Lisa Addeo – Listen To This


The title of keyboardist Lisa Addeo‘s new CD Listen To This says it all about where her musical heart is today. It’s a soulful, heartfelt invitation to attune your ears and set your sonic expectations on a fresh new vibe for the smooth jazz genre. Driven by bright infectious melodies, dynamic improvisations and an aesthetic based on relentless and intoxicating grooves, the collection finds Lisa setting the standard for all that’s hip and innovative in the format for years to come.

Four-time Grammy winning producer and President of Blue Note Records Don Was says, “Lisa did a great job on her new album. It fits in really well with the most successful albums in the Smooth Jazz field. My compliments.”

Listen to Listen To This on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 10/4).

Lisa Addeo – Never Enough


Lisa Addeo plays jazzy piano and sings delivering soulful vocals with a sultry swoon.

Lisa broke attendance records as a young adult playing piano alongside the legend Liberace as his protege at Radio City Music Hall. Fans describe her as a ‘world-class musician’ and say her music is ‘tenderly intimate, exquisitely arranged masterpieces, a joy to listen to.’ One fan wrote, “Prepare to fall in love with Lisa’s music. It will take you to a place you’ll want to stay.”

Lisa’s new single “Never Enough” is filled with improvisation, melody, subtle hooks and terrific musicianship.

Listen to Never Enough on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 4/4).