Jean-Marie Poisson – Macys Jazz

Jean-Marie Poisson is conceptually bold and creative. His work depicts “In your face” types of imagery, showing little, but powerfully getting the message across. He spent a number of years as an art director working at many of the leading ad agencies in the Northeast.

His attention grabbing advertising has been recognized by his peers and has won numerous awards:

• Clio                                             • Caples                    • Andy

• One Show                      • ECHO                  • Champion Papers

• Art Directors’ Club               • Creativity               • Stan Winston

His father Louverture Poisson, a highly renowned artist from Haiti recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue that talent. After many years, he finally decided to do just that.

Jean-Marie has carried that same boldness from the ad world into his fine art and is beginning to get noticed.

You can check out his work on: