest commitment to life.” – Carlos Santana

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Adam Hawley – To The Top


The four years since dropping his debut album has been a bit of a rocket ride for award-winning R&B-jazz guitarist Adam Hawley. Six of his seven singles have gone to No. 1 nationally and he deftly avoided the sophomore slump when his second outing further established the artist as a centerstage solo artist. The stage is now being set for the February 28th arrival of Escape, his third album and first for his new record label, MBF Entertainment.

Hawley produced and wrote eight of the record’s ten tunes featuring collaborations with a constellation of smooth/contemporary jazz luminaries including Rick Braun, Najee, Michael Lington, Jeff Ryan, Marcus Anderson and Greg Manning. Saxman Jeff Ryan is featured on the project’s first single, “To The Top”.

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LaShawn D. Gary – Love, Peace & Praise

LaShawn D. Gary (Composer, Producer, Arranger) is a native of Detroit, Michigan. LaShawn received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Southern University, Louisiana in Instrumental Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Louisville. He received training in the areas of Computer Music Technology and Jazz Composition with an emphasis on orchestration and arranging.

Gary’s new single “” is the title track from his album, and is the follow up to 2019’s hit single “Now Is The Time”.

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Next Paradigm Collective – Cruise Shippin

New York City based contemporary jazz group Next Paradigm Collective is the brainchild of Jacob Webb, Randall Haywood, and Lance Bryant. We are thrilled to present their Lead Single “Cruise Shippin” off of the debut EP, The First Movement.

Fun Fact – A graduate of The Julliard School of Music, Randall Haywood was recently awarded “Male Rising Star” presented by NYC Hot House Jazz Magazing and Jazzmobile at the iconic Birdland Jazz club this past November 2019! You can also check Randall with his group “Sounds of A&R”

Check out the New Single “Cruise Shippin”. This funky groove will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Carol Albert – Stronger Now


Embarking on a fresh new chapter in her life musically, emotionally and spiritually, Carol Albert builds upon the inspiring career-shifting momentum of her recent Billboard Top Ten chart successes with her perfectly titled new full-length album Stronger Now. Featuring all original songs written and arranged by the prolific composer and pianist, the stylistically eclectic, 10 track collection – follow up to her 2017 breakthrough album Fly Away Butterfly – is set for release on Cahara Records January 31, 2020.

Stronger Now includes two tracks previously released as singles that lit up terrestrial, internet and satellite stations. The Atlanta based artist scored her biggest success to date early in 2019 with the Brazilian flavored “Femme Flight,” which hit #4 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs chart. Produced by Carol, mixed by two-time Grammy winning hitmaker Paul Brown and featuring flutist Ragan Whiteside the track also earned Albert a new legion of fans via airplay globally. With powerful keystrokes Carol dispels sorrow and worries and enchants the regained joy of life with her musical sunshine. Lew Laing provides the right background with a swaying rhythm and a sky full of strings.

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Skinny Hightower – Bittersweet

American jazz pianist, drummer, bass player, and producer Skinny Hightower is a smooth jazz powerhouse. After his debut album Cloud Nine (2016) and his label debut Emotions on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records (2017) his next album Retrospect (2018) was the logical step towards his declared goal to achieve his greatness in the smooth jazz genre.

From his upcoming album Bluemoon (2020) we present you Bittersweet.

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Gail Jhonson – Joy Joy!

Hailing from the City Of Brotherly Love, Grammy nominated keyboardist Gail Jhonson adds to Philadelphia’s legacy of pioneering music luminaries. “I am proud to be a part of the Philly sound. When I was growing up, you couldn’t walk too far before you heard a band or some instruments practicing,” recalls Jhonson, who is affectionately dubbed the “First Lady Of Smooth Jazz.” “I share the same love of orchestral instruments, horn sections, vocal groups and rhythm sections, that was made famous by TSOP, Bell, Huff, Harris, Creed, Wanzel.,” shares the keyboardist. “Oh such a long list of my composition heroes!” With this rich tradition being a part of Gail Jhonson’s undeniable musical DNA, it is no surprise that she was performing professionally by the age of 14. “I love it so much,” she confides. “I don’t know why, I just think it chose me!”

This summer Gail Jhonson will release her Shanachie debut album featuring her all-star female band, Jazz In Pink. Jhonson, who is a woman on a mission, created the ensemble as a way to address her concern that women are under represented on the jazz scene particularly as instrumentalists. “Traditionally, most vocalists played piano, but were encouraged to only present their vocal skills on stage, while their instrumental expression was suppressed,” she explains, “Our ensemble is dedicated to the blending of piano-violin-flute-harp as a core presentation: orchestral instruments playing melodically over the rhythm section (bass-drums-guitar-percussion). Add in jazzy R&B vocals, and that female energy of passion, beauty and fire; creates sheer Sisterness of rhythm, composition, performance and the pink principal-all expressed on stages that inspire. We wear pink, our fans wear pink, which shows we are all in solidarity and resonate together in our brand of musical expression.”

Gail Jhonson’s first single of her anticipated new CD is the intoxicating, uplifting and jubilant “Joy Joy,” which just debuted in the Top 30 of the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart. The track is a spotlight for Jhonson as she welcomes two special guests, saxophonist Kim Waters and guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. Jhonson and Waters’ connection extends back many years, as the two have collaborated through the years with guitarist Norman Brown. Jhonson says, “Working with Kim in the studio gave me a deeper appreciation for his talent and his spirit as a person. He took ‘Joy Joy’ to another level, infusing his own joy of sax…..what a consummate musician.” Jhonson wrote the song with her writing partner, Gino Valentino.

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M’Lynn – Just Take Time


Establishing herself as a powerful new presence on the urban vocal side of Smooth Jazz with her previous singles “T.F.I.L.” and “Paralyzed,” jazz, blues and soul influenced vocalist M’Lynn shares an important message to the recently broken-hearted on her seductive and dreamy ballad “Just Take Time.” Originally appearing on her debut EP Grounding, the track was chosen the No. 2 Best Soul Song of 2018 by UK radio personality Franklin Sinclair of Mi-Soul Connoisseurs.

While imparting wisdom to take things slow so that we can more effectively regroup and move on, she shares her silky, intimate vocal charms (think a contemporary version of Sade or Norah Jones) and colorful scat over a lush musical bed caressed with simmering horns and gospel-blues organ textures. –

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