Smooth Jazz and Fine Dining – Jimmy Mak’s

Jimmy Mak’s is Portland’s premier jazz venue, featuring world-class national and regional talent. Jimmy Mak’s is an undeniable palace of jazz excellence and retro style.  Go to Jimmy Mak’s and hear some great jazz while sipping the life saver cocktail. Jimmy Mak’s brings in great artists and there’s no “bad” seat in the house. The food and drinks are good as well.

A very nice jazz club that is intimate, with great acoustics, good pasta, and mico-brews. If you’ve never been to a jazz club then you should grab a date and head out to Jimmy Mak’s and let America’s classical music wash over you. It’s a dark, smoke free venue and restaurant, perfect for a retreat from rainy Portland nights.

The stage is well spaced, the dining / seating area on the main floor is comfortable and fits a lot of bodies with room for service. There is a second level where you can grab a table and look down at the stage and all of the heads swaying to the sounds of a Coltrane composition (provided by one of the many local Tenor Sax musicians) or the banging drums of Mel Brown – local hero.

Chef Antoine Golden has developed a wonderful dinner menu for you to enjoy, as you listen to the world-class music performing at Jimmy Mak’s. He has a slightly French influence to offer with his Steak au Poivre, Coq au Vin, and Braised Lamb Shank. Don’t miss out on those St. Louis Ribs, Gulf Prawn Scampi, and the other delicious items on their menu.

Smooth Jazz fans will be pleased by Peter White, Patrick Lamb and many more.