Smooth Jazz And Their Promoters – Jimi King


Jimi King is involved in the media for over 40 years. Much of that in radio, but he has also recorded voiceovers for all types of media, including TV & film. Since 2001 he has become heavily involved in Internet radio and is responsible for programming a number of web based channels, all of which are streamed from the USA. He is licensed by SoundExchange, the US web and satellite radio copyright body.

More recently he has entered the world of live music promotion,  and currently bring artists from the smooth jazz genre to the UK  for live music engagements. In 2009 he established a relationship with The Pizza Express Jazz Club in London which meant that he has been able to bring smooth jazz artists from the USA over to play live concerts in the UK.

This has proved to be successful relationship and now he acts as a promoter and arranges for the artists to play at other UK venues too. It has been and indeed still is a great privilege to bring such names as Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot and many more to the UK.  All of the artists that have visited are very keen to expand their audience awareness on this side of the Atlantic, and with this in mind they are always looking for new places to extend the tours, so if  you have a venue and are interested in booking smooth jazz artists to play please do contact him.

For more information about Jimi King visit his website.