Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – Plate & Vine


Plate & Vine is dedicated to your & our sustainability…

…which is the reason we carefully source the ingredients we serve. Virtually all of our meat and produce comes from sustainable farms and ranches using the most responsible practices. Most are local and many are organic. We are proud to work with fellow artisans and purveyors throughout Northern California and the Bay Area. Locally-Sourced ingredients make our Regionally-Inspired menu items more flavorful, authentic, healthy, and sustainable.

The thing about freshness is that it’s fleeting. Use an ingredient too soon, or too late, and you don’t capture it at the very pinnacle of its flavor. It is around this very basic concept that we created Plate & Vine, a uniquely California-style restaurant dedicated to using locally-sourced foods in most things we make.

Local foods, you see, aren’t frozen, picked before they’re ripe for shipping or transported thousands of miles. They are, instead, fresh, organic, sustainable and grown in some of the most fertile soil in the world. If the experience of choosing foods from your own garden and preparing them yourself that very day could be turned into a restaurant – Plate & Vine would be that restaurant.

So eat, drink and enjoy the treasures of Contra Costa County and the Greater Bay Area. Because unless you’re from here, odds are you traveled farther than your meal did. Enjoy! Join us on Tuesday evening Dec 31st for a delicious dinner, live entertainment, champagne toast at midnight, and even options to stay overnight! David Correa & Cascada perform at New Year’s Eve dinner.

Plate & Vine Restaurant, 1970 Diamond Blvd, Concord, California 94520