Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Amnesia, San Fransisco

Amnesia is a cozy, red-lit room in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, but that’s the simple description. We like to think of Amnesia as a vessel. A working ship, maybe. Not the prettiest boat in the harbor, but she’s got stories. She’s sees more action in a week than others will see in a lifetime. Her hold is filled with experiences and, despite her name, her memory is strong. She remembers every undulation on the dance floor, every scream, every solo, every laugh and tear, and every shout for encores.

This is the little neighborhood bar that could. They host great entertainment every night of the week, from acoustic-folk to electro-disco. They have no boundaries where music is concerned, as long as it will help to create the most positive experience possible. Although every night has something amazing, shocking, or inspiring going on, they do host a few nights that have stood the test of time and become staples in this fair city.

Wednesdays is their jazz night. Starting off with Gaucho, the de facto hot club of Amnesia, you will be transported to a 1930s Parisian café minus the accents and cigarette smoke. Bodies will be twirling, feet will be tapping, drinks will be had, you will probably smile. After Gaucho steps off the stage, the jazzers take over with a late-night straight-ahead jam session hosted by Michael Abraham. Bring an instrument if you can hang, or just sit there and be amazed and moved by sounds coming off the stage.

Amnesia, 853 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110