Frank Morrison – Soul to Soul

Frank Morrison – The Dream Keeper

Born in Massachusetts then brought by his family to live in New Jersey at an early age, Frank Morrison was reared and spent his formative years there, an affable, precocious and inquisitive youngster whose curiosity about everything around him seemed limitless.  In no time, invested with a brilliant flow of creativity, his eye for and execution of colorful ‘tags’ and ‘R.I.P’ scenes began to bring him considerable ‘street recognition’ and local acclaim.

One need take only a cursory view/examination of his portfolio or his work ‘en gallery’ to find that his power and inspiration are products of his deeply religious grounding and his loving commitment to his family. His innate musicality, natural rhythmic bent and intrinsic understanding of physical/spiritual/emotional expression both invade and explode from his paintings.

Morrison has received commissions from the irrepressible radio/TV commentator Tom Joyner and the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. His artwork has been displayed in prestigious locales shows such as “The National Black Fine Arts Show” produced by Jocelyn Wainwright, at the Savacou Gallery in Manhattan, and was honored and given a one-man show at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture sponsored by ESSENCE ART and Toyota.

He executed serially mounted musical scenes for the compact discs Impulsively Ellington: A Tribute to Duke Ellington, and Down-to-the-Bone’s Crazy Vibes and Things, Cellar Funk and Best of Down To The Bone, Richard Elliot’s Ricochet, and the CD collection Def Jazz.

The Soul To Soul Exhibition is featuring award winning picture book illustrator and fine art artist Frank Morrison:

Fri, Dec 16, 6pm-10pm
Opening Reception

Sat, Dec 17, 6-9p
Artist discussion and viewing

Sun, Dec 18, 12-4p

Book Reading, Signing & Children’s Art Demonstration
Holiday Art Supplies Collection

Sun, Dec 18, 6-9p
Artist discussion and viewing

Dec 19-Jan 29
Exhibition Continued

House of Art , 373 Lewis Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11233
(347) 663-8195