Smooth Jazz And Books – Death, Deceit & Some Smooth Jazz

Amanda Bell Brown has decided the only way she’ll ever be a mother is by becoming the owner of a squirrel-like exotic pet called a sugar-glider. Even though she’s a psychologist, she’s having issues over her mid-thirties, childless, single state. The man she loves, Lieutenant Jazz Brown, a homicide detective, told her months ago that despite his being single, he is unavailable, and Bell is trying to move on.

Then one chilly Detroit night, he shows up at her door coatless and sporting scratches on his face. Jazz wants to talk. And Bell’s life is about to get very complicated: Jazz’s ex-wife was murdered that very night. Jazz is the only suspect, and Bell is determined to find out who the real killer is, even as she now harbors doubts about her relationship with Jazz. With little help from anyone else, Bell turns to God and her faith to guide her. Insecure yet intrepid, Burney’s comically clever sleuth is endearing and inspiring.

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