Mel Holder – Crossroads

Born in Brooklyn NY, of Panamanian decent, Mel was a testimony in the making. From an early age of six years old, Mel Holder was hindered from being able to fully participate in all of life’s youthful activities due to asthma. However, God taught him through that challenge to become a focused relentless warrior and saxophone player.

Mel Holder spreads his ministry through a blend of jazz and gospel, fused with African and Caribbean rhythms. He has already released the albums Music Book Volume 1 (2009), and Back To Basics: Music Book Volume 2 (2015).

Saxman Mel Holder’s new single Crossroads is taken from his new album, Music Book Volume III – Magnificent (2018). Ben Tankard is a featured guest artist on Crossroads. We think you and your listeners will dig it!

Listen to Crossroads on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 22/3).