Dirk Joseph – Not Your Typical New Yorker

Dirk Joseph is a multimedia artist producing creations in various mediums including painting, sculpting and computer animation. He does graphic design, commissions, exhibits and conducts creative workshops throughout the New York area. Dirk attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan but he is largely self taught. Dirk is involved in performance art, i.e., live painting and theater set production. His artwork & exhibition reviews have appeared in Newsday, African Voices magazine, The Shield,  Exit The Apple ezine, New York Times, Brooklyn Times, What Weekly e-zine, Baltimore Times, Carribbean Life newspaper and Brooklyn Heights newspaper.

For almost 20 years, he has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer (off and on) and taught art in public schools, libraries, colleges, and community centers in New York and Maryland. He has exhibited his work at numerous galleries, museums, restaurants, and cultural centers in NY, MD, and Canada.

Dirk created all CD covers for late Joseph Diamonds’ albums Not Your Typical New Yorker,  Island Garden and Keep Your Dreams.