Smooth Jazz And Books – Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson is not only a prolific composer/writer/musician but also author of a songbook with the simple title Brian Culbertson. The book includes Jazz piano solos from the talented, highly-acclaimed young composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist, Brian Culbertson. This book contains hit songs from each of Brian’s last six recordings. Titles are:

* Come to Me
* Midnight Sun
* After Hours
* Close to You
* So Good
* On My Mind
* You’re the One
* Do You Really Love Me?
* Back in the Day
* The Rise and Fall (Of Loving You)
* I’m Gonna Miss You
* Get It On
* I Could Get Used to This
* All About You
* Someone
* Alone with You.

This book is available at Amazon.