Patrick Yandall – When It’s Hip


With music in film, TV and radio, this prolific and respected Jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall releases his 22nd album, When It’s Hip. Classic inspirations of R&B, Funk and Jazz are all wrapped into one beautiful album. Paying homage to his influences Tower Of Power, The Isley Brothers and Santana, When It’s Hip covers it all.

The first single/title track “When It’s Hip” is energetic and funky, with energy to burn!

“To classify Patrick Yandall as a smooth jazz guitarist would not do justice to his stylistic spectrum. Smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, blues, rock, every genre is a facet of his musical personality. Patrick’s new album When Its Hip has exactly these edges that make up the whole Yandall package. Patrick performs all instruments on the new album.”

Listen to When It’s Hip on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 1/4).