Smooth Jazz And Their Promoters – Michael Lazaroff

The man behind the Smooth Jazz Cruise and other cruises is Michael Lazaroff, executive director of Entertainment Cruise Productions. Since 1999 when his mother Anita Berry first created the Jazz Cruise, Lazaroff has been working to present jazz at sea with the only fully-chartered jazz cruise.

Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC (ECP) is the world’s leader in full ship charter music cruises. Beginning more than a decade ago, ECP, through its various cruise programs, has produced more than 30 full ship charters featuring music themes as diverse as Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis and Jazz. The diversity of music presentations is reflected in our two divisions (Jazz Cruises and Memory Lane Cruises), but our formula for success remains constant among our various programs.

Michael Lazaroff  serves as the Executive Director of Entertainment Cruise Productions and was primarily responsible for the development of The Smooth Jazz Cruise, hosted by Wayman Tisdale, Dave Koz & Friends at Sea, the 2007 North Sea Jazz Cruise, hosted by Marcus Miller, and the Playboy Jazz Cruise™. Michael’s responsibilities include the financing, advertising and promotion of the various cruises and Michael personally serves as the cruise producer for each sailing, working behind the scenes with the staffs of the various ships to insure that there is appropriate quality control and services for all of our guests.