Jimmy Reid – Here To Stay


According to Dave Koz ” Jimmy is one of the real saxophone players of the future .. and he tells a story with his saxophone ” Jimmy is the featured Sax player on the hit single ” Get it On ” from Brian Culbertson and Jimmy is also featured on many other artists albums. Now it is Jimmy’s turn to be the featured artist.

Being able to record this album, “Jimmy Reid Preview 2002” released October 1, 2001, has been a dream come true for this Chicago native. With the love, support, and belief of his family and friends his dream has become a reality. Jimmy has been blessed with a musical gift. Not only to express his love through the saxophone, but he can also write wonderful memorable melodies and lyrics. This gifted musician can do it all – he writes the words and music, plays keyboards and even assists in the engineering of the music; he is the producer on all the tracks except the first single “Cool Vibe” produced by Brian Culbertson. To know Jimmy is to love him for his beautiful spirit and love for life and music that comes through with each note he plays and writes from his heart.

Jimmy came out to California in 1994 with nothing but his hopes to bring his music to the world. After years of playing street corners and dark night clubs, he finally has accomplished his goal. He has never given up and after years of trying to make it into the music world, he has made it. Not only with the love of his family but the support of fans and fellow musicians. Jimmy is not feared by fellow musicians but he is embraced. Jimmy is a shining example that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it, and he is bringing something new and fresh to the music world. Combining old school jazz with new school urban, people of all ages are sure to enjoy this new and edgy expression of music. So, everyone get ready for the sounds of Jimmy Reid because he is surely here to stay.

Jimmy Reid published with permission of Bettie Grace Miner.