Smooth Jazz And Fine Dining – Red Cat Jazz Café

Red Cat Jazz Café is back and better than ever relocated in downtown Houston on 711 Franklin Street providing better parking, live music and southern cuisine nestled right on Buffalo Bayou for your entertainment pleasures a mist the vivrant Houston nightlife.

Feel the purring through the night. The emphatic horns of sweet saxophones have at last made their way back into the city. They say that every cat has nine lives, and this sexy kitten is back on her feet and ready to envelope the city again. The nightlife in Houston has longed for her return and she heard its call. With the triumphant return of the Red Cat Jazz Cafe, she’s taking cool to a whole new level with the full interactive Red Cat Jazz Cafe blog. With exclusive interaction with the artists, music, and soulful sounds of the Red Cat, she’ll be taking fans closer to the action than they’ve ever imagined. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to experience the magic of the Red Cat Jazz Cafe like never before.

Red Cat Jazz Café features various artists from Althea Rene, Dean James and major recording artist Mike Phillips of Hidden Beach. Warren Hill will give a concert on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Red Cat Jazz Café, 711 Franklin St, Houston, Texas 77002