Bettie Grace Miner – Works of Art

You will certainly have hold one of her art pieces in your hand. Bettie Grace Miner is one of the most in-demand painters and photographers in the smooth jazz scene and beyond. In an unique way she combines photography and painting techniques to make the typical “Miner Art”.

Influenced by French painters during her stay in Paris she adapted the technique of Expressionism and Impressionism she observed in art museums and painting exhibitions. The art begins as a photograph or a collage of photographs, which Bettie creates in the studio specifically for each piece of art. Lighting and composition is at the heart of the art. Once the perfect photograph is created, she uses that image as the foundation for a painting. Sometimes the art will appear to look very photographic, and other times it will be very abstract. This depends upon the style commissioned (and the mood of the piece). The final art can then be printed on fine art paper or canvas, known as a Gicleé.

She works in her studio in downtown Los Angeles, California. It is a 2300 square foot loft on the top floor of an old art deco era bank building, built in 1921. It’s more of a working studio than a gallery with brick walls, cement floors and the charm of a New York style artist loft. If you’d like to visit and discuss a project or see some art, please make a private appointment and Bettie will be happy to give you the tour.

Bettie loves photography and do a lot for musicians, record labels, advertising and lots more. You can see examples of the work in the photography section of her website. There are packages available for fine art portraits, CD covers, executive portraiture and more. All portrait packages include expert Photoshop retouching by The Photoshop Guy. She does not do product, catalog or architectural photography, but she knows some fantastic photographers who do if you need it.

We recommend to visit her website and learn more about her immense opus.