Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – The Carlyle Club


The Carlyle Club is very modern on the outside. It is located on a circle in a business park in Alexandria, VA. When you step into the Carlyle Club it is though you are transported back into time to the days of the rat pack. They have black circular booths. The service is outstanding. The food is pretty good and the adult drinks are delish.

The stage is conveniently located so that everyone can see the stage. I’ve been to several shows here and they have all been outstanding. No other venue in the Washington, D.C. area can rival The Carlyle Club for your most important social occasions.

The Carlyle Club will provide a spectacular and unforgettable setting with classic sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. Elegant, sophisticated and classy place to be! Carlyle club ostentatiously stand out among other building around it.

The Club invites to Belly of Jazz, an artful evening of Jazz, Wine & Belly-dance sponsored by Belly of Nile.  This event features keyboardist Marcus Johnson. The Carlyle Club, 411 John Carlyle St, Alexandria VA 22314