Smooth Jazz And Radio – Smooth Jazz Berlin

The program of Smooth Jazz Berlin is the adaptation of a very successful American idol. Smooth Jazz, a style of music in the U.S.A. discovers millions of people including Germany. Smooth Jazz is, for example, in contrast to normal Jazz, not interrupted by hard beats. Smooth is just what sounds fluently.

Prominent artists such as Sting, Sade, Nora Jones, Al Jarreau, and George Benson. Smooth Jazz you can not hear, it is alive. The lovers of the “soft music” are connoisseurs without haste. They cultivate a lifestyle to which in addition to the quiet sounds, a good wine, Whiskey or the right cigar can belong. Therefore this radio brings smooth jazz music from the airwaves and in Berlin on stage and offers small concerts in an exclusive setting, with culinary claim.

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In keeping with the slogan of the station “More than music”.