Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Highway 99 Blues Club

The walls of the Highway 99 Blues Club are graced by photos from some of the best blues photographers in the country. Jef Jaisun, Phil Chesnut and The Sheriff are all professional blues photographers that have an extremely impressive body of work.

The Highway 99 Blues Club is all about the music. So they have installed a state-of-the-art, distributed system that provides great sound to every corner of the room. The enormous stage is centrally located in order to provide up close, intimate interplay between the artists and the audience. An exciting venue for the blues culture and music of America.

The building that is home to the Highway 99 Blues Club was built in 1909. It provides the “old timey” feel that you get when you walk in the door. The club has now opened the door for smooth jazz. Artists like Patrick Lamb are gracing the scene.