The JT Project – Backyard Brew

The boys are back! Adventurous and bold, Jacob Webb (keyboards/bass) and Todd Schefflin (saxophone), leaders of The JT Project, knew that it would take more than just a passing interest in music to become the creative force that they envisioned. Jacob commands each stroke on the keyboard to awaken the soul with a touch of fire, and Todd caresses the notes to life with every breath.

Backyard Brew features legendary artist Najee on flute. This up-tempo track features modern production, a singable melody, and virtuous performances. Make sure you listen all the way through to catch a breathtaking call-and-response between Najee’s flute and Schefflin’s saxophone.

“Backyard Brew is KILLER!” – Jason Gorov

Listen to Backyard Brew on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 18/3).