Smooth Jazz And Internet – Smooth Jazz Europe

“Smoothjazz” triggers a lot of prejudice in Europe with some poor perceptions. Among the regular “jazz environments”, it is stated as an undefinable style. Outside the Jazz style, most of the time, the music has a name as being a friendly jazzy variation of easy listening (sometimes perceived as elevator music). Because of this prejudgment, this music style is rarely programmed at the big jazz festivals.

However, Inge Wenzel and Marijn Eland from Almelo wanted to make a change in all this. They are owners of the website and with organizing this first (Dutch) SmoothJazz Festival in history, they have made a bold statement in this style of jazz that has been underestimated for years.

The website offers reviews, and a lot of information about smooth jazz radio, concerts, promoters, artists and more.