Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – Copper Dine And Drink

The setting by day and especially by night is gorgeous, that’s the chief attraction. You really feel you’re not in East Lansing or Okemos. And the food is good, reasonably priced, and portion size is large-ish.  A public restaurant at a private country club. The dining room, while small, has a great decor and the music is fantastic, a nice change from the traditional elevator music one would expect for a place like this.

The service is wonderful! From the bright smiled hostess to the attentive wait staff your party is well cared for. The house salad is fresh, and different. The spiced cashews with the sweet tangy vinaigrette is the perfect combination. All of the dishes have a unique twist to them, the chef certainly adds his own signature to some old time classics! Each dish is neatly presented and appealing to the senses and the flavors leave nothing to be desired! And although usually a health conscious consumer, when the desserts are homemade, there is always room for at least a taste and sharing!

We recommend the smooth jazz days presenting artists like Phil Denny.

Copper, Walnut Hills, 2874 Lake Lansing Rd, E Lansing, Michigan 48823