Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Harbor Park

Redeveloped industrial space on the Kenosha Harbor now housing a park and open space, a public museum, residential housing, and a marina, with plans to build a commercial district. The Harbor park area is a blend of park and open space development mingled with a new public museum, new residential housing and a planned commercial district. This marriage of park and open space, housing, museum, marina, harbor and electric street car makes for a very successful development visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The areas offer convenient parking and access points onto the promenade and recreation trail. Antique-like benches provide seating opportunities throughout the area. Lighting is ample even on the darkest nights and the lights stand out from miles around in contrast to other nearby parks and downtown. Concrete is blended with brick to lessen the affect of pure concrete and diminish its importance. Courtyards provide havens for people to gather and listen to entertainers which assemble for special events. There are public restrooms and private restrooms (for boaters). The marina adds an element of nautical charm to the area.

Considered one of Kenosha’s favorite music events for the diversity of its lineup and its idyllic Lake Michigan setting, HarborPark Jazz and Blues (HPJB) has welcomed many national jazz and blues artists and attracts thousands of concertgoers to Kenosha’s scenic lakefront.

Harbor Park, 206 55th St, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140 (Milwaukee)