Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Rainbow Lagoon Park

Located north of Shoreline Drive, between Shoreline Village Drive and Linden Avenue, this park is the remnant of Rainbow Lagoon by Auditorium Park before the lagoon was filled for the Long Beach Arena. Rainbow Lagoon is designed in a traditional Japanese style with two connected islands and surrounding park with high arched “rainbow bridges.” The area is turf, with accenting trees. The Hyatt Hotel built its pool deck to the Lagoon edge. Rainbow Lagoon is filled with seawater, and maintained at park level, above sea level, through pumps.

The park is meticulously maintained, the pathways are winding and spacious, traveling all throughout the park. The colorful bridges and lots of shade coupled with the expansive, wide open spaces are appealing to the visitor.

The only Southern California Jazz Festival staged on a gorgeous grassy knoll in a beautiful Lagoon setting. Long Beach Jazz Festival features some of the top artists of the year and includes VIP seating in an incredible outdoor setting with a great selection of food, art and much more. “Jazz”, an experience you will never forget!

Get ready for the 2012 Long Beach Jazz Festival and book the date now August 10th-12th, 2012.