Smooth Jazz And Internet – Cool Jazz Forever

The website is dedicated to every jazz musician who picked up an instrument and created magic in a studio or performing live on stage. Our mission is to celebrate their memory and pass on their legacy to future generations. We also believe in creating a culture of jazz appreciation in several cities around the country. This music will continue regardless of radio support. I ask for your support of jazz organizations and jazz festivals all over the world. This music will LAST FOREVER!

Cool Jazz Forever was founded in 2007 to support the artists and musicians in the contemporary jazz industry after corporate radio had abandoned the format in several major cities across the country.

Their mission is to network with artists, musicians, and vocalists around the world to celebrate one of America’s gifts to the universe. They also have a music education component that will teach our young children and cultivate new jazz fans FOREVER! Also add Mission Statement: Cool Jazz Mission Statement: “Celebrating America’s great heritage and preserving the legacy for future Jazz Lovers of the World”