Oli Silk – New Bounce

It’s a long way to make a name for itself, when you are a keyboardist from UK. Oli Silk has made the impossible possible and achieved a great reputation as one of the hottest acts in USA. Although an integral member of the band in Pizza Express, London, he often takes the  transatlantic leap to be visible at numerous events in the States.

He is best known by the albums Fact or Friction (2000) and Duality (2002), which he released with Danny Sugar. During his solo career he already published the albums So Many Ways (2006),  The Limit’s The Sky (2008), All We Need (2010), Razor Sharp Britt (2013) and Where I Left Off (2016). In May 2020 he returns with his new album Six on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records.

Taken from this album is the fresh new single New Bounce. Featured artist on this single is Vincent Ingala on sax.

Listen to Six on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 19/4).