Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – Apache Café

Apache Café is a great ‘underground’ cultural spot in Atlanta. Owners Asa and Karen Fain opened Apache Café for lunch at 11:00am on Monday April 9th 2001. Having spent the entire night awake in order to finish café recipes, they served just one table that day – a party including Asa’s father. With art on the walls borrowed from Karen’s brother Kevin and jazz music in the background they dreamed to create a place of creative freedom where great music, delicious food, and bold art could live.

Open seven nights a week and serving a diverse group of patrons, Apache Café offers an intimate café, gallery, and venue with exposed brick walls and a loft-like style. As a restaurant café, Apache serves house made southwestern, Latin, and Caribbean inspired fare along with a full premium spirits bar, coffee bar, and dessert menu. As a gallery, you view artwork from a wide range of local and visiting traveling artists. As a venue, you will find presentations on the Asian rosewood stage of everything from think-tank type discussion forums to world-class music ensembles. It is hard to describe what you will find at Apache Café just as it is hard to describe all the parts that make up the interests of the owners or the patrons.

“We endeavor to make Apache Café a place that exceeds our highest expectations; a place where we can take some risks launching our crazy ideas; a place where we can make statements about the world and our surroundings; a place of content; a haven for those who have ideas to come together and debut their findings.

Life’s palette is rich. So many flavors and colors and cultures contribute to the diary of our experience. We live in the city; we have access to so much via the Internet; our interests are broad and we want to nourish them. We are not alone; those whose interests draw them to seek a variety of high quality and engaging experiences are the people we work for.”

Apache Café is the place where secret plans are created and discussed; the place where undiscovered artists and musicians bend, hammer and caress the fruits of their passion; the place where up-and-comers get to present their works and the place where the already-arrived get to hide and seek. All the threads that make the fabric of art is Apache Café. Live jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul, world, avant-garde, electro, alternative, Latin, reggae, spoken word, performance art, visual art, photography, film, and more is Apache Café. It represents all the art and music and funk that fill the cracks of our lives, the laboratory where art is the potion, the artists are the scientists and risks are taken.

Since the opening day several years ago, Apache Café has matured and evolved. This café/gallery/venue has been recognized, reviewed, and awarded locally, nationally, and internationally as a place of unique standing. From our weekly ongoing series to our feature events, performances, showcases, and experiments, Apache is many things. A place of refreshing originality and decisive expression, a place of opinion and purity, a place to challenge conventions and reward discovery – well, you’ll just have to decide for yourself exactly what Apache Café is to you.

Smooth Jazz artists like Joey Sommerville are the highlights of the program.

64 3rd Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 876-5436