Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Fort Hunter Park

Fort Hunter Park commands a magnificent view of the Susquehanna River and Blue Mountains beyond. It was originally settled in 1725 by Benjamin Chambers, who later founded Chambersburg. Samuel Hunter, Chamber’s brother-in-law, inherited the well-favored property which included grist and saw mills. The bustling settlement thus became known as Hunter’s Mill.

Faced with the mounting threat of the French and Indian War, the British built a series of small forts from Harris Ferry (Harrisburg) to Fort Augusta in Sunbury. Among these was Fort Hunter, ideally situated at a bend in the river, thereby serving as an alarm station and supply depot. The Fort was a 10′ by 14′ log blockhouse surrounded by a stockade and manned by volunteer soldiers, mostly farmers’ sons.

In 1956, Mrs. Meigs and her family set up the Fort Hunter Foundation and organized the Friends of Fort Hunter. With their volunteer membership, they initiated a restoration and education program. Presently, owned by the County of Dauphin and Board of Trustees for Fort Hunter, Fort Hunter Park provides beautiful recreational facilities embracing the Mansion and estate-style grounds.

Visit the Dauphin County Jazz Festival in this magnificent park.

Fort Hunter Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania