New album of Slow – become a music producer!


Hi from Chris and Tom here, a smooth-jazz duo Slow. It’s been already 3 years after our debut release Art of Silence. We are so happy because of such warm welcome our music has received from fans, friends and critics worldwide. We want to thank especially Slow music lovers from USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and least but not least, from our homeland -Poland.

We were not sleeping a lot since then, to tell you the truth we were writing, arraanging, playing and recording for months and now the new Slow album is almost ready. We believe this is our best music of the moment and it’s even better than the 1st baby.

So, we have signed with a record label V Records which is kind of miracle itself, considering music industry situation nowadays. The album shall be released in early spring 2015 but to give it a real shine we believe it deserves and to promote it worldwide we need YOUR support!

We need to collect USD 2000,00 to promote the album worldwide (mainly in US, UK, Japan and Germany) so that more and more people can discover SLOW music and we finally hope to come and play for you live:)
What You get is our newest album personally autographed and numbered . Your partnership may also be announced on CD booklet and on our website. You can get even your logo printed on backcover and co-producer of the album credit – all depending on the perk you choose :) And forever yours will be the heartfull thanks from all the Artists involved.

The album means 10 pieces of all original and new music – songs and instrumental “songs” in our style, with a smooth melody that stays for longer in your memory. The groove behind is also there for sure.
We invited many great artist to collaborate. To mention just a few: the saxophones virtuoso Leszek Szczerba that you could hear on our 1st album, a string quartet (from Wroclove’ Opera House!) and 2 impressive vocalists – Jagoda Jahga and Anna Ozner.

We are going to make the most valuable use from all the funds collected. Even if we do not reach the goal – this fresh hot new album comes to you anyway. To support the new project visit please

Greg Adams and East Bay Soul III


The journey continues with EBS. We want to take you along for the ride as we go into the studio to record our third album

Hi… Greg here! Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to watch my video. This gives me the opportunity to invite you to join East Bay Soul and me in making a new studio album and taking you along on our newest musical Journey.

As an independent artist I have seen the business of making music reinvent itself and I know than crowd funding is much more than just raising funds. One of the greatest things that happens is that we are building a community and connecting with people who love music enough to support its creation.

We are launching this Kickstarter Campaign to generate funding to record our next album. But it is not just about raising money… although that is a REALLY BIG deal. It is about staying creative and vital while continuing to embrace the new way music is made.

We have come up with some cool ways to reward you for being part of East Bay Soul III and I will keep you involved and informed as we continue on this new journey of making great music for all of us!

As a band we have grown into a family and we think of you as our family too. Come along with us for East Bay Soul III

Why am I doing this?

It’s about staying connected with our audience and recording a new album. I realize the way music is made and shared has essentially changed. I believe the spirit of making an artist’s dream come alive is to keep the music organic and by giving a voice directly to our fans. With crowd funding we can do just that and create music that reflects our vision. I need you! We can’t do this alone.

Where the money will go?

Since I am my own record label and we are not receiving any backing from any major music corporations, we will use your generous pledges toward recording and distributing the new CD and do the following:

• Pay for the creative contributions of the musicians, engineers, photographer, and the graphic artist.

• Delivery of the Kickstarter Rewards

• Renting studio time

• Travel to and from recording sessions and rehearsals for the band members that are out of the Los Angeles area.

• Mastering and recording of the album

• Anything over our goal (Fingers Crossed) will go toward marketing, publicity, and touring events so that we can see more of you on the road.

I am appreciative of your support and I will be sharing the process with you throughout the campaign with video and written updates. Which takes us to the next question…

What will you get out of it?

By supporting our new project you will be playing a major part in supporting an indie artist making new music and you will be able to say… I had a chance to be part of the entire creative process and finally somebody is making music for ME!

Our fans have been behind everything we’ve ever done. With their generous support we were successful in recording East Bay Soul 2.0! That was Amazing! You’ll be using your voice and pocketbook to tell big music labels that you are a valid audience that deserves a voice in the way music is being made.

In addition to the rewards, I will keep you engaged on our social media outlets. I’ll also keep you posted with news, updates and exclusive previews as we create the album, and rehearse for our CD release Party.

You can contribute as little as a dollar or as much as you’d like. We’ve created a pretty cool reward structure with music, autographed merchandise, tickets to the CD Release party, come to a recording session, and even the chance for us to write a song just for you and yours.

What we need you to do

We can’t do this without you. A pledge of any size is so appreciated. No pledge is too small. We need your help to get the word out. We ask that you help us publicize our campaign by posting updates about your support on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Your pledge and participation makes you a BIG part of East Bay Soul III and that is priceless.

What you should know?

Every Kickstarter campaign is an all or nothing crowd funding platform. We can go over our goal, but if we do not make our goal we get nothing at all and your pledge just goes away and you will not be charged for anything.

More info about Greg Adams and East Bay Soul at Support the campaign at Kickstarter.

Do What You Love #1 – Fotoband

Do What You Love

The first book of photographs dedicated to musicians in jazz, R & B, Funk & Soul and Smooth Jazz by Christian Nordström 164 pages in format A4 landscape. Following bands / musicians are presented in high quality photographs:

Fourplay, Marcus Miller, Rick Brown, Nils Landgren, Marc Antoine, Kirk Whalum, Candy Dulfer, Matt Marshak, David Sanborn, Dave Koz, Gerald Albright, Joey Sommerville, Jesssy J, Paul Brown, Rocco Ventrella, Warren Hill.

Get this fantastic photo book here.

Gregg Karukas – Soul Secrets


Great news from Gregg Karukas: “I’m here in Nightowl Studios putting the finishing touches on my 1st new CD in 5 years called Soul Secrets and want to share the exciting news.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to bring you, the listener, into the process and offer something special to my fans, so I have partnered with PLEDGEMUSIC to be the exclusive site to reveal some of the “SECRETS” behind my new music and I invite you to take this journey with me.

Besides previews, pre-orders, signed CD’s and other premiums, you have the opportunity to be listed in the credits or, even cooler, help me name and dedicate a song on this CD to the person of your choice. Hurry up on those, as we go to press pretty soon.

You can hang at a session in the studio with me…… We’ll have an intimate Wine & CD listening gathering, or, I’ve saved one of the best for last; a personal invitation for you and a guest to attend our annual Karukas Family Holiday Party, where many of your favorite LA based musicians join us to celebrate the Holidays with lots of jamming.

Soul Secrets features my long-time friends: Rick Braun, Euge Groove, Ricardo Silveira, Eric Valentine, Nate Phillips, Michael O’Neill, James Harrah, Adam Hawley, vocalists Shelby Flint and Ron Boustead; violinist Charlie Bisharat, Luis Conte and Vincent Ingala!! There is lots of grand piano, and also quite a bit of some classic keyboards that I grew up with: Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Hammond B3 and Minimoog.

So join me here on PledgeMusic and together we’ll uncover and launch “Soul Secrets”. Please spread the word and share the link. New music is coming and you’ll be the first to hear it. I really appreciate it.”

Here is the link to support Gregg’s new recordings.

Teen Jazz Celebrates 10 Years the Up and Coming Music Community


In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, Teen Jazz announces a site wide scavenger hunt to earn entries towards great prizes. Teen Jazz, the leading online community for up and coming musicians, celebrates 10 years since it’s start and two years since it’s relaunch.

The site offers music business advice, equipment reviews and features for emerging artists. Founded by saxophonist Shannon Kennedy in 2004, Teen Jazz began as personal artist website with a few music event reviews and a couple of jazz lessons. With a desire to help young musicians learn about the music industry, Kennedy began regularly writing advice articles, reviews and she conducted interviews with other up and coming musicians. Ten years, multiple interviews with young musicians and even established musicians, hundreds of advice articles, and a radio show later, Teen Jazz is proud to play a role in the development and education of its community.

“Through Teen Jazz, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of talented artists and music companies to help education the next generation on the music business,” says Shannon Kennedy. “It’s been an honor promoting and supporting a community of young artists from around the world and it’s humbling to get to know and see so much talent. It’s been one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had.”

Teen Jazz is one of the largest online music communities for up and coming musicians and has evolved their offerings to include a free eBook packed with music advice, an Album Checklist guide and workbook to help with the recording process, and more. In celebration of its milestone anniversaries, Teen Jazz will be hosting a scavenger hunt running through their anniversary until September 9, 2014. Participates will have the opportunity to search the site for a “secret saxophone” using hints posted on their Facebook page to earn entries and win great prizes from Teen Jazz’s sponsors.

To take advantage of the giveaway by signing up and learning more at – See more at:

Jarez – Can’t Let Go


jarez16Following his energetic emergence into the contemporary jazz scene with the release of “On Top of the World,” R&B saxophonist Jarel Posey (AKA “Jarez”) has released “Can’t Let Go” as his latest radio single.

As fans have learned, Jarez’s music is anything but smooth jazz fluff and he can’t let go. Touring regularly on the hip hop scene with Coolio, Jarez is on a mission to meld hip hop grooves with the cool vibes of contemporary instrumental music. Although smooth jazz has traditionally garnered older audiences, Jarez believes that his blend of music also appeals to the younger set. Just as Tiger Woods opened up golf to a diverse fan base, Jarez desires to “bring the gift of jazz to an audience not typically familiar with it, and yet have them embrace and welcome it.”

His “On Top of the World” CD has also captured the attention of toastmasters and reviewers. Terri Scott (AKA “The Jazz Queen”) from Talking Smooth Jazz recently hosted a listening party for the CD at the Elixir lounge in Henderson, Nev. “I love his music, ” said Scott during the broadcast. This show was put together by noted radio personality Lynn Briggs, who commented that “he’s going places” and stated that the CD was “doing very well.”

Online music lovers will enjoy the humorous storyline in the “Can’t Let Go” video that enlists the help of Coolio to find Jarez’s lost girlfriend. The video follows the guys as they jam to the grooves and force their way into a home to find Jarez’s much beloved saxophone tucked gently away in a bed. While the hearts of women everywhere will be broken upon the revelation of the identity of this true love, fans will be happy that he just can’t let go.

You can find the official “Can’t Let Go” video on the front page of You’ll also find tour dates, photos on more on the site, as well.