Smooth Jazz and Fine Dining – Woody’s



Woody’s is a cool place, in downtown Palm Springs. It is a 50’s diner in front, that serves the best burgers in town.

In back, it’s a cool speakeasy jazz club, the kind you might see in Manhattan. Woody’s is a listening room, which means that people actually listen to the music.

Imagine that. Drinks and food at Woody’s are very reasonable.

So if you’re in Palm Springs, California, come out to Woody’s.  If you’re not in Palm Springs, come on out and make a night or two of it!  Book a room at the Riviera Hotel, right around the corner.  It’s the coolest hotel–it’s got a 60’s vibe, and you feel like you might run into Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin strolling the hallways.

The Slim Man Band is back at Woody’s on Wednesday, April 23rd. It’s gonna be another sell-out, so book a table early. Greg “What The Hail” Vail is playing sax, Patrick “Ever” Ready will be on drums, and Tateng Katindig-The Killa From Manila-will be playing keys. It’s gonna be a blast. Admission is free.


A New Bona Fide CD


A couple weeks ago, my friend Marc Antoine called me up and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He wants to produce a new Bona Fide CD.

My name is Slim Man. I’ve produced and recorded 11 CDs with the Slim Man band. What a lot of folks don’t know is that I have another band, Bona Fide. Bona Fide allows me to write, produce and perform instrumental music. It’s a blast to be able to do that–to be able to explore a different style.

Bona Fide has released 3 CDs, all of which were very well received. We had a number one song, X Ray Hip, from the first CD, Royal Function. We were named Best New Artist at The Oasis Awards in 2001.

Bona Fide is a fun and funky instrumental band. No vocals. Just a lot of incredible musicianship, and some great writing and production, all in the name of fun and funkiness.

Marc Antoine is an amazing guitar player, a wonderful producer and arranger, and a great friend. He was listening to some Bona Fide CDs, and offered to produce a new CD. He offered to write some songs, play guitar, and produce and mix the whole CD. He started sending me some song ideas. They got me all juiced up. Marc is bringing a whole new wonderful flavor and perspective to the Bona Fide sound.

So we’ve decided to do a CD. We want to do 8 songs, and for the 9th song, we want to do something epic…15 or 20 minutes long, something that’s a musical journey, a soulful symphony.

We want to do it right, we need to do the recording, and the mixing and the mastering. In addition to the Bona Fide band, we will include some guest soloists, some Big Name Players. We’ll be recording and mixing all this stuff at Marc’s studio in Madrid, Spain.

How could I refuse? So we are asking for your support, for your help. We have already started, we just need some help in getting this thing finished. It’s gonna be really rewarding…for all of us!

Find out all about the new Bona Fide CD on Kickstarter.  Listen to a song, watch a video…everything you need to know is right here:

Smooth Jazz and Fine Cooking – Slim Man

Slim Man is singer, songwriter, bassist and a man, who isn’t in the constant pursuit of perhaps unattainable material goals, but takes life as it is and receives solely from the existing beautiful things personal satisfaction. Reading his diaries, enjoying his receipts of belle cuisine and listening to his beautiful music is like Yin and Yang.

Before I fall into raptures here some facts of his musical career. Songwriter for Angela Bofill, Brian Jack, the Temptations, Carl Anderson and finally creator of his debut album End of The Rainbow (1995). He really found the golden pot and continued with Closer To Paradise (1996), Secret Rendezvous (1997), Jazzified (1999), All I Want For Christmas (2000), For Now And Forever (2003), Bella Mia (2004), Solstice (2006), Christmas Eve (2008), and in 2010 Thousand Miles Away.

Also to mention is his side project Bona Fide. In 1998 Carl Griffin needed a funky jazz group for his new label. So Slim Man gathered some of his buddies to record the first album Royal Function (1999), followed by The Poe House (2001) and Soul Lounge (2005).

Visiting his website you will discover another side of Slim Man: Slim is an excellent cook. He has two cooking DVDs in his collection. The first is a Lo-Def, Lo-Tech collection of 16 cooking videos, each about 5 minutes long, that show you how to cook some of the Slim Family recipes, along with Slim Man’s own original recipes. Most of the dishes are vegetarian–some seafood, some pasta–all delicious, quick and easy. And the best part? They all feature Batu, that crazy bull terrier dog of Slim’s!

Most of the videos are shot in the West Wing of the Slim Shack, in a funky little kitchen in Baltimore that’s cozy and cute. Other videos were shot in New York City, and upstate New York. The second DVD continues this collection.

Smooth Jazz and Fine Dining – Spaghettini Grill and Lounge

Since 1988 leading Southern California restaurateurs Laurie Sisneros and Cary Hardwick have created a meeting place for LA and Orange counties in their award winning restaurant – Spaghettini Grill and Lounge.

Located just off the 405 Freeway at Seal Beach Blvd., Spaghettini features exceptional Northern Italian cuisine and top name entertainment. In addition to outstanding food and service, Spaghettini is committed to excellence in the entertainment side of the business. Having built the Spaghettini Performance Lounge into one of the top venues in Southern California, Spaghettini attracts some of the top name artists in the business.

These smooth jazz artists will perform at Spaghettini in between the next weeks:  DW3, Jessy J, Slim Man, Will Donato, Jackiem Joyner, Eric Marienthal, Tom Braxton, Lao Tizer, Karen Briggs, Brian Hughes, Elan Trotman, Ard Sherrod, Gregg Karukas, Freddie Ravel, Michael Lington, East Bay Soul, Jeff Kashiwa, Marcus Anderson, Steve Cole and many more. If you are in LA don’t miss this meeting point of smooth jazz.

The illustration is painted by Bettie Grace Miner as part of her exhibition.  A collection of her Tuscan and Wine inspired Fine Art is to see at this restaurant.

Spaghettini Grill and Lounge, 3005 Old Ranch Parkway, Seal Beach, California 90740

For more information about this restaurant visit