Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Duck Town Park

The Duck Town Park is a premier community recreational facility featuring 11 acres of natural beauty including trails through the Maritime Forest and willow swamp, open green space, soundside views, and access to the Town’s boardwalk.

There are four distinct vegetative communities located in the Town Park property. These are the maritime deciduous forest, the maritime evergreen forest, the willow swamp, and the marsh. The maritime deciduous forest is located in the southern portion of the park property on the high ground and is dominated by pignut hickory, southern red oak, Darlington oak, and sweet gum trees.

The maritime evergreen forest is located just north of the maritime deciduous forest and is differentiated by the presence of significant live oak trees. Together, these maritime forests represent a rare and endangered plant community found only on the eastern North Carolina seacoast. The willow swamp is located on the northern portion of the Town Park property between the Currituck Sound and the northern parking area and bluestone trails. It is dominated by large Carolina willow and red maple trees. Marsh communities are found along the soundside of the Town Park property where conditions are favorable.

This park will see the Duck Jazz Festival on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

Duck Town Park, 1200 Duck Rd, Duck, North Carolina