Brendan Rothwell – Keep on Keepin’ On

Following the success of his debut recording Time On My Hands, bassman Brendan Rothwell takes a step forward with the release of his new album, Sentiment. With 11 tracks of bass-focused Contemporary Jazz, this album displays a unique and genuine identity. Brendan once again optimizes the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the bass, bringing it to the foreground as a lead instrument to develop meaning and depth.

We were impressed to learn that Rothwell wrote, produced and recorded all of the songs on his new album, and performed all of the instruments himself! The title Keep on Keepin’ On initially led me on a wrong turn, as I first thought of the interesting film about the jazz legend Clark Terry. Stylistically, the chords backing up this piece evoke memories of the great instrumental accompaniments of the Motown era.

“That is an incredible amount of work you’ve put in Bren , positively monumental… it’s a veritable Lord of the Rings sized undertaking- well bloody done. Writing, arranging and recording all top notch and I’m always blown away by your production- TOTALLY expensive!!! Anyway- may I be amongst the first to congratulate you on another mighty album”

– Miles Gilderdale, Acoustic Alchemy guitarist

Listen to Keep on Keepin’ On on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 1/4).