Smooth Jazz And Internet – is a blog by jazz journalist Brent Black. He considers himself a jazz advocate more so than a traditional critic.  A site devoted to a critical examination of jazz and the world around us. Brent is a former contributor to All About Jazz and  to Jazz Review. He created this blog because he prefers integrity.

Read his statements:

“Some would question my integrity in doing a second review. Integrity is why I did a second take, preconceived notions should never interfere with taking an artists work at face value.”

“Too many critics were writing at a technical level that makes understanding most reviews too difficult for the average listener. The technical review works if you desire to limit yourself to an audience of musicians with advanced degrees. I only offer perspective, what you do with the information is up to you.”

“Just because an artist received a favorable review does not mean they are a critics favorite any more than a poor review qualifies the work as a sonic clay pigeon.”

“Would you only go see a physician that would only tell you positive things or would you go see a physician that would tell you everything?”

That’s the reason Brent Black writes critical reviews in his own blog and gets our attention.