Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Crockett Park

Crockett Park is bisected by Main Avenue and is often called either Crockett Square or the “Twin Parks.” It was established as a public square in 1875 after the city of San Antonio settled a lawsuit over ownership of the tract of land from which this park was developed. By 1877, street cars were taking people to the neighboring San Pedro Springs Park and this caused a real estate growth around Crockett Park.

By 1883, City Council agreed to clear brush and mark the streets then running through the park. In 1911, sidewalks were constructed around the park’s perimeter, and in 1914, walkways were installed in both squares of the park. The formal plans for this renovation also called for walkways radiating from a central, circular sidewalk to the corners of the larger square.

Later, in the 1980s, picnic tables, trees, and a playscape were added; and again, in 1994, new sidewalks, lighting and drinking fountains were part of a Bond issue that help to improve the park. It is in the central circular sidewalk design that the present Crockett Park gazebo now stands . The park has picnic tables and grills, children’s playground equipment, drinking fountains, and a gazebo. The gazebo is a gift to the people of San Antonio in the memory of Carla L. Trott.

The address of Crockett Park is 1300 N. Main, San Antonio, TX 78212 and has been the site of the San Antonio Jazz Festival for many years since the Jazz Festival’s beginnings in 1993. The whole park is set up with music stages, speakers and booths to promote Jazz and to fund-raise support for various private charitable organizations in town. However, the parking is limited to street parking and there are no restrooms available at the park .