Jacqui Brown – Why Oh Why

Along with our friends at Woodward Avenue Records, we are excited to announce the release of Jacqui Brown‘s new single, “Why Oh Why”!

Co-written by Jacqui Brown and her husband Paul Brown, “Why Oh Why” features Jacqui on lead vocals, and Paul on guitar and background vocals. We at Gorov Music are very impressed by their songwriting and musical performances.

“There are multiple reasons why I wrote the single, “Why Oh Why”. So many people are facing changes in the world such as it is and many of the women (and some men) I work with, have or are, facing such big challenges due to loss of partners, children, homes, and jobs, and many are having to go it alone. I think this song represents all their words and sentiments about how hard it is to face life as it presents itself to them,” said Brown.

“Working with my incredibly talented husband on this project is a blessing on so many levels. Our children are both grown so we have this new time to spend together. Creating music that touches people’s souls brings a whole new intimacy to our long life together. Am I a lucky girl? You bet I am!”

Listen to Why Oh Why on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 5/4).