Smooth Jazz And Wine – Kokopelli Winery and Bistro

He is distinguished by his hump back and flute, but his legend is still being deciphered by all who read about him. Kokopelli is a mythical character of many attributions. He was known as a traveler who played his flute for the villagers to hear. He was a story teller to the villagers and would tell them of his great travels. He was a fertility god because whenever he came to town women who wanted to bear fruit were suddenly fruitful. He was also known as being an agriculture god that he bore a seed sack (distinguishing his humpback) and that he was the bearer of a green thumb. Everyone has their own beliefs to each legend; however, the one that helped down pick the name was….well all of them.

When Don was looking to produce the first batch of wine he knew that he needed a name. He wanted something that was catchy that was South Western with an Italian flair. This is when he and Carol came up with the idea of Kokopelli. Don found that when he started researching that he had picked the absolute best name for the winery.

“I enjoyed all of the different legends that Kokopelli had, but the way I see it they really are all one legend,” Don said, “Each legend also played a part in what we were trying to accomplish through our winery.”

Since the winery was so far away Don and Carol wanted people to know they were coming they didn’t have a flute to play; however, they did have great wine to share. Don and Carol had also had an amazing adventure growing, harvesting, and producing the grapes that they also had great stories to tell of their experience. Now Don was definitely no fertility god; however, all the ladies were quite fond of him. “It just comes with the job and being so handsome,” Don says while Carol looks on and laughs. Probably the most truthful legend of all that fits Don and Carol is the agriculture god. With the support of family and friends they now bore green thumbs for growing and producing grapes.

So whatever legend you may choose, enjoy it while you have a great glass of Kokopelli wine (we think Kokopelli had something to do with it)! There’s smooth jazz, Latin jazz, swing jazz, and other types, sometimes crossing over into each other and into other categories of music. Kokopelli Winery is Arizona’s largest and most decorated winery.

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