New album of Slow – become a music producer!


Hi from Chris and Tom here, a smooth-jazz duo Slow. It’s been already 3 years after our debut release Art of Silence. We are so happy because of such warm welcome our music has received from fans, friends and critics worldwide. We want to thank especially Slow music lovers from USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and least but not least, from our homeland -Poland.

We were not sleeping a lot since then, to tell you the truth we were writing, arraanging, playing and recording for months and now the new Slow album is almost ready. We believe this is our best music of the moment and it’s even better than the 1st baby.

So, we have signed with a record label V Records which is kind of miracle itself, considering music industry situation nowadays. The album shall be released in early spring 2015 but to give it a real shine we believe it deserves and to promote it worldwide we need YOUR support!

We need to collect USD 2000,00 to promote the album worldwide (mainly in US, UK, Japan and Germany) so that more and more people can discover SLOW music and we finally hope to come and play for you live:)
What You get is our newest album personally autographed and numbered . Your partnership may also be announced on CD booklet and on our website. You can get even your logo printed on backcover and co-producer of the album credit – all depending on the perk you choose 🙂 And forever yours will be the heartfull thanks from all the Artists involved.

The album means 10 pieces of all original and new music – songs and instrumental “songs” in our style, with a smooth melody that stays for longer in your memory. The groove behind is also there for sure.
We invited many great artist to collaborate. To mention just a few: the saxophones virtuoso Leszek Szczerba that you could hear on our 1st album, a string quartet (from Wroclove’ Opera House!) and 2 impressive vocalists – Jagoda Jahga and Anna Ozner.

We are going to make the most valuable use from all the funds collected. Even if we do not reach the goal – this fresh hot new album comes to you anyway. To support the new project visit please