Michael J Thomas – I’ll Never Love Again

While everyone’s been going (literally) Gaga over “Shallow,” the #1 hit single from the Oscar nominated film A Star is Born, powerhouse indie saxophonist Michael J Thomas — keeping the momentum of his hit album Driven (which garnered the #1 Billboard hit Baby Coffee) going — finds a deeper, more profound connection to the film’s heartbreaking closing band “I’ll Never Love Again.” Using his lyrical, richly soulful soprano to convey Lady Gaga’s array of emotions without words, Thomas explores the subtle nuances and gripping intensity of the song’s gorgeous melody. He eases effortlessly from a state of gentle elegiac grace towards a crescendo that bursts with the musical equivalent of sorrowful tears and a celebration of a grand life that was.

Thomas says, “My music biz mentor, Carl Griffin, called me with excitement about a week before I went to the Grammy’s this year and said he just watched the new A Star Is Born movie. The last song of the movie, “I’ll Never Love Again, performed by Lady Gaga caught his ear and he said he could hear my soprano sax as the lead melody. He sent me a You-Tube link to listen and I instantly connected with it. I could hear the ideas of what he was hearing. It’s a beautifully written song by a great team of songwriters including Lady Gaga and Natalie Hemby, and when I watched the movie it really put the entire meaning in perspective. Although the movie is a remake in its third version, the story-line stands true today. Many creative people struggle with mental illness and turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism.”

Listen to I’ll Never Love Again on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 5/4).